Thursday, March 10, 2011

Painted/Funny Face

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Shirt- American Apparel  ::  Skirt- Forever21  ::  Scarf+Socks+Boots- TJMaxx  ::  Jacket- garage sale, chyeah
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This week has definitely been a test to my mind, body and paper-cutting skills. The latter of which is evidently very poor. Curse you, box cutter!

Random cursing aside (which is my life, really), I'm all sorts of haywire right now. I feel like I'm in the state where my mind urges to leap and scatter itself around so many different subjects, leaving my body sluggish and stupid. Just when I thought that the hump of the week has been crossed, another huge camel of a challenge lands in my way. In this analogy, my problems are represented by a large camel. Just go with it, OK? And oh no no, not the movie. I don't mean that. Don't go with that. 

Spring break is so close that I can taste it. Or is that a Girl Scout cookie (specifically a Thin Mint) I taste?

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This is me in pulling-all-nighter mode. Soymilk mixed with iced coffee with Thin Mints. Snack of champions.

Seriously guys, it's Girl Scout cookie season. Have you given in and bought one or ten yet? I bet you have. Devoured a box in the dark corner, haven't you? Don't be ashamed. I mean, I posted that above picture of myself. There's no shame in the cone of trust (that's this blog, in case it wasn't clear). But it's really relieving to get out of globby-gross mode and paint on a fresh face after a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

Like so. 

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I feel like I literally painted on my face; I do like playing around with make-up depending on my mood. But today I felt especially ... vampy. Rightly so. 

Another thought: when I wore this, I think this is a typical "me" outfit. Pattern-mixing (with leopard, of course), some form of tights, the fuggin' kimono jacket, short skirt... I know I've definitely worn these items of clothing time and time again. It's disturbingly like this outfit I wore "ironically" for a contest. Yikes.

What do you think? A repeat, or a Charmalade classic turned over on its side? 

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As Avalonne pointed out in my last post, my hair HAS gotten a bit hairy (geddit?!). It's quite shaggy, I'm not particularly thrilled with this. But it does enable me to do a proper Bieber hair flip, as seen here. FWAH.
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Giovanna&Roberta said...

Love your jacket dear! You look so great!

Jenni said...

I love your jacket... And your snack. I want me some thin mints now. >D

laura said...

LOVE your whole outfit! It's totally you especially that kimono jacket. Your "painted" face works well with the look as well!

Thank goodness I don't really like cookies, or else I would be gaining 25 pounds every year during this time... I used to REALLY LOVE Samoas (or whatever PC name they're called now) but whenever I buy a box, they disappear into my husband's belly in 5 seconds. I. Kid. You. Not.

Brittany said...

haha I love reading your posts. My paper-cutting skills are atrocious, but I tend to get carried away with sharp objects >_< . I love the socks with those combat boots, edgy but fun :D