Monday, March 29, 2010

Smelling your way to Nirvana

Mmmmmmmm*sigh*mmmmm [Source from here]

What's Lovely for (Sunday) March 28, 2010: Sniffing your pajamas dry of that intoxicating, heavenly scent of fresh laundry

If it wasn't obvious before, I've been on a Pushing Daisies binge, plowing through the first season as voraciously as I can. How was I reminded of it while I was dizzy sniffsniffsniffing in my favorite scent of clothing fresh with the laundry? It's like when Aunt Lily loves the smell of chlorine, saying that it's "sunshine in a bottle." And that's sort of what detergent is for me (plus it's handy that it really does come in a bottle-like container). I also love sniffing:

Clementine peels
Hot French bread
Mom's perfume
Outside right after a light spring rain

What are your favorite smells?

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What's Lovely for today, March 29, 2010: This note. I'm not quite sure all that it means, but I like it.

PS: I'm so sorry that I've been basically MIA from the blog-- I definitely want to get back to everyone's capital comments soon! I swear, I'm still alive! Just tired! Exclamation point!


MichelleF said...

Scent is my favourite sense, so I'm super stoked that you asked this question!

I love the smell of:
- The flowering bush by the front door of my building. When it blooms, the whole dorm smells like flowers.
- Window screens on a rainy day.
- Men's degree brand deodorant.
- Bonfires.
- Art supplies.

Elaine said...

I love the smell of fresh laundry too! Hmmm... I don't know what else I like the smell of... mostly foods :D

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Anonymous said...

beautiful post

hey i never smell laundry clothes

Juliette said...

I love the smell of bookstores :]

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

Poppy said...

I love the smell of petrol, leather shops and my boyfriend's chest. ^_^

Tiny Quirks said...

aha, i love the smell of laundry!

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea! I love the smell of rain. But not until the rain has stopped.

I like the blog too, btw :)