Sunday, February 21, 2010

Haircut and a Mind-fuck... two bits

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Who wants to play "See how many differences there are between these two pictures?" Me on the left is still thinking, me on the right just likes looking off into the distance. I don't seem too bright.

I look a bit out of it. But you would be too if a vacuum cleaner was haunting your photo.

Notice anything different about me?

Hint: It has something to do with my hair. It's ok, take your time guessing.

It's such a relief to have some dead follicles cut off of my head, you don't even know! It had been about a couple of months since my last appointment, and my 'do was starting to get like that one tall dude from Scooby-Doo (see what I did there? wordplay for the win... I'm... cool). I actually consider getting my hair cut to be one of the most relaxing experiences, very soothing (I think I almost lulled into sleep a few times).

So what do you y'all think? I wanted to go for a low maintenance look that could be styled easily without much hassle. Plus, I continually am inspired by both the 20s bob and the 60s mod cut.

(Shirt- Gap : Pants- secondhand : Scarf- Mom's : Blank zombie stare- free)

This is a mind-twisting thriller, no doubt about it. But there are little gems where humor shines through. Example at 0:31 "We're dooly appointed federull mawrshulls."

Time for the mind-fuck. Tonight I saw Shutter Island with my friends Michelle and Rachel... and.... well, besides the fact that we were all smushed into each other in vain attempt to squeeze the fear out of ourselves, it was a movie that not only left me pondering, but altered and twisted my sense of self and reality. Everything, from me taking off my coat to simply walking around, had me questioning whether this was real, whether what I was doing was in fact, not just a fabrication bred from my insanity.

In short, it was a mind-fuck.

True story: I was rifling through my purse looking for my wallet. I was freaking out a little because I thought I had lost it... only to realize that I had tucked my wallet under my arm a few seconds earlier. DAMN YOU, SCORSESE AND LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND EVERYTHING.

Putting my barely coherent ramblings strung together in a sentence aside; if you're ready for a terrifically twisting thriller, you should definitely go see it.

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'Cause Michelle toldja so!

(On a completely unrelated note)
What's Lovely for February 20, 2010: Cracking bad punny jokes with friends you haven't seen in awhile. Oh, the glorious puns.
(more pictures and loot from hanging out with friends to share later; stay tuned, folks!)


Miri said...

Ahhh short hair! I'm considering cutting all my hair off at the end of the year when I no long have to have it long for my dancing! So easy and freeeeeeeee =P

Don't forget to enter the Topshop dress giveaway!!

Victoire said...

I really like the short hair! I'm getting my hair cut next week and i'm not sure what lenght i want it...


Emily Kennedy said...

Yay for haircuts! I haven't seen any of the newer Scorsese movies. Thanks for the review!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Your haircut is adorable. It suits your face really well. I love it! I wish I could get away with really cool hair cuts like that...sigh.

I just saw Shutter Island last night and felt the same way. It was so chilling and frightening and yet made me wonder what is reality...I love movies like that. :)

Anonymous said...

The haircut is very cute. I love it!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

cool cut!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

love love love the hair!!!
it is so cute on you!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new do, sweetie!! xoxo