Monday, January 25, 2010

By the sea, by the beautiful sea

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Shirt- secondhand : Pants- secondhand : Attitude- free

I usually like to KISS when it comes to my everyday outfits-- keep it simple stupid, that is (don't worry, you're not stupid). I'm all for mixing prints and having some fun with dressing up, but I think it's the classic, clean look that I really love and rely on.

Just like Tamia from the Style Sample, I too have re-found clothing from the depths of my closet. It's almost like I went shopping without telling myself-- how thoughtful of me! Or uh, just plain absent-minded. It's an oddly bright color combination, but I thought the cool blue would match these slacks that I had. Simple, right? I enjoyed feeling like a sailor on LSD in this outfit.

However, my attire was apparently reminiscent of a certain demon barber from Fleet Street... or so my friend told me today. Thank.... you? It's Johnny Depp, so I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

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How many differences can you spot? Sorry, I'm still working on my sullen "stricken for revenge so I'll just cut people instead" impression.

Another photo bomb, courtesy of my dog. Thanks, Cami.

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I could submit this photo to Ghostbusters and say that a spirit is haunting my photos, and please make it stop because it's being very rude.

What's Lovely for January 25, 2010: This photo.

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My friend was actually sitting in front of a missing USB drive, but this was just funny. :) It reminds me of Katie Sokoler, only less whimsical and awesome.


indigotangerine said...

Holy shit those are some fat ass books.
Your shirt is like a Dr. Suess sailor (though I love the sweeny todd inspired shoot. Tim Burton= serious love)

Poppy said...

Haha if I'm honest my mind went to the books first too! Ugh...damn it nerd gene. Look at the clothes!
I dunno, I don't think you look like monsieur Depp. I do like the combination. Very frenchy. Which I like! =]

Eva Internazionale said...

That's such a funny comparison, but it does make sense. Also, the books? :D

Roxana said...

great post, it really made me smile. you've got an awesome blog her, really worth following!

Rachel said...

I love your outfit! You look very chic and the stripes are fabulous on you!

Elaine said...

LOl!! I loved the last picture!

I'm loving that striped shirt! Perfect nautical shirt.

MichelleF said...

How do you be so pretty? Awwww, Cami's photobombs!!!

Lilee▲ said...

cute shirt! love it.

kavita@iheartvintagex said...

Aww the outfit is awesome! ♥
P.s. I have a contest on my blog for urban decay makeup :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i LOVE the striped shirt, and the picture is just too funny!

Anonymous said...

I am so obsessed with stripe shirts right now and yours is ADORABLE! I love how perfect it makes your pants.

You have such a great blog! So glad I found it! :)


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

wanted to make sure you knew that i never ever thought you were bullying me! i am DEEPLY grateful to you for your sweet little push of encouragement for me to wear color. i have been forcing myself to do it in winter and it feels good!
so thank you, and my sincere apologies if i ever seemed to give the impression that you were bullying. i was teasing about pestering, and i am so glad that you did!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

you're the cutest acid dropping sailor i've seen. cute look.

Bug said...

Haha, that picture is really funny! I like the clean look, I need to try it more. You look so cute in your sailor shirt. I love how you styled it.