Sunday, February 28, 2010

When 48 hours aren't nearly enough

Have you ever had that feeling that a two-day weekend clearly isn't enough? I think I've had that feeling for the past... semester, year, eon. Which is probably why I haven't updated this blog in nearly two days-- damn you, deceptively short weekend. *shakes fist*

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This was the outfit I wore to Hamlet and to the party-that-I-never-ended-up-going-to-but-apparently-it-was-bro-tastic. But really, I'm marveling in repugnance at how ... pointy my hip seems. It's not supposed to look like that, right??

Tunic- French Connection : Scarf- Urban Outfitters- Skirt- Forever 21 : Belt- Walmart : Tights- We Love Colors & magic? : Shoes- Old Navy : Plaid scarf- Mom's : Cardigan- TJMaxx

(as a recap) What's Lovely for February 27, 2010: Watching a live performance of Hamlet, followed by late night Arby's curly fries (fried food always seems like "a good idea at the time" get thee to a nunnery, grease)

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jsdfdsiohdsighshgho food porn.

What's Lovely for February 28, 2010: Two words-- Korean doughnuts.

This combines two things I love: a catchy beat and art history. Oh, I heart this video so so much (except for that questionable moment at 2:00). Does anyone know which artwork are featured at 1:45 and 2:15? Those are the only ones I can't recognize.

Here's to a tolerably good week! (hopefully, ahh pessimistic optimism)


pixelhazard said...

Love howyou write, love curly fries and korean doughnuts and the outfit pics are great. The weekend is way too short. It's a conspiracy!

Love_Again said...

great post. oh my i really want doughnuts now!

Eva Internazionale said...

I spend the majority of my life fighting the urge to indulge in greasy food, so I know exactly where you're coming from. :X

Romany said...

Ooh I quite like this song. The lead singer's voice sounds a bit like Marcus Mumford's...
I just loove your second outfit! Very chic.

fhen said...

really love your outfit dear
by the way have just followed your blog
mine to follow mine back?

John R. Tate said...

“Boss, the girl’s been slackin’ but she picked up her game over the weekend. Can’t believe she’s only got a couple of score of followers.”

“When Kobe comes to town, Chewster, the seats are never empty.”

“I’d say. I like that she can polish up the nerdly thing. That high-waisted skirt, blouse ‘n’ belt look like old friends who haven’t seen enough of one another.”

“You getting’ sentimental on me, Chew?”

“ No, Boss. When she’s on, she’s on.”

“I’d say.”

Poppy said...

Dude. You LIKE Art History? Kindly come and do my lectures on it please. We totally look the same, right? ...Right?
Love the song, but I have no idea what those two pieces are, either. And the "questionable" moment just made me laugh. Like a lot. XD
And I don't care what they say, I like your pointy hip! (For whatever reason, I started singing the "i don't care what they say" line from Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis when I was typing that, as if the pointy hip thing was the rest of the line)
Never gonna listen to that song the same now.
Hehehe do it. I dare you to hear anything else!

Poppy said...

Pho realz, what is the matter with me?...

alltumbledown said...

those donuts look amazing. and so do you in that outfit, especially the scarf.

Madison. said...

those donuts... yum.
and that video kept me fascinated all the way through! It's really clever, and I love the ending...

Brandi said...

I need some of those Korean doughnuts -- where did you find them?? And that brown belt with the navy skirt...just awesome.

Amy said...

Your legs look a mile long in these photos!!

Elaine said...

Um, can I PLEASE have your body?? Holy cow, look how long your legs look!!! what's your secret?? ;)

I love your sleeves and the double scarfage. (That kind of looks like garbage, but it's not.)

Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

Those donuts look scrum-diddil-umptious if I must say so myself. I usually feel crap when I wake up on a Sunday morning but for some reason this week I was perfectly fine, hmm.


Emz said...

Tell me about it. The weekend? what weekend??? Adorable outfit though, I couldn't make an effort all weekend! And those donuts. Not helping my resolve........

Kathrin said...

The one at 1:45 is "Gabriele d'Estrées and one of her sisters" ( and the one at 2:15 is "Portrait of the journalist Sylvia von Harden" by Otto Dix (

Nice blog, by the way :)

indigotangerine said...

Man, I may have had a mini seizure at that video. Love the scarf, you make me want leapord print (a desire I have never faced before)

Emily Kennedy said...

Yup, have that feeling all the time. And so want some Korean doughnuts.

Krissy ♥ said...

Oh my gosh, that video is all sorts of awesome! I love it! I don't care for the music, but I love their re-enactments of famous art work. So clever and hilarious! :D

Emily D. said...

In this post I am seriously loving

1: your outfit. It's totally rocking, extremely flattering, and still completely appropriate for school.
2: the fact that you posted this L'Ogre video. I've been obsessed w it for a while. Who doesn't love art history set to music and talking heads in immediately reconginzable European paintings?

Art history videos
and pretty clothes
make every day better
than the one that came before.
Life without long weekends is such a bore.