Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alive Again Wardrobe: The Piemaker (part II)

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Chapter 2 of an approximately 14-part series! Uh, let's see how this goes. I'm actually sorta winging this project as it goes along, so please bear with me. I just have the basic skeleton set up nice and sturdy, it's just a matter of getting a bunch of Amish people to figuratively raise up the barn that is this wardrobe remix series.

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Vest, check. Black button-up shirt, check. Chucks, check. Actual Chuck, not check. [Screencaps taken by me]

Today was a very masculine take on well... the main male character of Pushing Daisies. It seems that Ned has a closet just full of cardigans, black shirts and skinny ties. I have to admit, I did have fun dressing up quite androgynously (Mozilla is telling me that "androgynously" isn't a word, but Google says it is. Which internet superpower to believe in??). The only drawback was that you couldn't tell that it was a high of balmy 70s when you see my dark outfit. Does Ned have to live like this all the time, dressing like the grim reaper even when it's hot and sunny outside?

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The bottom photo is my "awkward monkey waiting for a banana wtf is my banana" pose.

I like donning drastically different outfits that reside on opposite sides of the gender spectrum. As I've mentioned before, I'm a fan of the masculine-inspired womens' wear, but I mixed some feminine touches (like the loose white vest and ruched blouse) into Ned's basic outfit. I just had a thought: I feel like a good majority of fashion bloggers out there (especially the more well-known ones) have very feminine styles. Beautiful dresses, flowing skirts, you name it. I love the feminine style too, but I wonder if there's room for a more gender-bending style. What do you guys think?

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I think I just might steal Pink's blazer soon, it's just that adorable. And well, so is she, pshaw.

Blouse- Max Azria via TJMaxx : Tank- Juniper : Vest- garage sale : Skinnies- Gap : Shoes- Chucks via TJMaxx : Belt- Goodwill

What's Lovely for March 31, 2010: Feeling just so shittastic and tired at the beginning of the day, only to realize that people do care. Cue the cheesy music and Lifetime channel promos, but I'm really grateful for that.

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Oh yeah, and I'm grateful for this, too.

Look, a silly gif!

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Do the D.A.N.C.E. booty booty shake shake (what booty?)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alive Again Wardobe: The Piemaker (part I)

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Pretend that there's a delicious pecan pie in my hand, I know I am.

Remember how I've been talking about Pushing Daisies? Like for the past two posts? And how a little annoying that was? Yeah, I'm sorry about that. But the thing is, it was all prep for this little project I had hatched in my head. It hatched and grew gradually, and wouldn't go away, itching at me excitedly. OK, so I just compared a fun idea to a parasite in my brain, that was unintentionally gross.

ANYWAY. Amidst my plethora of school projects, I add on this just-for-fun project that I hope will both inspire and remix my wardrobe. Introducing: The Alive Again Wardrobe Project!

What I hope to do is base about two outfits per week to each major character from Pushing Daisies (if you don't know or haven't seen the TV show, please please do see it, it's sadly only two seasons long and is magic in a bottle). So I'm going to dedicate each week to the six main characters-- Ned, Chuck, Emerson, Olive, Lily and Vivian-- unfortunately Digby doesn't make this list, mostly because it's hard to emulate a dog and I don't own many furs.

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And who else better to kick it off this project than with Ned the Piemaker himself? The project's title actually comes from a quote of his.

With the coming of spring and warm weather, I think that's just what my wardrobe needs. So (deep breath) here's hoping for good luck on this series. I know Ned's excited.

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Oh hellooooooo there, how did this picture get in this bunch, my oh my. [All screen caps taken by me, no copyright infringement, etc.]

Ned always wears a series of black and white, with the occasional gray and brown mixed in. It's interesting how in such a colorful show, the protagonist is swathed in dark neutrals. Though this makes sense, given his unusually morbid power. I based this outfit off of his pie-making uniform, if his apron was about... five times shorter. If that happened, his restaurant probably wouldn't pass FDA regulations, but would attract the fangirls, wouldn't it?

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Did you know? My hand normally glows around trees, especially dead ones that need to come back to life. This photo was my attempt of an emulation of this awesome Michelangelo-inspired promo.
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This is me acting as Ned acting as Punxsutawney Phil. I can haz prolific actingz?

Shirt- Charlotte Russe : Skort- secondhand : Tights- We Love Colors : Shoes- Old Navy

What's Lovely for March 30, 2010: Sunshine upon more sunshine! Hark, an award!

Allison from Last Boat Leaving was way too nice to give me the Sunshine Award. You like me, you really like me! Wait, why is the music swelling??

My craziness aside, thank you so much, I loved your description of my blog. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Smelling your way to Nirvana

Mmmmmmmm*sigh*mmmmm [Source from here]

What's Lovely for (Sunday) March 28, 2010: Sniffing your pajamas dry of that intoxicating, heavenly scent of fresh laundry

If it wasn't obvious before, I've been on a Pushing Daisies binge, plowing through the first season as voraciously as I can. How was I reminded of it while I was dizzy sniffsniffsniffing in my favorite scent of clothing fresh with the laundry? It's like when Aunt Lily loves the smell of chlorine, saying that it's "sunshine in a bottle." And that's sort of what detergent is for me (plus it's handy that it really does come in a bottle-like container). I also love sniffing:

Clementine peels
Hot French bread
Mom's perfume
Outside right after a light spring rain

What are your favorite smells?

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What's Lovely for today, March 29, 2010: This note. I'm not quite sure all that it means, but I like it.

PS: I'm so sorry that I've been basically MIA from the blog-- I definitely want to get back to everyone's capital comments soon! I swear, I'm still alive! Just tired! Exclamation point!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Taking a long, long, long nap

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I unfortunately don't look this adorable when I sleep. [Screen capture by me]

What's Lovely for March 27, 2010: Sleeping in for most of the day, taking full advantage of a lazy Saturday.

The only drawback of this is that there's still a shit ton left to do. Like watching Pushing Daisies. Oh yeah, and homework. Lots and lots of homework.

Friday, March 26, 2010

She's an animal (rawr)

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Needless to say, I have a soft spot for animal prints, especially for my one leopard-print scarf (as seen here and here). I confess: I can only wish that I have a perpetually growing wardrobe, but I do tend to wear the same things repeatedly. But then as Tim Gunn said, "People get it right more frequently... when they're shopping on a budget, than if they just have deep pockets or a bottomless pit of a purse." I put the video here just because it was too good not to share. Start at 3:08 to hear him talk about fashion on a budget, but I strongly urge you to watch it all and bask in the genuine goodness of Tim Gunn.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tim Gunn is the fashionable, wise and adorably gay grandpa that I've had the misfortune to never have.

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I'm on the prowl, on the hunt... for... MOAR ANIMAL PRINT. Unfortunately, there are none here. The predator slinks away in defeat.

This outfit was one of those times when I took a moment of pause. The only reason was because I wasn't sure if zebra-on-zebra was such a good idea. But whenever I worry about something like that, I just think: when am I ever going to have this opportunity again? Why not? Do it, you pansyface. So I did it, and relished in being this walking safari. I love this reversible Ann Klein coat, which I've only worn with the black before, but I've been itching to wear it in all its zebra glory. Best thing, no animals were harmed in the making of this outfit.

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Shirt- Mossimo secondhand : Scarf- Urban Outfitters : Underskirt- Korea : Skirt- SC Collection via TJMaxx : Belt- Walmart : Tights- We Love Colors : Shoes- Old Navy : Reversible coat- Mom's Ann Klein


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I meant to look like I'm clawing at you (ya know, like a FIERCE BEAST) but instead I look like I'm banging on an invisible piano... badly.

I got this gif done at First gif, hurray!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Moon, My Man

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Please excuse the tired, pinched face. You'd be tired too, if you just landed on the moon in these boots.

I consider myself ready for all those reality show competitions, like Fear Factor, where you have to do something ridiculous like holding onto a helicopter as it flies over a sea of raging, anti-Semitic sharks all while eating a bagel covered in hissing cockroaches. Or y'know, something similar to that. My run-in (and I say that in every literal sense of the word) with Mother Nature was quite the work-out. Not only was it drizzling, but I had to resort using my umbrella (ella, ella, ay ay ay) as a shield against the harsh winds. Needless to say, I survived a Midwestern hurricane. I felt like one of those nannies swept away by a violent gust of wind in that one scene in Mary Poppins. Do any of you know what I'm talking about?

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Can YOU spot the photo bomb?

I don't dig out these boots often, but they were perfect for heavy duty business. They're certainly heavy-- it's like I was walking around with babies strapped to my feet. Y'know, if babies were made out of... heavy rubber. I love feeling invincible in them, stomping into puddles that I never would have jumped in before. This is also probably the closest to an astronaut (albeit a dirty, groovy hippie astronaut who loves peace signs) that I'll ever feel. The weight isn't too bad, but I'm most bothered at how much larger it is than my scrawny leg. I would feel comical just walking around in these, but the danger of sopping wet feet is no laughing matter.

Thank God I had a change of shoes for indoors.

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The bike short/leggings are imitation acid-wash jeans. They scream 80s trashiness, but... I still like them. Does this mean I have to go get my neon leggings and shoulder pads? Oh wait, I think I have those too, damn.

Shirt- United Colors of Benetton secondhand : Cardigan- Fever via TJMaxx : Shorts- Korea? secondhand : Gray leggings- gift : Black tights- We Love Colors : Boots- TJMaxx : Flats- Gap

Watching this ad is almost like being on LSD; which is fitting, since drinking Mountain Dew is about the same thing.

What's Lovely for March 25, 2010: Speaking of dirty, groovy hippies, check out this psychadelic ad.

I'm such a fan of the animation, how fluid (well gee, I guess that makes sense) it is. Mountain Dew has come a long way; apparently it was the official drink of hillbillies, so I guess that's progress. I'm not really a fan of the radioactively caffeinated sugar, but it's the nectar of Chuck Norris. And everyone knows you don't mess with Chuck Norris, he messes with you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back from the Dead?

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The title of this post is very topical, since zombie season is in full swing on my campus. I really wanted to do it because hey, who wouldn't want to play out that role of zombie-huntin' badass? You know it's awesome when Stephen Colbert covers it. However, I was lame and forgot about it/figured that I'd "die" and become a zombie within a few hours. If a real zombie apocalypse ever came upon us, I'd totally be screwed.

It feels like an eternity since my last outfit post. Prolly 'cause of the whole ahhhh-freak-out-cram-no-time-left-why-are-you-watching-youtube-instead-of-doing-shiz that
was my week so far. So I felt less than stellar, and I didn't think my outfits were up to par.

Uhh... crap, I'm delving too far into that black pit called negativity. Begone, begone, I say! *waves around wand*

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From Staples...
alternative text
... to the giant-ass books gallery...
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I actually threw this on at the last minute (how was I supposed to know my friend was ready in the car so soon??), so I wasn't completely happy with it. To me, the proportions seemed off, though I did feel a little bit like Tom Cruise in that one well-known movie. I'm not quite sure if that's a good or bad thing.

alternative text
alternative text

And oh oh *gushes a bit like a schoolgirl, oh wait* voila, these are the socks that I ordered from Sock Theory. The only problem with me and knee socks is that they're never technically knee socks. They're always right-below-the-knee socks, no matter how many times I pull them up in vain. They would bunch around my ankles a little bit, but since they were this thin lacy material, I didn't think it mattered. I'm actually very pleased with these socks, they were a hint of sexy without being overt. I would definitely recommend this site (free shipping, what the pancake??) if you have a stocking fetish like me, or just want to wear pretty socks.

alternative text
Who's dat person a-creepin' in dat tree?

Tank and shirt underneath- magic? : Blouse- secondhand : Bermudas- Gap : Two nude tights- secondhand? : Floral socks- Sock Theory : Shoes- Old Navy : Scarf- American Apparel

What's Lovely for March 24, 2010: Having a very considerate mother set up this beauty for better organizing many scarves, hats and tanks.

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I apologize for the craptastic flash, it really doesn't do it justice. When I first saw this, I acted like those people on the home make-over shows: "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A brief telegram

Hello. Stop. I'm not dead I'm just so tired. Stop. Being zapped of energy is no fun. Stop. I'm going to stop. Stop.

It was a bit shortsighted to call off my blog hiatus just when I had to dive back into the unforgiving waters of classes. Though the week is just beginning, at my lowest,
lowest point I felt much like a crumpled up piece of paper thrown haphazardly at a trash bin, only to miss entirely and left to sit there in bitter despondence.

Ahhhh, sleep deprivation, you bring out the myspace-emo-poet in me.
But I at least owe myself (and anyone else who's still around) a sliver of optimism, however grim those chances may be right now. Like looking at what's lovely in this world (cue the rainbows).

What's Lovely for March 22, 2010: Receiving a package in the mail (always a favorite) and being too excited to rip it open properly.

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Yessss I did finally give in and indulge in sock porn. Guess which one I got? The answer shall be revealed sooooooon.

What's Lovely for March 23, 2010: Music brought to you by Bret and Jemaine and Tangerine as a good cheer-you-up.

Someday I hope I can truly call someone a friend who will tell me if I have food on my face and seek revenge for me. No wait, I'd also really like a friend who's either one of these guys.

Listening to Flight of the Conchords on repeat can really help a sleep-deprived addled mood. Also, naps can help. A lot. Naps and Kiwis, kids, that's the answer.

After a questionably long hiatus,
dear Tangerine has shared her latest music loves. It's a "somewhat Springtime-y mix" (in her exact words) and it is, for lack of a more creative term, lovely. I think she always picks a good variety of tunes to share, so y'all should check it out. My personal favorite is "Lilikoi." Click here to listen to the cheery goodness.

Now thanks to "Friends," I can't get that phrase "If you kick my dick, I won't break your balls" out. Of. My. Head. I'm terrible. But it's so catchy and hilarious to say, especially out of context. Please blame my lack of sleep, my baggy eyes beseech you to not judge. It's what Jemaine would want. I think. La la la la. Ping. I mean, what.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catsup, Ketchup, Catch Up

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Fear not children: this is just what happens when you're all a little crazy and accidentally put your thumb over the flash when you take the picture.

What's Lovely for March 19, 2010: Sleepover with friends where you watch three movies in a row that range from horrendously baffling to my epic fourth-and-a-half viewing to hipstery sweet.

And just because I'm admittedly the most amateur movie "critic" out there, here are my personal reviews for each film we watched in five words or less.

Alternate: Starring Attractive Butt-Chin and Thatoneactresswhoplaysthesamethingoverandover (that counts).

Alternate: Half Vulcan makes Full Hottie. (what can I say, I think Zachary Quinto/Spock is hottttt with many t's)

Alternate: Where "the Michael Cera" works (I wasn't annoyed by the persona, it felt genuine here)

What's Lovely for March 20, 2010: Celebrating Mom's birthday with overly-priced seafood and a TJMaxx splurge.

alternative text
Is the advertisement referring to my hair or the cocoa? You decide.

What's Lovely for March 21, 2010: Being one haircut and cocoa richer.

What's NOT Lovely: Spring Break ending. Boo, BOO I say. Also, why does my hair grow so freakin' fast, it was just a month ago that I cut it?!

Friday, March 19, 2010


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Remember when I said that I'd be on hiatus for about two days? Well, I lied. I mean, I didn't lie at the time, but I went ahead and rushed taking these pictures before I go on my REAL hiatus. So ok ok, this is the real deal now, hiatus startiiiiiiing.... NOW.

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The breeze was so nice that the vengeful tree bush wasn't so vengeful this time.

White blouse- magic? : Shirt- Ralph Lauren : Shorts- The Limited on sale : Tights- Target : Neckerchief- Mom? : Flats- Gap

And please enjoy this jumping fail, courtesy of me.

alternative text
Lucy, I have yet to master the art of jumping like a cute clone. I seem to have a long way to go-- in the meantime, y'all can laugh at my indecent exposure.

Happy weekend, everybody!