Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A brief telegram

Hello. Stop. I'm not dead I'm just so tired. Stop. Being zapped of energy is no fun. Stop. I'm going to stop. Stop.

It was a bit shortsighted to call off my blog hiatus just when I had to dive back into the unforgiving waters of classes. Though the week is just beginning, at my lowest,
lowest point I felt much like a crumpled up piece of paper thrown haphazardly at a trash bin, only to miss entirely and left to sit there in bitter despondence.

Ahhhh, sleep deprivation, you bring out the myspace-emo-poet in me.
But I at least owe myself (and anyone else who's still around) a sliver of optimism, however grim those chances may be right now. Like looking at what's lovely in this world (cue the rainbows).

What's Lovely for March 22, 2010: Receiving a package in the mail (always a favorite) and being too excited to rip it open properly.

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Yessss I did finally give in and indulge in sock porn. Guess which one I got? The answer shall be revealed sooooooon.

What's Lovely for March 23, 2010: Music brought to you by Bret and Jemaine and Tangerine as a good cheer-you-up.

Someday I hope I can truly call someone a friend who will tell me if I have food on my face and seek revenge for me. No wait, I'd also really like a friend who's either one of these guys.

Listening to Flight of the Conchords on repeat can really help a sleep-deprived addled mood. Also, naps can help. A lot. Naps and Kiwis, kids, that's the answer.

After a questionably long hiatus,
dear Tangerine has shared her latest music loves. It's a "somewhat Springtime-y mix" (in her exact words) and it is, for lack of a more creative term, lovely. I think she always picks a good variety of tunes to share, so y'all should check it out. My personal favorite is "Lilikoi." Click here to listen to the cheery goodness.

Now thanks to "Friends," I can't get that phrase "If you kick my dick, I won't break your balls" out. Of. My. Head. I'm terrible. But it's so catchy and hilarious to say, especially out of context. Please blame my lack of sleep, my baggy eyes beseech you to not judge. It's what Jemaine would want. I think. La la la la. Ping. I mean, what.


Erin said...

This entry was hilarious, I am sorry that I'm laughing at your expense. School is kicking my butt right now too!

Ali said...

I love Flight of the Concords! And their "la la la la" in the video, haha, it makes me happy. Have you ever heard "Carol Brown?" It's one of my favorites!

Yay I can't wait see which socks you picked!

Danielle Barbe said...

GET SOME SLEEP!! haha you're too cute. love the fotc video. i was just in austin and my band guys met the doggie bounce dude. they were beyond excited.

Tiny Quirks said...

loveee flight of the concords!

Dhu said...

I agree, listening to FOTC when sleep deprived does really help your mood.

Lucy Marmalade said...

Good luck in the coming week; it'll all be over soon enough! You're wonderful and I'm glad you indulged in the socks. Can't wait to see which pair you selected.