Sunday, February 28, 2010

When 48 hours aren't nearly enough

Have you ever had that feeling that a two-day weekend clearly isn't enough? I think I've had that feeling for the past... semester, year, eon. Which is probably why I haven't updated this blog in nearly two days-- damn you, deceptively short weekend. *shakes fist*

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This was the outfit I wore to Hamlet and to the party-that-I-never-ended-up-going-to-but-apparently-it-was-bro-tastic. But really, I'm marveling in repugnance at how ... pointy my hip seems. It's not supposed to look like that, right??

Tunic- French Connection : Scarf- Urban Outfitters- Skirt- Forever 21 : Belt- Walmart : Tights- We Love Colors & magic? : Shoes- Old Navy : Plaid scarf- Mom's : Cardigan- TJMaxx

(as a recap) What's Lovely for February 27, 2010: Watching a live performance of Hamlet, followed by late night Arby's curly fries (fried food always seems like "a good idea at the time" get thee to a nunnery, grease)

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jsdfdsiohdsighshgho food porn.

What's Lovely for February 28, 2010: Two words-- Korean doughnuts.

This combines two things I love: a catchy beat and art history. Oh, I heart this video so so much (except for that questionable moment at 2:00). Does anyone know which artwork are featured at 1:45 and 2:15? Those are the only ones I can't recognize.

Here's to a tolerably good week! (hopefully, ahh pessimistic optimism)

Friday, February 26, 2010

You make me feel like I am just a child

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[Picture source from here]

I have to confess: I have yet to see 500 Days of Summer (what was that-- a collective gasp of the blogging community? it's like that one time when I confessed I never saw Forrest Gump or the Matrix or ... well apparently anything). However, I do have much love for Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (what was that-- my indie-o-meter is going off the charts?).

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted a man in a skinny tie to literally rob my bank.

I wouldn't be the first girl to schmooze about Zooey on a blog. She's the wide-blue-eyed gal who all the little indie girls want to be, and all little indie boys want to be with (or vice versa, I ain't discriminatin'). Though I've briefly mentioned this song before, I didn't say how I was always inspired by Zooey's outfit in this video. It made me want to wear full skirts and dance around a bank with a boyishly handsome man in a suit (oh God I can't help it-- I've succumbed to the charm of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's everything; he's the boy next door who'll rob your bank HOW CUTE AND VAGUELY DIRTY-SOUNDING IS THAT).

Ahem. So I couldn't really get the man in a suit part, but I did come up with two versions of one inspired outfit.

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Fire & Ice! Which one do you prefer?
This might be the most scandalous you'll ever see me; look at those underskirts! The Amish would be horrified at my lechery.

alternative text

The first version was more of a literal interpretation of Zooey's outfit. What I noticed was that her cardigan seems almost granny-like, but the 1/2 sleeves give it a modern girlish look. I was fortunate to find this light blue sweater in my house, but it's pretty full blown Granny. Like, I'mma-give-you-hard-candy-and-talk-about-cats-and-beets Granny. The headband was a nice touch, but headbands and I have a problematic relationship. This particular one was troublesome, not knowing that it should stay on my head instead of slipping off.

alternative text
[First outfit]
Shirt- garage sale : Sweater- Mom's : Underskirts- Old Navy & Korea : Skirt- JCPenney? : Tights- We Love Colors : Leggings&Shoes- TJMaxx : Brooch- gift from Rome : Headband- Icing? : Belt- Walmart

So I switched up the cardigan and belt, into my version of Zooey's outfit (which is sort of a remix of this outfit). While she seems to have an attraction towards blues, I identify more with reds. I was aiming for similar silhouette and shape, if not color. This was definitely fun and interesting to wear, since it was more 50s rather than the 60s I always blab about. On the other hand, I wasn't about ready to go wear pearls in the kitchen while making my man a sammich (yes, sammich).

alternative text
alternative text
The only thing missing from my outfit was hair flippingly cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So I tried to improvise. Badly. I can't promise that I don't always make this face while dancing.
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[Second outfit]
Same thing, only differences are // Cardigan- Gap : Belt- secondhand

What's Lovely for February 26, 2010: Taking photos when you realize that your dog has been staring at you for some time.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo

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Yes, it's the return of the "huge-ass books" and my "huge" ass.

Blue skies everywhere! Hallelujah!

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No kidding, the weather was still pretty oh-let's-wear-the-skin-off-your-nose-please cold, but it felt deceptively warmer thanks to the sun popping out. Thanks to that regular human set of mind that's too easily affected by weather, I didn't feel so gloomy anymore.

Despite a busy news day, there wasn't much for me to do. So I actually sat down and got some other work done. And I took the occasional pictures that didn't end up looking awkwardly posed at all.

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Look at me staring off into the distance, contemplating justice while gazing at the wide expansive blue. THOREAU YOU GOT NOTHING ON ME.

I'm actually wearing babies in these photos. These babies, that is. It's a bit of a cheat, since I mainly wore them to keep warm, but they were so unbelievably smooth-soft that I should stop gushing. The only problem was, for all my enthusiastic layering, the waistbands of my under-layers have been so tight that it felt like my stomach was being squeezed like toothpaste from a tube. Does anyone else have this problem, or have I somehow managed to wear tights incorrectly?

alternative text
I like to call this "Crouching Tiger, Pregnant Crane."

Patterned blouse- TJMaxx : White blouse- magic? : Shirt- American Apparel : Peek of red tanktop- Juniper : Black leggings- secondhand? : Gray leggings- magic? : Tights- We Love Colors : Shoes- Gap

What's Lovely for February 25, 2010: Sitting at a table with all your work strewn out in front of you and sun streaming in through the window when you look up and look at the clouds slowly drifting away and you get lost in that one moment, realizing that you miss autumn.

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(Warning: lots of blah-blah words)
Also, I've been watching the Olympics (has anyone else been following the events?). I'm really interested in the figure skating, especially the women's. Kim Yu-Na won gold-- again! First figure skating medal for Korea! I'd make a snarky joke about how typical it is for Korea to not only want to achieve a medal in an event for the first time, but a gold one at that... but I'm too damn proud.

I honestly enjoyed the other performances though-- Mao Asada, the silver medalist, has one of the most emotively elegant movements I've ever seen. But she looked none too happy up on that podium; thank God for Joannie Rochette, who you really can't help but support (who isn't? only douches and pigeons, I'm guessing).

Anywayyy, that was my amateur Olympic review. Or my Bob Costas impersonation. Either way works.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day and Night

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Excuse the gimp eye in the right picture. I was trying to do my best sugar glider impersonation.

What is this, wearing skirts two days in a row?? You have to understand, such an occurrence is a rarity for me (especially in a large campus during the wintertime where jeans are the go-to bottomwear). But I find that I'm just as warm, if not warmer, in three layers of tights than in jeans. So therein lies a whole new field of fashion possibilities to explore, away from the jungle of jeans (not to say that I'm not a fan).

Ever since I've started this blog, I like to think I've become somewhat of a regular at this set-the-timer-then-stumble-over-and-pose-rinse-repeat business. One thing that I've become obsessed with is at what time to take good photos, and where. Since I've yet to rope in a partner in crime, I'm mainly concerned with good lighting, since I don't have any professional photo equipment to my pseudo-poor name. I'm lucky that I had a few minutes to snap a couple of photos this morning, otherwise I would've been stuck with pictures like...

alternative text
I seeeee you. Creepsterness aside, I tried out the double-wing eyeliner look after watching the latest Michelle Phan video. Did I ever mention that I love Michelle Phan? She has this impossibly, almost creepy perfect soothing voice and the best makeup videos-- like your friendly neighborhood makeup guru robot.

alternative text
What the crap, my teal tights turned black. They emo'd out on me.

... this. See the difference? It doesn't help that my tired face looks sullen and about to murder you with my emo eyes. Y'know, if emoness could actually harm anyone.

alternative text
Turtleneck- American Apparel : Dress as skirt- Modcloth : Teal skirt- Forever 21 : Black tights- We Love Colors : Teal tights- Target : Boots- TJMaxx

What's Lovely for February 24, 2010: I love We Love Colors, and I love getting them in the mail.

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Can't wait to test these really durable, thick, soft babies out. Wait, that sounded wrong. Damn.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMG, as if!

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Like, I totally, like, know that Cher wouldn't be soooo totally caught in, like, a library. But y'know, like, it's just how it is, y'know? Tooootally.

Break out your ridiculously gigantic cell phones and best "ugh, as IF" eyeroll, it's throwback to the 90s day! Oh, wait a second... AOL is still dialing up my internet. It'll be ready in an hour or so.

With my freshly-bought Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph next to my bed and this plaid-is-rad outfit, I was feeling like, so woah totally blast from the past. Also, what I thought was lovely today was...

What's Lovely for February 23, 2010: Ordering a nice, hot lemon tea at a cafe when the Macarena song comes on.

The clothes and styles of these girls are like a Spice Girls Sabrina the Teenage Witch velour magenta explosion. Would you rock the spiky buns the Asian chick is sporting?

alternative text

I've always wanted to pair this skirt with a really large top, and I thought this blazer fit perfectly. Admittedly, I think I may have resembled a turtle in the slightest, thanks to my pencil neck and short hair coupled with the shoulder pads-- but fashion isn't fashion if there aren't any risks taken, right? Plus, what the hey, I had fun with it, mixing plaid with plaid. Why not? That's what I like to say.

alternative text
Black top- secondhand : Blazer- Goodwill : Skirt- Amused : Tights- magic? : Shoes- Old Navy : There are actually many other layers underneath this, but only Multiple-Me's will know their origins.

Quick question: how am I doing, blog-wise? I like to periodically check up with all readers, commenters, lurkers, etc. to see how I'm doing, sorta like a survey. Are there any suggestions? More fashion? More silliness? Less silliness? More music? More photos? Photos of me doing handstands? OK, I'll say right now that I can't provide that last request.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shimmy-shimmy-shake to the Macarena. Would anyone like to join?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Something wicked this way comes

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What's Lovely for February 22, 2010: Causing a virtual tornado to hit your closet in order to re-discover inspiration.

(yes that's a Wicked shirt-- probably the biggest splurge that I regret)

Speaking of Wicked (and this is where my pseudo-ADD kicks in):

Isn't the fashion of the Emerald City just spectacular? I especially am green in envy (yes, I just said that) for the hats.
I'm amazed and inspired by the appropriately extravagant costume design of this musical. Fun fact: I even dressed up as Elphaba (minus the broomstick) one Halloween during high school-- most fun costume ever. One drawback was that the green paint was a little hard to completely scrub off.

What I love about Elphaba's wardrobe is that it transforms into this gorgeously complicated dress in the second act, after her jaw-dropping "eff YOU" song at the end of the first act. It always gives me the shivers watching it performed onstage.

I wholeheartedly enjoy singing along to most of the songs (as I do with most musicals, actually), but I think "For Good" is a really touching duet that concludes the play so poignantly. Plus, I'm in love with the "good/evil" contrast of Glinda and Elphaba in this photo (though it isn't the original dynamic duo).

alternative text
"Pfft, you're just jealous you don't have a magic broomstick too, Galinda."
alternative text
"Chyeah, gimme a high-five and a pound, Chistery."
alternative text
"I'd want your hat, but it'd only mess up my totally punk pigtails."
[All photos were taken via pseudo-scanner-aka-my-camera from The Grimmerie]

I know I've gushed enough about Wicked already, but I just have to add that I really love costume design sketches. There's something about that combination of art and fashion budding on a piece of paper that gets to me. Plus, you gotta love Madame Morrible's bustle.

Which ones are your favorite? Please tell me that I'm not the only musical fiend around here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

That dweam wifin a dweam

What's Lovely for February 21, 2010
: Mawwiage. It's wot bwings us togevuh today.

Fun fact: To this day, I STILL do not know what he says at 0:26. Fwishes... a waincoat?

No, not the wedding-in-a-church kind. The kind where two great things become one. Like this song.

You know that you want to. You know that you need to. You want to listen to it, the steady romance. (heehee)

Enjoy. :)

Haircut and a Mind-fuck... two bits

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Who wants to play "See how many differences there are between these two pictures?" Me on the left is still thinking, me on the right just likes looking off into the distance. I don't seem too bright.

I look a bit out of it. But you would be too if a vacuum cleaner was haunting your photo.

Notice anything different about me?

Hint: It has something to do with my hair. It's ok, take your time guessing.

It's such a relief to have some dead follicles cut off of my head, you don't even know! It had been about a couple of months since my last appointment, and my 'do was starting to get like that one tall dude from Scooby-Doo (see what I did there? wordplay for the win... I'm... cool). I actually consider getting my hair cut to be one of the most relaxing experiences, very soothing (I think I almost lulled into sleep a few times).

So what do you y'all think? I wanted to go for a low maintenance look that could be styled easily without much hassle. Plus, I continually am inspired by both the 20s bob and the 60s mod cut.

(Shirt- Gap : Pants- secondhand : Scarf- Mom's : Blank zombie stare- free)

This is a mind-twisting thriller, no doubt about it. But there are little gems where humor shines through. Example at 0:31 "We're dooly appointed federull mawrshulls."

Time for the mind-fuck. Tonight I saw Shutter Island with my friends Michelle and Rachel... and.... well, besides the fact that we were all smushed into each other in vain attempt to squeeze the fear out of ourselves, it was a movie that not only left me pondering, but altered and twisted my sense of self and reality. Everything, from me taking off my coat to simply walking around, had me questioning whether this was real, whether what I was doing was in fact, not just a fabrication bred from my insanity.

In short, it was a mind-fuck.

True story: I was rifling through my purse looking for my wallet. I was freaking out a little because I thought I had lost it... only to realize that I had tucked my wallet under my arm a few seconds earlier. DAMN YOU, SCORSESE AND LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND EVERYTHING.

Putting my barely coherent ramblings strung together in a sentence aside; if you're ready for a terrifically twisting thriller, you should definitely go see it.

alternative text
'Cause Michelle toldja so!

(On a completely unrelated note)
What's Lovely for February 20, 2010: Cracking bad punny jokes with friends you haven't seen in awhile. Oh, the glorious puns.
(more pictures and loot from hanging out with friends to share later; stay tuned, folks!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

More like 'Punch with a Fist'

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Call this posing, or call this my personal homage to R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

I almost didn't post outfit pics today because I felt like I would be, in a strange way, lying to myself. What I love most about blogging my personal fashion and dressing up is that it gives me proper self-confidence and joy. However, today was nothing if not shittastic.

Now I'm not feeling quite as shittastic (copyright?) as I was earlier, but it does suck how I still can't really bend my right arm without inflicting pain upon myself (no serious injury, I just should stop gesticulating wildly when I talk). But since I specifically want to keep a cautious line between my two spheres of blogging and real life, so I'll shut up now. Plus, who wants to hear someone complain constantly? No one. Unless you're into that sorta thang.

alternative text
alternative text
Another vintage find gone to good use! Its super-thin and swishy fabric is probably more suited to summer, but that wasn't anything a little ninja-layering and sunshine could fix.

Dress(as tunic)- Goodwill : Shirts underneath- American Apparel & Juniper : Leggings- magic? : Really worn boots+Cardigan- TJMaxx : Necklaces- Old Navy & Mom : Belt- Walmart

I kept it pretty simple, but I was jiving a little 70s vibe (am I talkin' jive turkey? I don't really know what I'm saying) while wearing this dreamy dress/tunic/I'm not quite sure. I almost never accessorize when it comes to jewelry (during classes I feel like it's a hassle, personally), but it just felt right to loop on a couple of long necklaces to add to the boho-inspired feel.

alternative text
Ever since I got that cloning machine, I've gone more than a little overboard. What can I say? You can't have too much of a really annoying thing (ahem, me). Speaking of annoying, sorry if your eyeballs melt at the color explosion.

Listening to some Florence and the Machine definitely has been helping me improve my sad state of mind. I love how she has this powerful burst of a voice that's truly a force to be reckoned with, and the songs can vary from tongue-in-cheek rock to soaring, dream-like melodies.

This inspires me to wear florals with stripes. And go uh, break things?

Plus, she has all this gorgeous RED HAIR GAWH
Is it weird that I'm sorta geeking out over the album cover? It's like a forest nymph who had a botched lung surgery-- but in a LOVELY DREAMY NOT TOTALLY CREEPY AND GROSS WAY.

What's Lovely for February 19, 2010: Looking forward to a new day, no matter how suckerific you can get.
alternative text
And I bid you... adieu! I'm talking about my hair of course... can't wait to get my hair cut so it can get out of its awkward-length teen years of puberty (did that analogy make any sense?).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seamstress for the band

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Duhh-dum. Duhhh-dum. Duhh-dum-duhh-dum-duhdumduhdumdumdummmm-- It's the return of the boots of snow! Note that this picture was also taken in a bathroom: my version of the trampy Myspace shots.

I'm actually not especially proud of this outfit (this is an example of an "off day" for me), but I had a few reasons to post this:
a) I always love a mix of bright colors

b) I'm wearing my favorite pair of worn jeans

c) I wanted to play around with Photoshop.

For reason b) What struck me as a little funny was that two blogs that I follow
both had the same line from "Tiny Dancer" as their post titles within the past day. Coincidence? I decided to totally break that trend ... by quoting the next line in that song. Paint me original. As for the third reason, my zeal for the third reason has caused my cardigan to slightly change in color. I didn't realize until later that the red-orange evolved into more of a tomato red. So. Yeah. Important news, now everyone's unnecessarily informed.

alternative text
What's more dangerous than one me? Me with a cloning machine!
alternative text
Please excuse the glorified assless ass-shot, but I wanted to show off my favorite jeans.
alternative text
Blouse+Socks+Gray cardigan- TJMaxx : Reddish cardigan+Flats- Gap : Belt- secondhand : Jeans- Old Navy

You know how there's that one pair of jeans? No, not the kind that travels. The kind that fit you well, the kind that has garnered you compliments. Yeah, it's seen better days, but the good thing about a worn pair is that you don't have to throw it out like some ol' toy rabbit that'll only come to life. You can't wear a pair of ... alive jeans, far as I can tell. This pair that I'm wearing are those jeans. Unfortunately there are a couple of rips conveniently placed right near the buttock area, but since it's not really tight and I'm wearing shorts underneath, I figure I won't flash anyone and it isn't too bad to wear outdoors.

alternative text

What's Lovely for February 18, 2010
: Getting your belated birthday present in the mail. Thanks, Lizzie. :)

alternative text
See? I've already put it to good use. Not that it'll help my procrastination too much...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello, my Love

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This picture is totally symbolic and stuff , 'cause I was all fading out, and then I'm BAM back brighter than ever-- ok fine, I was just playing around with Photoshop. So sue me (please don't).

Much like the anthropomorphic dinosaurs invading a Macy's Day parade, I'm baaaaaack. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who got that random reference)

It's almost ironic. While a seemingly large number of fashion bloggers out there are recounting or commenting on Fashion Week going full speed ahead in NY, I'm blabbing on about cookies and whatnot. But I'm not jealous. Don't get me wrong-- I'd SO dart out of here in a heartbeat if I ever had the chance to go to NYC for Fashion Week. But I'm so busy with life here that it's fun for me to just click through all the photos of girls' adventures in the Big Apple (when I have time to click).

Still, I'm actually a little embarrassed when I look back at my last three posts. They're not just not related to fashion, but comparatively meh by my standards. Call me a delusional perfectionist (among many other things you can call me), but I strive to make this blog enjoyable for both myself and anyone who's interested in reading this. How am I doing, guys? OK? Thumbs up, thumbs down? Heads up 7-Up?

alternative text
Excuse my old lady hands, please.
alternative text

I liked pairing the two scarves for warmth and dramatic effect, but I was afraid I resembled someone trying to smuggle something out of a store. Not that I would. Unless they were Girl Scout cookies. Then watch the FUCK OUT.

Cardigan- Old Navy via Goodwill : Shirt (that which cannot be seen!)- Mossimo secondhand : Blue scarf+Booties- TJMaxx : Leopard scarf- Urban Outfitters : Skirt- Forever 21 : Red tights- We Love Colors : Teal tights- Target (Indigo!)

This cardigan, originally from Old Navy, was acquired from my local Goodwill for only $2. $2? That's as much as like.... two sodas! I'd take a cardigan over two sodas any day. I can't take credit for finding it, so I definitely want to try my hand at clawing through infinite racks of clothing for a bargain soon. But really, a new item of clothing was all it took to shake up my wardrobe again-- how fantastic. I would even call it lovely...

What's Lovely for February 17, 2010: Getting back on the horse again, unless that horse is heroin, then that's bad, or so I hear.

(see what I did there?? segue-ed!)

alternative text

And now, I just want to wind down with a slow, mellow song. This is one of my favorite songs and I think the music video is perfect. It vaguely reminds me of 1930s Paris, what with its dimly-lit bathrooms and forbidden trysts. Excuse me trying to wax poetry, but this song makes me close my eyes, and imagine myself in a tiny, crowded nightclub where the only things lit are the singer's voice and glow of cigarettes.

Also in this scenario I have lungs of steel, so the smoke won't make me cough. Constantly wheezing doesn't paint the most romantic portrait.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A bright spot

What's Lovely for February 16, 2010
: This music video and song after a long, long, long.... loooong day.

I find this girl's skills most impressive because whenever I try to shake a hula hoop around the area of my body that's supposed to be my hips, I ultimately fail.

Thank you, ModLife. If I hadn't found this piece of awesome on your blog, then my What's Lovely would've merely been something lame like "going to bed before midnight" (which for me, is a rarity).

Now if you'll excuse me... my body needs to catch up with my brain, which I'm pretty sure has gone to sleep about two hours ago. Sorry for the short post! I see clothes compiled into an outfit in the near future...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cookie Medal of Mintiness

This is not just any cookie: if you look closely, it has a slight halo of YUMMINESS.

What's Lovely for February 15, 2010
: When a nice person gives you the last Thin Mint in the bag after you've been shamelessly salivating over it for about several minutes.

Long story short: the girl who sat across from me in one of my classes was way more generous than she should've been. In my defense, she not only had a box of Thin Mints, but also that of Peanut Butter cookies, my other favorite. And in her defense, they were delicious-- and she had more Thin Mints to enjoy, so giving the last one up wasn't a huge sacrifice.

But I, my mouth, my taste buds, were exhilarated. And grateful (since someone decided not to buy any Thin Mints or any of the good kinds this year). Thanks.

The funniest thing about this video: the fact that my dog started barking when the doorbell 'rang.' (Shut up Cami, it's not real life)

Speaking of treat: snowball fight fit for Olympians! I can't help but love this commercial, though. I wonder if these are the real Olympian athletes... I bet the idea was pitched something like this.
"Hey guys, we need you to get in a huge snowball fight and we'll CGI it up a bit to look EPIC."
".... Sure."

0:42 = LOLS. And lols again at the impossibly improbable at 0:49. What's most hilarious about this commercial? Why anyone would want a cold drink in wintertime Vancouver.

PS: Outfits? Oh right, right. YES, outfit posts. Soon. Yes. Yeahhh. Getting on that.