Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seamstress for the band

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Duhh-dum. Duhhh-dum. Duhh-dum-duhh-dum-duhdumduhdumdumdummmm-- It's the return of the boots of snow! Note that this picture was also taken in a bathroom: my version of the trampy Myspace shots.

I'm actually not especially proud of this outfit (this is an example of an "off day" for me), but I had a few reasons to post this:
a) I always love a mix of bright colors

b) I'm wearing my favorite pair of worn jeans

c) I wanted to play around with Photoshop.

For reason b) What struck me as a little funny was that two blogs that I follow
both had the same line from "Tiny Dancer" as their post titles within the past day. Coincidence? I decided to totally break that trend ... by quoting the next line in that song. Paint me original. As for the third reason, my zeal for the third reason has caused my cardigan to slightly change in color. I didn't realize until later that the red-orange evolved into more of a tomato red. So. Yeah. Important news, now everyone's unnecessarily informed.

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What's more dangerous than one me? Me with a cloning machine!
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Please excuse the glorified assless ass-shot, but I wanted to show off my favorite jeans.
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Blouse+Socks+Gray cardigan- TJMaxx : Reddish cardigan+Flats- Gap : Belt- secondhand : Jeans- Old Navy

You know how there's that one pair of jeans? No, not the kind that travels. The kind that fit you well, the kind that has garnered you compliments. Yeah, it's seen better days, but the good thing about a worn pair is that you don't have to throw it out like some ol' toy rabbit that'll only come to life. You can't wear a pair of ... alive jeans, far as I can tell. This pair that I'm wearing are those jeans. Unfortunately there are a couple of rips conveniently placed right near the buttock area, but since it's not really tight and I'm wearing shorts underneath, I figure I won't flash anyone and it isn't too bad to wear outdoors.

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What's Lovely for February 18, 2010
: Getting your belated birthday present in the mail. Thanks, Lizzie. :)

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See? I've already put it to good use. Not that it'll help my procrastination too much...


MichelleF said...

Actually, I think this outfit is one of my favourites so far!


Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

That blu jean thing is kinda freaky in a blogging kinda way. I do like those worn jeans though, I have only got skinny jeans at the moment, I am looking for some flares.

From Dolly

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment lady! Fave jeans are priceless... I recently helped my mom do a closet-overhaul and acquired not one, but 5, of her well-worn vintage levi's. Yummmm.


Brandi said...

I like the outfit. There's really nothing like a favorite pair of jeans. They make the world right and manageable.

Anonymous said...

the outfit looks comfy but still fashionable!


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the layers here and the colors. you are a master of mixing brights!

Danielle Barbe said...

great song & great photos! i'm so jealous that you got to see FOTC live - i tried to go when i was in LA and it sold out so quickly! The tickets were going for like, $300 on ebay! craziness, i tell you. absolute craziness. is it wrong that i think brett is kinda cute?

indigotangerine said...

I'm with you on the assless ass shot my ass is so non existant it's below sea leval. But I dig your layering and the orange/green color combo.

michelle_ said...

hey im blog walking !
i really love ur eclectic style dear ! :D

im following :D
hope u follow me back too