Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wanna hold your hand (with neatly trimmed fingernails)

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Before & After: "Hey Charlene, did you photoshop these pictures so your hands look really yellow and wrinkly and dry?" .... "Shut up."

We all have our pet peeves. You try not to let them bother you (or y'know, collide into them head-on), but in the end, they have their wins. With me, one of my peeves is having long nails. They get in my way and just seem to drag at my fingers. Like now for instance: typing is so much easier without this extra cartilage (is that what nails are made of? ...OK just checked Wikipedia... damn, cartilage is for noses, nails are made out of keratin THIS IS WHY I'M NOT A BIOLOGY MAJOR).

What are your pet peeves? I just realized that another pet peeve of mine is not knowing the difference between keratin and cartilage.

I think I'm in a stir-crazy mood where I want to shake up my closet, if not so literally. I'm currently all inspired by the 60s even more feverishly than before. I just recently finished watching An Education (though I said that I saw it before... I lied! accidentally). And what with all these inspired posts by Bug, WWANW and Greedy Girl, I'm dreaming of times when music was radical and Paris wasn't a cliche.

This is her look of "Oh no you DI'INT." In so many words, you know, except classier.

What's Lovely for February 12, 2010: Quietly singing Beatles songs on the bus when it's just you and the driver, and the driver supposedly can't hear you.

I love this song and George Harrison is up there as one of my favorite Beatles; but is it terrible that I think he resembles a less evil Rasputin here?

PS: What did y'all think of the Vancouver opening ceremonies? It had its good parts, but for the most part I was baffled. Mom called it "boring."


Martwa Marta said...

i'm not a sports freak, but my bro was delighted with the vancoouver opening ceremony. when it comes to nail - i prefer short and not covered with polish.

Madison. said...

Yes, i agree. I only like short nails. I think it's after watching others pick and chew at their long nails and cringing at them that has forced me to stick to cut ones. Ewww it's gross! But disagree with comment above - they HAVE to be covered in polish ;)
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Dolly Daydream said...

I love the 60's too, we had a 60's day at our school and I dressed up as Diana Ross in a big beehive-ish wig and tight black and white striped dress. LOL. Anyway my Mum has really long nails and whenever she types you can here this big clicking sound additional to the one you already make when you're typing. It's sooooooo.......... annoying but she's just cut them so my suffering is now over. YAY!

From Dolly

naveen said...

looks very nice
i think i heard this

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Cute blog!!

You have no idea how excited I am to come across someone else who hates long nails too. LOL! They're so annoying because they always get in the way of typing and they always break. So, I really don't see the point of them. Sigh.

And I love that video of George Harrison. He is the best Beatle by far! :)

And I'm dying to see An Education. I keep hearing such good things! Definitely need to put that on my netflix...

Samantha said...

I love long nails, until hey start to get annoying so I hate them and cut them off...then I miss having long nails so start growing them again - viscious circle!! haha

Emma said...

I liked the bit where there were people"skiing" down a mountain.. but the bit where there was a guy sort of flying around the stadium attatched to strings was a bit wierd, and was a bit of a ripoff of Sydney 2000

Tiny Quirks said...

i know exactly what you mean! i hate when my finger nails get long and i ALWAYS keep them short.