Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Moon, My Man

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Please excuse the tired, pinched face. You'd be tired too, if you just landed on the moon in these boots.

I consider myself ready for all those reality show competitions, like Fear Factor, where you have to do something ridiculous like holding onto a helicopter as it flies over a sea of raging, anti-Semitic sharks all while eating a bagel covered in hissing cockroaches. Or y'know, something similar to that. My run-in (and I say that in every literal sense of the word) with Mother Nature was quite the work-out. Not only was it drizzling, but I had to resort using my umbrella (ella, ella, ay ay ay) as a shield against the harsh winds. Needless to say, I survived a Midwestern hurricane. I felt like one of those nannies swept away by a violent gust of wind in that one scene in Mary Poppins. Do any of you know what I'm talking about?

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Can YOU spot the photo bomb?

I don't dig out these boots often, but they were perfect for heavy duty business. They're certainly heavy-- it's like I was walking around with babies strapped to my feet. Y'know, if babies were made out of... heavy rubber. I love feeling invincible in them, stomping into puddles that I never would have jumped in before. This is also probably the closest to an astronaut (albeit a dirty, groovy hippie astronaut who loves peace signs) that I'll ever feel. The weight isn't too bad, but I'm most bothered at how much larger it is than my scrawny leg. I would feel comical just walking around in these, but the danger of sopping wet feet is no laughing matter.

Thank God I had a change of shoes for indoors.

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The bike short/leggings are imitation acid-wash jeans. They scream 80s trashiness, but... I still like them. Does this mean I have to go get my neon leggings and shoulder pads? Oh wait, I think I have those too, damn.

Shirt- United Colors of Benetton secondhand : Cardigan- Fever via TJMaxx : Shorts- Korea? secondhand : Gray leggings- gift : Black tights- We Love Colors : Boots- TJMaxx : Flats- Gap

Watching this ad is almost like being on LSD; which is fitting, since drinking Mountain Dew is about the same thing.

What's Lovely for March 25, 2010: Speaking of dirty, groovy hippies, check out this psychadelic ad.

I'm such a fan of the animation, how fluid (well gee, I guess that makes sense) it is. Mountain Dew has come a long way; apparently it was the official drink of hillbillies, so I guess that's progress. I'm not really a fan of the radioactively caffeinated sugar, but it's the nectar of Chuck Norris. And everyone knows you don't mess with Chuck Norris, he messes with you.


Melanie M said...

I LOVE the way you play with patterns. You're probably the only person who can pull this outfit off! You're friggin' adorable. :)


Ali said...

I love your jean leggings. :D They are fierce like the wind that sweeps you away in Mary Poppins. And I likelikelike a lot your cardigan, aawww. You look so awesome. :D

Ce qui m'inspire said...

I love that cardigan The pattern is fantastic!

Ce qui m'inspire

Martwa Marta said...

you look so lovely!!! besides, you have legs to die for!

i asked my kids at school to make up their own reality show. the outcomes where devastiting sometimes. one of them is an autor of a show in which only pensioners can take part and the main prize - expensive and outrageous funeral... well...

Emily Kennedy said...

Acid washed almost jeans?? Crazy! But so cute on you.

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

i love the play on print <3

kavita@iheartvintagex said...

I am in love with those wellies! yum! xxxx

Lucy Marmalade said...

You truly managed to even out those acid-wash-imitation leggings with the rest of your ensemble--that deserves a big YOU GO GIRL!

Second Skin said...

I love your mix of patterns colors and textures! Your Photo style and poses are great as well! What a very beautiful place you have here! I am also really digging your minimalist outfit from that last post with the red scarf! Wow! That pop of red and those socks are so great! I am seriously thinking about getting a pair of those!

Anna said...

Your outfit is deliciously crazy :)
I love your Fear Factor situation :P

Aya Smith said...

LOVE this outfit, it's too fun!
heehee, cute little doggie head :)

Aya ( Strawberry Koi Blog )

Margaret said...

super cute blog!
love this outfit
great boots and your legs are so skinny! :)
stop by some time xx