Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day and Night

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Excuse the gimp eye in the right picture. I was trying to do my best sugar glider impersonation.

What is this, wearing skirts two days in a row?? You have to understand, such an occurrence is a rarity for me (especially in a large campus during the wintertime where jeans are the go-to bottomwear). But I find that I'm just as warm, if not warmer, in three layers of tights than in jeans. So therein lies a whole new field of fashion possibilities to explore, away from the jungle of jeans (not to say that I'm not a fan).

Ever since I've started this blog, I like to think I've become somewhat of a regular at this set-the-timer-then-stumble-over-and-pose-rinse-repeat business. One thing that I've become obsessed with is at what time to take good photos, and where. Since I've yet to rope in a partner in crime, I'm mainly concerned with good lighting, since I don't have any professional photo equipment to my pseudo-poor name. I'm lucky that I had a few minutes to snap a couple of photos this morning, otherwise I would've been stuck with pictures like...

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I seeeee you. Creepsterness aside, I tried out the double-wing eyeliner look after watching the latest Michelle Phan video. Did I ever mention that I love Michelle Phan? She has this impossibly, almost creepy perfect soothing voice and the best makeup videos-- like your friendly neighborhood makeup guru robot.

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What the crap, my teal tights turned black. They emo'd out on me.

... this. See the difference? It doesn't help that my tired face looks sullen and about to murder you with my emo eyes. Y'know, if emoness could actually harm anyone.

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Turtleneck- American Apparel : Dress as skirt- Modcloth : Teal skirt- Forever 21 : Black tights- We Love Colors : Teal tights- Target : Boots- TJMaxx

What's Lovely for February 24, 2010: I love We Love Colors, and I love getting them in the mail.

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Can't wait to test these really durable, thick, soft babies out. Wait, that sounded wrong. Damn.


fadetoblack said...

omg you are stunning!!

michelle_ said...

you look gorgeous !
i love ur crop hair . and i wanna see u wear those yellow + white babies in ur outfit posts !
many thanks for the sweet comments .
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Emily Kennedy said...

I can't wait for your WLC review! And emo is good! Definitely not killer, but good!

The F Word Online said...

oh wow girl ! your bangs are FIERCE ! i wish i could pull off your hairstyle

xx lue

Shini said...

oh you funny thinnngg, and I tell you now, embrace the self timer days before you actually find that partner in crime... you'll never remember how you did it before when you've spoilt yourself with a human tripod.
Let us know how those thick soft babies feel.

StuddedLilly said...

those double eyeliners are awesome!! loving the black and white look :)


Clara said...

lovely lvoely lovely pics

Senorita Fashionista said...

You take great pics even if it's hard work! I dont have expensive equipment as well. I love the last image of you the most! You rock girl!
xoxo Jolie

Ce qui m'inspire said...

I know what you mean about trying to get good photos. It's hard when you have no one to help you out!

Love the stripes!! This is such a cute outfit!

Ce qui m'inspire

Lucy Marmalade said...

Super mod, super fab. Great outfit!

Elizabeth said...

that double eyeliner is such a neat idea, i'll have to try that soon!

Emz said...

haha, I love Michelle's videos too. I love your outfit! Esp the striped part haha, it's such a great outfit!

michelle_ said...

thanks for the comment !
i think the great feeling of having nice photos come out happens to every blogger ! hahaha...
its more of a happy feeling if you're using self timer as u cant see what's going on.. haha

many thanks for the sweet comments .
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Elaine said...

You look stunning in the first shots!!! I love the combination of the stripes and the teal tights!

And check out your eye liner! I'm too much of a wuss to do eye liner...

I like that you mentioned the self-timer because I just started doing it in my apartment and it's so hard!!! but your pictures always look fabulous!

I can't wait to see the yellow tights on you! Those are next on my list!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

jaja, I always love reading the things you write, they really make me smile! Yeah I know how hard it is to get the right lighting in pictures. I always have to chase my boyfriend down to take my pic before it gets dark. You outfit looks great btw, love the blue in the tights!

Anna said...

"Can't wait to test these really durable, thick, soft babies out. Wait, that sounded wrong. Damn."
AHAHA you are funny.

Annie Spandex said...

Love the skirt! I would wear that thing to pieces :)