Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo

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Yes, it's the return of the "huge-ass books" and my "huge" ass.

Blue skies everywhere! Hallelujah!

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No kidding, the weather was still pretty oh-let's-wear-the-skin-off-your-nose-please cold, but it felt deceptively warmer thanks to the sun popping out. Thanks to that regular human set of mind that's too easily affected by weather, I didn't feel so gloomy anymore.

Despite a busy news day, there wasn't much for me to do. So I actually sat down and got some other work done. And I took the occasional pictures that didn't end up looking awkwardly posed at all.

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Look at me staring off into the distance, contemplating justice while gazing at the wide expansive blue. THOREAU YOU GOT NOTHING ON ME.

I'm actually wearing babies in these photos. These babies, that is. It's a bit of a cheat, since I mainly wore them to keep warm, but they were so unbelievably smooth-soft that I should stop gushing. The only problem was, for all my enthusiastic layering, the waistbands of my under-layers have been so tight that it felt like my stomach was being squeezed like toothpaste from a tube. Does anyone else have this problem, or have I somehow managed to wear tights incorrectly?

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I like to call this "Crouching Tiger, Pregnant Crane."

Patterned blouse- TJMaxx : White blouse- magic? : Shirt- American Apparel : Peek of red tanktop- Juniper : Black leggings- secondhand? : Gray leggings- magic? : Tights- We Love Colors : Shoes- Gap

What's Lovely for February 25, 2010: Sitting at a table with all your work strewn out in front of you and sun streaming in through the window when you look up and look at the clouds slowly drifting away and you get lost in that one moment, realizing that you miss autumn.

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(Warning: lots of blah-blah words)
Also, I've been watching the Olympics (has anyone else been following the events?). I'm really interested in the figure skating, especially the women's. Kim Yu-Na won gold-- again! First figure skating medal for Korea! I'd make a snarky joke about how typical it is for Korea to not only want to achieve a medal in an event for the first time, but a gold one at that... but I'm too damn proud.

I honestly enjoyed the other performances though-- Mao Asada, the silver medalist, has one of the most emotively elegant movements I've ever seen. But she looked none too happy up on that podium; thank God for Joannie Rochette, who you really can't help but support (who isn't? only douches and pigeons, I'm guessing).

Anywayyy, that was my amateur Olympic review. Or my Bob Costas impersonation. Either way works.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love how you wore two collar shirts: one patterned and one white! what an awesome idea!! I should try it sometime, thanks for the inspiration!

Mont Charles et Moi said...

amazing style and blog :-) X

Emily Kennedy said...

I haven't been watching the Olympics, but I just watched the Mao Asada video you linked, and WHOA! No mistakes! She's insane!

And for reals, I am really growing to detest the feeling of being squeezed round the middle by tights. Tights are such a great concept, but why do they squeeze so?

Poppy said...

While I like the sun coming through the windows, I really don't like when it peeps out at this time of year because I'm always like "SWEET MOSES THE SUN IS BACK!! Everyone! Quickly, get up! We must get down to the beach immediately!!" And then, unsurprisingly, when I step out of my door...I am disappointed. =/
Oh god I hate those skin tone iceskating boots. There's something so unnerving about the blade seeming to grow out of your foot. They freak me out!
Mmm this is probably the reason I've not been watching the winter olympics...

Eva Internazionale said...

Oh look, it's the ginormous books again! :D These make my day, seriously.

Ce qui m'inspire said...

Crouching tiger, pregnant crane. LOL.

I was so happy for Joannie Rochette, but being Canadian, I think that makes me extra-biased. Her short program marks were the highest she's had all season, and I found her strength inspiring, especially considering how emotional she was when she finished her skate. She earned that medal.

Ce qui m'inspire

gleenn said...

great photos girl. this is a very creative outfit :)

perhaps you'd like to win some fancy accessories? we have a contest going :)

indigotangerine said...

Kim Yuna! I love iceskating. and the fat ass books. Just because i feel a wee bit cruel: your sunny skies remind me of all of the LOVELY 60 DEGREE WEATHER we've been having lately. I'm almost considering going bare legged. I must say I prefer tummy squeezing tights over crotch falling down tights any day.