Monday, February 15, 2010

Cookie Medal of Mintiness

This is not just any cookie: if you look closely, it has a slight halo of YUMMINESS.

What's Lovely for February 15, 2010
: When a nice person gives you the last Thin Mint in the bag after you've been shamelessly salivating over it for about several minutes.

Long story short: the girl who sat across from me in one of my classes was way more generous than she should've been. In my defense, she not only had a box of Thin Mints, but also that of Peanut Butter cookies, my other favorite. And in her defense, they were delicious-- and she had more Thin Mints to enjoy, so giving the last one up wasn't a huge sacrifice.

But I, my mouth, my taste buds, were exhilarated. And grateful (since someone decided not to buy any Thin Mints or any of the good kinds this year). Thanks.

The funniest thing about this video: the fact that my dog started barking when the doorbell 'rang.' (Shut up Cami, it's not real life)

Speaking of treat: snowball fight fit for Olympians! I can't help but love this commercial, though. I wonder if these are the real Olympian athletes... I bet the idea was pitched something like this.
"Hey guys, we need you to get in a huge snowball fight and we'll CGI it up a bit to look EPIC."
".... Sure."

0:42 = LOLS. And lols again at the impossibly improbable at 0:49. What's most hilarious about this commercial? Why anyone would want a cold drink in wintertime Vancouver.

PS: Outfits? Oh right, right. YES, outfit posts. Soon. Yes. Yeahhh. Getting on that.


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

oh man, i could never give up the last thin mint. that girl is a veritable saint.

Roxana said...

lucky lucky to have such generous friends...:)

factsss said...

hey that cool i love your videos , i like that little kid love story , and i like coke add nice posts

Martwa Marta said...

yuuuum! :D

Tiny Quirks said...

ahaha, i love that little girl!

Elaine said...

That's sooo nice! I absolutely love girl scout cookies. Have you tried the Dreyer's LImited edition girl scout cookie ice creams? the Samoas are my fave... I couldn't stop eating it!!!

Jess said...

oh i am not the biggest fan of chocolate but i love those mint cookies!!! and yes that is really what love is all about puhaha

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Mmmmmm delicious! =) The best part about being a Girl Scout was.. the cookies!