Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMG, as if!

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Like, I totally, like, know that Cher wouldn't be soooo totally caught in, like, a library. But y'know, like, it's just how it is, y'know? Tooootally.

Break out your ridiculously gigantic cell phones and best "ugh, as IF" eyeroll, it's throwback to the 90s day! Oh, wait a second... AOL is still dialing up my internet. It'll be ready in an hour or so.

With my freshly-bought Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph next to my bed and this plaid-is-rad outfit, I was feeling like, so woah totally blast from the past. Also, what I thought was lovely today was...

What's Lovely for February 23, 2010: Ordering a nice, hot lemon tea at a cafe when the Macarena song comes on.

The clothes and styles of these girls are like a Spice Girls Sabrina the Teenage Witch velour magenta explosion. Would you rock the spiky buns the Asian chick is sporting?

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I've always wanted to pair this skirt with a really large top, and I thought this blazer fit perfectly. Admittedly, I think I may have resembled a turtle in the slightest, thanks to my pencil neck and short hair coupled with the shoulder pads-- but fashion isn't fashion if there aren't any risks taken, right? Plus, what the hey, I had fun with it, mixing plaid with plaid. Why not? That's what I like to say.

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Black top- secondhand : Blazer- Goodwill : Skirt- Amused : Tights- magic? : Shoes- Old Navy : There are actually many other layers underneath this, but only Multiple-Me's will know their origins.

Quick question: how am I doing, blog-wise? I like to periodically check up with all readers, commenters, lurkers, etc. to see how I'm doing, sorta like a survey. Are there any suggestions? More fashion? More silliness? Less silliness? More music? More photos? Photos of me doing handstands? OK, I'll say right now that I can't provide that last request.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shimmy-shimmy-shake to the Macarena. Would anyone like to join?


Molly said...

so cute! love the skirt :D awesome blog...definitely gonna follow

Brandi said...

Love the first photo with the Clueless photo on the side. It's so awesome!

Poppy said...

No suggestions, I like everything how it is!
And while I don't comment all the time, I am reading through my RSS feed, but being too busy to actually mosey on over here and comment! =]

Martwa Marta said...

i love the photoshooting. i remember that i used to watch Clueless, but that was yeaaars ago. love the outfit as well - so unique!

gina said...

Clueless and the BSC! Some of my old favorites.

I love this jacket. Looks great on you, and I like the pairing with this skirt and the blue tights.

Emily Kennedy said...

Your blog is adorable and your unabashed love of things like Clueless and the Babysitter's Club is a thing of beauty.

Emily said...

Haha I really love this look! Although I still cannot believe you posted Macarena!! Lol =)

StuddedLilly said...

haha cute pic! and oh Macarena..i rememeber everyone was doing that dance everytime the song came on
awesome blog by the way ;)

Bug said...

You look so perfectly clueless inspired - love it!! I would have never thought to pair an over sized blazer with that, looks great. I think you are doing a lovely job with the blog. Have a nice day as well :)


kate maggie said...

love your outfit! very cute skirt :)

Sonya said...

Love the mixed patterns!


Rhitbee said...

I have this plaid boyfriend blazer that I bought a few months ago and until now I never fully realized why I bought it. Now I know! Thanks for the inspiration to realize my inspiration. :p That sounds cornball-y - but it's TRUE!

Also, love your blog I just came upon it. So good.