Friday, March 26, 2010

She's an animal (rawr)

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Needless to say, I have a soft spot for animal prints, especially for my one leopard-print scarf (as seen here and here). I confess: I can only wish that I have a perpetually growing wardrobe, but I do tend to wear the same things repeatedly. But then as Tim Gunn said, "People get it right more frequently... when they're shopping on a budget, than if they just have deep pockets or a bottomless pit of a purse." I put the video here just because it was too good not to share. Start at 3:08 to hear him talk about fashion on a budget, but I strongly urge you to watch it all and bask in the genuine goodness of Tim Gunn.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tim Gunn is the fashionable, wise and adorably gay grandpa that I've had the misfortune to never have.

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I'm on the prowl, on the hunt... for... MOAR ANIMAL PRINT. Unfortunately, there are none here. The predator slinks away in defeat.

This outfit was one of those times when I took a moment of pause. The only reason was because I wasn't sure if zebra-on-zebra was such a good idea. But whenever I worry about something like that, I just think: when am I ever going to have this opportunity again? Why not? Do it, you pansyface. So I did it, and relished in being this walking safari. I love this reversible Ann Klein coat, which I've only worn with the black before, but I've been itching to wear it in all its zebra glory. Best thing, no animals were harmed in the making of this outfit.

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Shirt- Mossimo secondhand : Scarf- Urban Outfitters : Underskirt- Korea : Skirt- SC Collection via TJMaxx : Belt- Walmart : Tights- We Love Colors : Shoes- Old Navy : Reversible coat- Mom's Ann Klein


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I meant to look like I'm clawing at you (ya know, like a FIERCE BEAST) but instead I look like I'm banging on an invisible piano... badly.

I got this gif done at First gif, hurray!



Ali said...

Awe, I think you look fierce. :D! I love all the places you take your pictures.. so, well, fierce. As is your skirt!

Ce qui m'inspire said...

I really like how you layered the two skirts! And I enjoyed hearing what Tim Gunn had to say. And I agree - TGIF.

Ce qui m'inspire

Sonya said...

I love all the different patterns! Works great all together. & I love Tim Gunn :)

fhen said...

your zebra coat rocksss!
i lovee tim gunn!


cadencesmama said...

ohh i love how you mixed the leopard and zebra!

indigotangerine said...

ah the gif is too cute! I don't have any animal prints..... but I seriously dig the zebra on zebra! (matching patterns that don't really match (ie, small polkadots on big polkadots) is one of my favorite things)
(acutaully thats what tangerine always im's/writes)

Jess said...

HAHA you are adorable. These photos are so fun and kudos on mixing different animal prints :) LOOOOVE it!

Emily Kennedy said...

LOVE the Tim Gunn clip. God he is just so right. About everything!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I am an animal print fan big time, coats, tights, whatever. Everything's better in cheetah for me. Love the zebra on zebra, and the new word for me when I am chickening out...pansyface. Love it.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Anna said...

I love your prints! This is amazing :)

Meggstatus said...

You have such a way with prints. Always fabulous!

Dhu said...

Zebra on zebra? That I've never seen before, it's wonderful!

Jessica said...

Love your scarf. That gif is adorable!

Anonymous said...

love the mix of prints here, it all looks great together! love the gif too, i had been wondering how to go about making one myself... :)

Kitty said...

Awwww really cute pics :)

Iva said...

VERY cute!! Hope you are having a nice week! Have a great day!

tastymoog said...

haha i love this. the more animal print, the better! :)