Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ask not, Want not

First off: a moment of silence.

RIP Alexander McQueen. Here's to you, hopefully you're in your own disco ball heaven where no heel is lower than 10 inches and no fashion is fiercer than your drive.

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Let's ignore the fact that Esquire would not only NEVER feature me, but will never spotlight women's fashion. Oh, and ignore the hubris. A girl can only strive to be the next Esquire cover girl in her heart.

So all those awkward "high fashion" photos from the previous post was actually meant for something after all! This is the...

What's Lovely for February 10, 2010: Working on a project until 2:30 in the morning with other classmates who are in the same situation as you are.

And this is the result of that experience (we bonded, I assure you, the stuff you see in sports films). Though I'm proud of all the tedious tweaking it went through, I'm (again) not 100% pleased with this the more I look at it. The right side competes too much with the left, more black margins, etc.etc.etc.

What do you guys think? Constructive criticism is more than welcome, but like Teddy Roosevelt said, "speak softly and carry a big stick." Well, speak softly. You can carry a large 2x4 if you wish, but stay at least 10 ft. away from me.

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Please ignore the boots, please ignore the boots, please ignore the boots, oh damn you've noticed the boots.

Sweater- hand-me-down : Bomber- Joujou via TJMaxx : Skinnies- Gap : Boots- magic? : Pearls- gift : Beret- Target

Now that snow is a seemingly permanent fixture outside, I've adopted a shoe system where I trudge around safely in sturdy boots (that aren't the most cutting edge), and switch to comfy flats indoors. With that explanation, please pardon the boots. Otherwise, today's outfit is basically a remix of what has already been featured on this blog. I had fun adding an unexpected twist to a casual outfit with a set of pearls, however questionably real they may be.

What's Lovely for February 11, 2010: Despite a really, really, really long day, there are always friends and... this fortune cookie saying.

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Great, just what I needed. A fortune cookie that rips off JFK.

Oh, and bonus video! I just had to share, it's so.... just click "play."

I know that this is supposed to be the year of Tiger, but this is ridiculous.

PS: I'm so sorry that I'm behind on blogging! and comments! ach! You miss a day, you miss a freakin' year.


megara said...

love your beanie, and your jacket. very chic. and haha great fortune cookie. i have been getting the lamest fortune cookies recently.

Roxana said...

you're really something, you know that? i don't know how you do it, but I'm always smiling when I'm on you site... :)

Samantha said...

I think your boots are very stylish as far as snow boots come! haha

Adela said...

i love your jacket and hat! =)

Fashion Therapist said...

Sturdy boots in this horrible weather is a must! You look so cute in yellow - definitely a great color for you.

indigotangerine said...

I love the fact it says Man at his best right next to your head. Maybe men are at their best when they are women? Or maybe you are just a very very believable drag queen....
Anyway I think it turned out great, I like the fact that you are "Char" as we all know, true celebrities have ridiculous nicknames/ rip off other celebrities.
And your fortune cookie is fantastic.

Carissa said...

true loss in the world of fashion. RIP McQueen

P.S: aw... so cuutee :D

jack bespoke said...

awesome love that cover haha so fun

Elaine said...

I like your outfit! the yellow is a nice pop of color and I actually like your boots :D and what kind of fortune is that?!??! Lame..

Emily Kennedy said...

Ha! I've always wondered if really tall, skinny girls could make even wretched snow boots look good. The answer, I have learned today, is yes.

Emily Kennedy said...

Don't try to dodge my compliment! Here, I'll slow pitch it: you look good in snow boots. What do you want me to say? ;) You may not feel tall, but you look tall on this here blog. Tall enough to make snow boots look good.