Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo

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Ohp ohp ohp look at that, another late post. Woops. Can I chalk that up to ... it was my birthday?

Yes, my birthday! That one day every year when you're given a "Get out of jail free" card just because it's the anniversary of the day you were
expelled from the uterus. Isn't that great?? :)
But seriously. People give you free stuff. You get a bunch of new notifications in your email saying that people wrote on your Facebook wall all wishing you a happy birthday. And you get cake. As much cake as you want (though personally, I'd prefer not to get pseudo-diabetes by eating too much). This year I had the Boston creme variety (picture of that little beauty down below)-- mmm. I'm half tempted to grab a leftover slice now... OK, I'll stop before I start sounding like Jim Gaffigan.

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It's totally about time Janice Dickinson employs me in her modeling agency. I can do wonders with a camera and awkward posings.

Blouse+skirt- secondhand : Tights-
We Love Colors : Shoes- Old Navy : Bowler- Target : "Belt"+necklace- gifts (not from my birthday) : Scarf- TJMaxx

This outfit was sort of a throw-on deal: I basically put together the classic elements that I liked as part of "dressing up." I also realized that there's a certain color palette that I'm innately drawn to-- mostly that of white, black, and a pop of color that's usually red. As that certain punchline goes, black+white+red are probably one of my favorite color combinations, especially to wear (clearly). Like Elle Woods, I think it's great to have your signature set of color(s), but it's good to branch out into new territories. But you know, fashion ultimately is feeling confident in what you're wearing, and I felt confident in my birthday suit (teeheehee, see what I did there).
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Please excuse my haphazard way of making a cool panorama scene. Notice how the lights are a little disjointed.
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Never have abstract paintings of cutlery caused such frenetic joy.
Isn't this house amazing? This was my second stop this past Saturbirthday after a wonderful tikka masaling and camwhoring and laughing with friends (shout-out, Michelle! haw haw). I've never been to this house before, but I became absolutely smitten with all the bright colors that never bordered on garish. Paintings everywhere, the mom gave me a mini-tour, much to my delight. I hope one day to have a colorful abode like this; beige is comforting, but tangerinelimeocean goodness is love.
Here, my friends and I made silly music of the "Hey Ya" variety. Videos were recorded and I dare not post them here. Unless people beg. Which I doubt will happen, whew. ;)
What's Lovely for January 30, 2010: Birthdays (and on a more self-centered note, mine) and Lady Gaga Corgis.
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Ruff ruff ruff, ruff ruff ruff, ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff, ruffy ruff ruff (barked in tune to "Poker Face")
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All ending with a ridiculous sleepover with friends involving mangled cake, Tinkerball paper plates, lovely gifts, a spoiled dog, bubbly drinks, and Beauty and the Beast. Could a girl ask for more?
Oh, and here's the What's Lovely for January 31, 2010: Elton John + Lady Gaga + Grammys = Mind blowing performance

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothin' but my way

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A genuine outfit post that doesn't involve Gaga? Damn!

In my further experimentation to stay resourcefully fashionable during the bitter, cruel, chiding winter, I took inspiration from Little Women. As in, those ladies had it right with those petticoats. Due to this, and this does sound verily silly, I liked sitting down because then my skirt(s) would bunch up nicely and keep me warm.

Again, that eternal question (that I keep asking): How many layers? I ninja-layered two skirts underneath the top one, which normally is a light summer skirt. Tights are a given three when the weather is in the teens.

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Don't I make a wonderfully stern schoolmarm? And the worst model? Tyra, call me.

I decided to mix it up a little by adding a stool. Isn't my creativity just mind-blowing?? Even more lame is that I was thinking of that one Britney Spears music video where she rocks the chair. I have yet to recklessly drive a Mustang through a lightning storm, though (seriously, what is that woman doing in that video).

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Notice how I did the exact same pose, only varying up the top a bit. I did this without realizing. Wow.

Blue shirt+Shoes- Old Navy : Red shirt- TJMaxx : Skirt- JCPenney? it was so long ago : Belt- Walmart : Tights- We Love Colors

I also tried out a new red lipstick. I actually really love the cherry shade; isn't there something really nice and a little empowering about finding really nice red lipstick? Michelle, I'm talking to you. I am woman, hear me roar as I put on my lipstick.

What's Lovely for January 29, 2010: I regret not taking a picture of this, but while walking to my bus stop this morning, I saw-- I shiz you not-- what looked like to be a pile of ramen noodles in the snow. Just sitting there. In the middle of the snow, next to these apartments. It was bizarre. Try to imagine it.

On the bright side, my birthday's tomorrow. That's sorta nice. :)

PS: I lied, this will involve some Gaga: happy national Lady Gaga Day! Oh, love.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to the Monster Ball

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Rah rah ah ah ah : Roma roma ma : Gaga oh la la : DANCE YOU MOFOS

"Welcome to the Monster Ball."

Like Lady Gaga, I seem to have suffered from a sudden illness, preventing me from blogging. And by sudden illness-- well in my defense, I was before-- but then I was stricken with extreme lethargy, followed by time constraints and excuses. So like Gaga, I shall apologize (sorry!), move on, and rah-rah-roll on with the show. :)

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Last time I had Egyptian cat eyes with heart lips; this time I decided to go with "kewpie doll gone bad romance" (haw haw get it)

Boots- TJMaxx : Tights- magic? : Swimsuit- I want to say JCPenney : Turtleneck- American Apparel : Lace tank- Mom : Belt- secondhand : Scarf- Urban Outfitters : Mask- Walgreen's : Various necklaces- all over the place

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Fun fact: My fellow Gaga co-worker and I attended our mandatory call-out dressed like this before we ducked out early to attend the show. We may or may not have a reputation to live up to now.

Since the temperature returned to its proper freezing degrees in the 20s, I couldn't very well imitate the no-pants exposure style that Gaga usually wears. But I was determined to go pantless for the day-- solution? Layer like crazy-like-Jack-Nicholson-The-Shining-crazy. Guess how many layers I wore. No, seriously, I want people to guess! I'm wearing three layers of tights on the bottom if that gives you an idea. Just imagine how many I was sporting on top. ;)

When my co-workers saw this outfit, they gave their stamp of approval, saying I looked like "an Asian Lady Gaga." I got some "uh... uhm, wow"s, most likely for the make-up. My mom, upon seeing what I wore for the first time after the show, literally howled in terror. I'm going to consider this a success.

Of course, again like last time, I must share a couple of monster outfits with y'all.

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These are beautiful, beautiful men; I met them last time, when they weren't so dressed up. Gaga Redux gave them a chance to go ALL out.

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The funny thing about this picture is that after it was taken, I was chattering excitedly "AREN'T YOU PUMPED?!" to which they stonily replied "Oh my God, YES." Turns out that their face paint makeup effectively gave them Smurf Botox, disabling them from showing how truly pumped they were (and they were!).

If you want to see more crazy costume pictures, you should click here arbitrarily.

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As Christian Siriano says, they were a "hot tranny mess fierce" ... for lack of a better term.

After Semi Precious Weapons howled and blasphemied their way to our hearts (nothing is more endearing than having the lead singer strip in the middle of the stage during a song), we were pumped for Gaga. Only we had to wait... nearly an hour?? I was actually really worried that Gaga would fall ill on us again. A lot of pictures and texts were made during this waiting period.

Until. Finally.


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These are the few photos that you can actually see anything; not only did I get a good view of Gaga, I saw all the camera and phone products in the room.

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There were these three giant screens that were set up like a diorama; instead of a science project spewing fake lava, Gaga diorama featured regurgitating blue liquid.

Near the beginning, Lady Gaga apologized for canceling. She told us that when she had asked earlier how many people returned their tickets, the answer was:

alternative text

Would it be too cliche to say that the crowd went wild?

alternative text

I could go on and on and talk your ear off about how ear-splitting it was for me. It was tangible ecstasy; I loved how I was so immersed in the act that I felt like I was trapped in this strange, surreal world that wouldn't be too far from an arthouse concoction (wow, I'm so weird). Which I guess isn't too far from the truth. I called Michelle at various points of the show to share the experience with her-- because who else to share with but my fellow gaga for Gaga friend?! (we both wished she was there with me)

Sad thing is, my camera totally bailed on me near the end. I tried everything I could to revive it, but to no avail... (noooo) So I didn't get any great "Bad Romance" grande finale pictures. But you bet your bottom dollar that I rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ed with everyone else!

In short, I'll say what I sent in a text to my friend Lizzie the day after: "So my ears are still ringing, but I thought to myself that last night it's like I saw God and God said I was sexy."

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Long live Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga aka Mama Gaga aka Lady Gay Gay aka Best Thing Ever

What's Lovely for January 26, 2010: I think that goes without saying.

What's Lovely for January 27, 2010: Watching videos of a performance you recently saw, and re-remembering the crazylove.

What's Lovely for January 28, 2010
: This is lame, but-- sharing the experience with you all, I hope no one's too annoyed with me by now.

*Note: Not up to stellar standards as they be, these photos were all taken by me. If you are to use them, please link back to this site and give me credit, thank you.

Monday, January 25, 2010

By the sea, by the beautiful sea

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Shirt- secondhand : Pants- secondhand : Attitude- free

I usually like to KISS when it comes to my everyday outfits-- keep it simple stupid, that is (don't worry, you're not stupid). I'm all for mixing prints and having some fun with dressing up, but I think it's the classic, clean look that I really love and rely on.

Just like Tamia from the Style Sample, I too have re-found clothing from the depths of my closet. It's almost like I went shopping without telling myself-- how thoughtful of me! Or uh, just plain absent-minded. It's an oddly bright color combination, but I thought the cool blue would match these slacks that I had. Simple, right? I enjoyed feeling like a sailor on LSD in this outfit.

However, my attire was apparently reminiscent of a certain demon barber from Fleet Street... or so my friend told me today. Thank.... you? It's Johnny Depp, so I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

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How many differences can you spot? Sorry, I'm still working on my sullen "stricken for revenge so I'll just cut people instead" impression.

Another photo bomb, courtesy of my dog. Thanks, Cami.

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I could submit this photo to Ghostbusters and say that a spirit is haunting my photos, and please make it stop because it's being very rude.

What's Lovely for January 25, 2010: This photo.

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My friend was actually sitting in front of a missing USB drive, but this was just funny. :) It reminds me of Katie Sokoler, only less whimsical and awesome.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nostalgic for Spring (who isn't?)

Today it was an alarming 50 degrees. 50?! Now you have to understand: here in the Midwest where it's nowhere near a legitimate seaside, that's guaranteed springtime temperature (imagine me saying all of that in a twangy accent). Despite my better judgment, it almost fooled me into thinking that spring was just around the corner. Mother Nature, damn you.

Which led me to sift through my old photos from this past spring, a time where I miss wearing just one layer of tights and not bulking up on shirts and coats so much. A blast from the past! Back... back! when I had shoulder-length hair. Back to the future! *hops in DeLorean*

I hope all of you got that reference.

alternative textalternative text
Wachoo lookin' at? No, wat choo lookin' at?! ...My sheer verbal intellect knows no bounds.

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Admire these half-assed Photoshop skills. The composition looks all wrong; it's like I photobombed my own picture.

Speaking of photo bombs.

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What's Lovely for January 24, 2010: Having a random fit of creativity and going along with it for the ride.

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I was going for soft 1920s hair with a sharp silhouette and bright, contrasting colors. I only need to learn how to sew, then HELLO PROJECT RUNWAY.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never have the JoBros looked cooler

Update: Still sick. But I want to thank everyone for the nice comments on my last post. I'm sorry I was all "bleahhhhhehhhh" (my vocabulary knows no bounds). Lameness aside, I'd like to share something that made me giddy today, despite my relative static state of doing nothing.

What's Lovely for January 23, 2010: Mom buying Jonas Brothers folders...

...and her explanation why she purchased them. Here's how the conversation roughly went after I trudged out of my room without my glasses on, only to discover something unexpected.

Me: (squints) Mom, are these Jonas Brothers folders?!
Mom: Don't blame me! It's crazy, they were the cheapest folders, and you know how cheap I am!
Me: (howls) Jonas Brothers?!
Mom: I was so embarrassed at the check-out counter!
Me: Do you know who these guys are?? They're a band for pre-teenage girls!
Mom: Don't worry, I'm going to put labels over their faces!

And that's exactly what she did.

alternative text
I sorta couldn't stop laughing and chortling and giggling and cackling. And Kevin, really? Heels? Come on.

Mom: Oh be quiet!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sick as a Dog (woof)

What's Lovely for January 22, 2010: Looking at lovely pictures while stuck at home with the constant, enraging sniffles.

Today I stayed home sick. Nothing terrible, but just sick.

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I wish I can say that this accurately portrays me as I am now, but this drawing actually makes me look loads more ravishing than in real life.

Doesn't this photo remind you of warm sunshine, endlessly calm skies, and carefree days? At least it does for me; it's just a lovely photo of escapism.

Does anyone have any other lovely photos or pictures or drawings or videos or anything that they'd like to share with me?

My friend Michelle has! While nursing my killer sinuses with various TV shows (Pushing Daisies, 30rock, Community, etc.) and various youtube videos, I got a random text from her today containing this photo.

alternative text

It might not seem much, but it's where we took a couple of "running" pictures this past spring at her school campus. It really is renowned for being lovely during the springtime...

alternative text
We really are a couple o' cool cats, we're so cool we're in our own club. The "Look a little ridiculous while running down walkways" club. You should join.

Oh, springtime. How so very far away you are. At least my birthday's coming up soon. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miniest of Minis

Marion Cotillard + Franz Ferdinand + Dior = aahghg mini mind fuck (doesn't that dress sorta remind you of that Gaga outfit? no? just me? dang)

I loved Marion in La Vie en Rose (the movie itself was a bit.... long) and I loveloveLOVE Franz Ferdinand to Scottish bits (they're up there as one of my favorite bands). And partnered up with Annie Leibowitz for a Dior photo campaign? Again, mini mind fuck.

Now I only say "mini" because while Marion is an established actress, her singing is.... not as stellar. The song really picks up at 1:20 when the band joins in. I feel like it could've been so much better had they switched parts; Alex Kapranos' sexy voice singing with Marion as sexy back-up. Just sexysexy.

alternative text
Those poor boots. I love them so much, and they're made for walking, but I'm walking them into the ground.

Speaking of sexysexy... ahemmmcoughcough ... today's outfit I sought inspiration from 60s with daring yet carefree short skirts and high socks. I feel like I've been relying on pants too often, and dressing up in skirts is fun for me. I like the bright yellow of the sweater, but it's... not quite large/loose enough to be a fashionable over-sized sweater, and it's definitely too big to be a smart fit. So the silhouette was a bit off for me. Any thoughts?

alternative text
Because Christmas-themed blankets are the epitome of high fashion photography. Uh yeah, totally... hasn't anyone got the memo? no? DANG.

Sweater- secondhand or Goodwill? : Skirt- thrifted : Tights- We Love Colors : Socks- TJMaxx : Beret- secondhand

I also sought refuge in the comfort of my warm bedroom for photos. All day today my left nostril has been running and I've had a headache. Sickness?? I'm in pajamas as I'm typing this. I know. GASP. I just want sleep...

alternative text

What's Lovely for January 21, 2010: My boss at work walking around on makeshift paper plate slippers because her shoes were drenched thanks to the January rain.

This made me giggle.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surprises, all shapes and sizes

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I tried to mix up my photo locations: nonchalance at work and totally modeling with a ... vacuum cleaner. Shoot me, I'm so hip.

What's Lovely for January 20, 2010: Unexpected surprises (bit of a redundancy there).

alternative text alternative text alternative text
Shirt- Wet Seal, painted by me : Blouse- Gap : Shorts- secondhand : Tights- Target : Boots- TJMaxx

Having grown up here, I know firsthand that the weather in the Midwest is about as stable as a bipolar pregnant woman on caffeine (lovely imagery, right?). But there are at least a few things that I took for granted: the sun beats down in summer and the snow beats down in winter.

Surprise! Today it rained. Just a sprinkle, but definitely precipitation that isn't fit for sleigh riding.

I realized after I put on my clothes that it looked like a remix of my Claudia-inspired outfit. Like Rebecca, I'm all for finding new ways to wear the same clothes over and over-- I mean (honestly) who can afford wearing something just once? Unless you're a Moroccan king or the inventor of the damn Snuggie.

However, I feel like I'm in somewhat of a winter drag. It really, really, really doesn't help that my favorite indie/vintage/anything lovely clothing site is having a Cabin Fever sale. (so. tempting.)

alternative text
If you couldn't tell from my unattractively despondent expression, my hair's getting "long" and I sorely need a trim.

And guess how many layers of tights I'm wearing?

Surprise! Three. I actually thought it was funny when my friends thought I was just wearing the teal tights, nothing else, under the shorts. Which would just be mildly insane, even in warm-enough-to-rain weather. It's still January, after all.

This post is going to spin into a completely random turn (warning!)... one of my favorite vloggers, John Green from the Vlogbrothers, welcomed a new baby boy into his life!!

OK, so quick explanation: Vlogbrothers are two nerdy brothers who back in 2007 made a pact to communicate with each other with no text involved, so they began to talk to each other via videos uploaded on Youtube, which then spawned into this huge following called the Nerdfighters, and the two brothers John and Hank have been going strong and recently John and his wife welcomed Henry Green into their lives and it's all just cheesy and beautiful and I love it.


I realize how unabashedly insane I look for caring for this complete stranger's personal joy. But I love how unabashedly nerdy the Vlogbrothers are and I unabashedly think babies are cool and I love the word "unabashedly."

When it comes down to it, I just think it's really sweet. Cue the cheese?

Oh, and the last surprise! I got a phone call from someone who I haven't heard from in a long time. Now I'm nervous. Has that ever happened to any of you?

Or am I crazier than I thought? (oh dear)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remember: just keep swimming!

What's Lovely for January 19, 2010
: Perseverance aka Just Keep Swimming.

Let me explain: I discovered the UK-based Oasis clothing store; much like a kid in a brightly-lit fashion candy store, I delighted in browsing through their sales. One item, these black and white Blade Spot leggings, really struck out-- how fabulous! how unique! how expensive! While trying to decide between that famous Shakespearean "to buy or not to buy," I suddenly wanted to beat myself up when I remembered the news stories.

But then-- and this is a real huge honking big cheese alert-- I remembered there was still a little hope. My mom and I have both donated for the cause. A nurse who was deemed missing at Port-Au-Prince has been found. And prayers have not gone unanswered.

So now we do all we can. But through it all, it's important to endure, to persevere, to just keep swimmin' just keep swimmin' swimmin' swimmin'.

alternative text alternative text
alternative text

Coincidentally, I'm drawing goldfish for my latest project in design class. We're supposed to be taking a live thing and drawing it in various poses, figuring out which one is best. Though there are only so many poses a goldfish can do... You can't really tell it to pout its lips, it'll just gape at you with those googly eyes.

Here's my apology for the Debbie Downer-ness: Youtube and HIMYM are amazing.