Thursday, August 5, 2010

RIP Cardigan

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[Note] This picture was not taken by me.

What's Lovely for August 5, 2010: Remembering an old friend from the wardrobe

This photograph is one of the last taken of my good friend. You've probably seen it before. Not many of you knew it by name, but I always fondly knew it as Red Butmorelikeredorange Cardigan (its middle name is of Swedish origin). I can still recall when and where I met it: a few summers ago at the Gap; not only was it on sale but it had a discount on account of a tiny hole in the back. Of course, it was love at first sight. Ever since then, Red B. Cardigan went almost everywhere I went. We were practically inseparable. No seriously, we were-- some of my favorite outfits with the cardigan are here, here, here, and last but not least, here on Pink.

In short, that cardigan was like a security blanket, only better. I mean, how many security blankets are bright red and are wearable? Suck on that,
Linus (and I don't mean your thumb).

Before I left Thailand, I bestowed Cardigan upon Pink to "remember me" in a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of way. Despite it being hot outside, she found excuses to wear it when the weather/AC got just a bit cooler. However, I was informed today that Cardigan disappeared under mysterious circumstances involving ill-timed misplacement (she accidentally dropped it somewhere). As far as I know, Cardigan now rests somewhere in a castle in Poland.

RIP Red B. Cardigan. You were a trusty and fantabulous friend that went with just about everything I owned. You will be missed. I just hope that no one's trying to wear you with lime green right now, then that would just be a piteous tragedy.


Bug said...

I can relate - I've had plenty of cardigans that have served as security blankets. Its always sad to see them go. Sorry about yours. I remember my old gray one that I wore to work everyday. I really hated that job and my cardigan was sort of a friend, lol.

Emily Kennedy said...

Don't worry. Red B. Cardigan is probably in the windmill sitting on the diamonds in the National Area of Retired Mills.

erin :) said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the comment! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you like the photos! There'll be lots of pics of Korea. :)

I like that Swedish name! Thanks for teaching me a new Swedish word! ;D I love your outfit in that picture too!

I really like your blog here! :) Maybe we can follow each other? :D Thanks again! I hope you findy another trusty cardi!

Erin :)

Jill said...

How sad! But don't fret... I spotted a very similar color cardigan at Old Navy just a few days ago. It might be worth a look! :)

Poppy said...

It's so lovely that you gave it to her, but sucky at the same time that it went missing! =[
And it's so weirs you'd post about this now, because today I decided that I needed a red cardigan as it would go with about 5 different outfits and enhance them all in different ways. So I started the hunt for one.
Maybe I'll find yours? Hahaha.

Catherine said...

I get what you mean...but I feel like they get replaced easy too, theres so many cuties around!

indigotangerine said...

But but but. .. Red Butmorelikeredorange is such a good color. You must remember all the good times you had together, and remember that Red B Cardigan is smiling down at you from sweater heaven.