Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Favorite Creeper

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Dress- Beacon's Closet @ Williamsburg  ::  Cardigan- FROM PINK TO REPLACE RED B. CARDIGAN  ::  Tights- We Love Colors  ::  Boots- Rebel via TJMaxx  ::  Headband- Modcloth freebie whee
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I really have nothing else I can say (eh eh), because it's the weekend and I should either be:
a) going out and having a cuh-razy-ass time, or
b) staying in and diligently working my ass off
instead I am:
c) doing all of the above 
when really I am:
d) schlutzing around.

Instead, I'll tell that random story I mentioned in the last post concerning thigh high socks:

     This happened when my mom and I took an overnight trip to Chicago over winter break. The morning after we spent the night in the supposedly haunted hotel, we were walking out to a nearby gift shop so I could find some post-Christmas Christmas presents. So there we were, walking la-dee-da down S. Michigan Ave., when a decently-dressed middle-aged man started walking alongside me, close enough to slightly burst my bubble. 
     "Is that one or two parts?"
     "Uh... uh huh? What? I'm sorry?"
     "The black and gray, are they one or two parts?" He gestured to the gray thigh high socks over black tights ensemble I was wearing that day. 
     I fumbled around my words and told him it was two parts. To make matters even better, my mom (who, keep in mind, was witness to this whole conversation so far) piped in.
    "Why you ask?" She's an Asian mother, of course she had to ask. 
    And this isn't verbatim, but the man said something along the lines of,
     "Oh, because I think it's very attractive."
    Oh. GOD. My alarm bells were going off and I was not-so-subtly sidling away from the man as I quickened my pace. I tried to mentally drag my mom along with me as I told her in high-pitched Korean "let's GO, Mom." But the panic wasn't contagious. 
    "Oh ho ho," she chortled (yes, she chortled). "My daughter? You find attractive? Oh ho ho."
    Being the polite, if somewhat to a fault, woman that she is, my mother bid the man a good day. I followed suit, if somewhat hastily and in a get-the-fuck-away-please-sir kind of tone. I got the gifts, met up with my friend and received no further compliments that day.  

Moral of the story: Thigh high socks' biggest fan base is the middle-aged man. Be careful of the power you wield when you wear them. 

And now, some quaint pictures of faces. Our faces. With MATH.

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+ me
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In hindsight, did I overreact? I never actively said anything bad to the man, but I do tend to exaggerate circumstances for the sake of humor. It wasn't exactly like he was salivating on my socks or anything. That would require a get-the-fuck-away-from-me-now-sir tone of voice.


Jenni said...

I'd like to see "My Favorite Creeper" made into a TBS sitcom. You should get on that.

I'm seriously skeeved whenever guys make those kinds of comments. Yeah, it could have been worse, but there's something really presumptuous and insulting and gross when dudes make those kind of statements of evaluation.

But regardless... Love your dress! >D

Laura said...

i love your outfit! you always look amazing!
and that guy--total creeper, i hate when guys say stuff like that. makes me feel really self conscious.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I would have run too. That guy's behavior was a bit odd. And I love the bright blue tights. I need something like that in my wardrobe.

avalonne hall said...

Your hair has grown? Right? Looks like you had a fun photo shoot! I apologize for this late response, but I am here to respond to your comment on my Boy with a pipe post. Yay for being a sucker for art history! Freeze frame high five!!!

Yes that pipe is so bamf. I actually did think of Hans Landa immediately. I mean that scene is now iconic. Quentin Tarantino is a genius. So many of his imagery/shots are iconic, so are his characters and quotes. In the back of my mind, I can relate to so many things to Tarantino.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

I really love your title header. And you look is very very cute. Colours are fab :)


Mel said...

HAHAHAHAHA your story made me laugh! Well, I suppose if you were looking to attract that type, then you best be wandering around the Financial District in thigh high socks over tights :) LOL oh gosh, anyway back to your outfit, I'm loving all the colors! And that dress is fantastic!