Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothin' but my way

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A genuine outfit post that doesn't involve Gaga? Damn!

In my further experimentation to stay resourcefully fashionable during the bitter, cruel, chiding winter, I took inspiration from Little Women. As in, those ladies had it right with those petticoats. Due to this, and this does sound verily silly, I liked sitting down because then my skirt(s) would bunch up nicely and keep me warm.

Again, that eternal question (that I keep asking): How many layers? I ninja-layered two skirts underneath the top one, which normally is a light summer skirt. Tights are a given three when the weather is in the teens.

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Don't I make a wonderfully stern schoolmarm? And the worst model? Tyra, call me.

I decided to mix it up a little by adding a stool. Isn't my creativity just mind-blowing?? Even more lame is that I was thinking of that one Britney Spears music video where she rocks the chair. I have yet to recklessly drive a Mustang through a lightning storm, though (seriously, what is that woman doing in that video).

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Notice how I did the exact same pose, only varying up the top a bit. I did this without realizing. Wow.

Blue shirt+Shoes- Old Navy : Red shirt- TJMaxx : Skirt- JCPenney? it was so long ago : Belt- Walmart : Tights- We Love Colors

I also tried out a new red lipstick. I actually really love the cherry shade; isn't there something really nice and a little empowering about finding really nice red lipstick? Michelle, I'm talking to you. I am woman, hear me roar as I put on my lipstick.

What's Lovely for January 29, 2010: I regret not taking a picture of this, but while walking to my bus stop this morning, I saw-- I shiz you not-- what looked like to be a pile of ramen noodles in the snow. Just sitting there. In the middle of the snow, next to these apartments. It was bizarre. Try to imagine it.

On the bright side, my birthday's tomorrow. That's sorta nice. :)

PS: I lied, this will involve some Gaga: happy national Lady Gaga Day! Oh, love.


MichelleF said...

Yay for lipstick! I'm so glad we've grown into lovely ladies who wear legit red lipstick. Doesn't it make you feel ever-so 40s? Love it.

<3 Michelle

Brandi said...

A very happy early birthday!! I hope you have a wildly awesome day. I'm totally digging your awesome blue tights. I need a pair like that.

Brandi said...

They may well be purple. I've apparently always had trouble distinguishing.


Beckah said...

Nice blog & lovely lipstick!
im following you, id really appreciate it if you followed me back! (:

love beckah <3x

Shini said...

Hah, smart ninja-layering two under the big one, that explains the sorta-puffiness!
About the ramen noodles, did they look like they were cooked but thrown out? or ramen noodle packages? If the first, might've been the product of a tough night for some very hang-over dood/doodess.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

You look sweet; love the pattern on your skirt. Whenever people tell me it is too cold for them to wear skirts I always think, "haven't you heard of layering?" I find 3 pairs of tights about as warm as any pair of pants!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

This is a gorgeous color combination! I love the print on the skirt, too!

indigotangerine said...

damnit, i missed your birthday. Well Happy belated birthday! I dig petticoats. and your mad layering skills. I'm too lazy to properly layer and tend to go with moderate freezing/mad dash to heated enviroment. Though, as we have discussed before, Seattle is much warmer than whatever freezing arctic location you reside.

indigotangerine said...

ps. i'll reply to your email...eventually... I'm terrible I know, but now I'm motivated because its a birthday email.

Sophie said...

I love this outfit, so unique! I'm so glad I came across your blog today, I'm definitely following :)

p.s. happy birthday!

Claire said...

Yey Gaga!!!! Happy Birthday for yesterday. Absolutely love the outfit here!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

i *love* those blue tights -- they totally make the outfit!

Bug said...

I like your outfit - sure beats those winter blues. The color scheme is lovely, adore the tights. I love the addition of the stool. Layering clothes is the best part of winter. I don't know how I would make it through the season if I didn't. I will be happy to add you back on my link list. Will get to work on that tomorrow :)

Giovanna said...

love the blue tights! and, i'm in the market for some red lipstick too.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I LOVE this outfit! the purple tights are amazing!