Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Questions (finally) ANSWERED.

OMG. I'm back. It's like I'm Nathan Young and I was buried alive but turns out in a major plot twist that I'm back from the dead because I'm immortal and...
I may have been watching a lot of Misfits lately. This (warning: slightly NSFW) has been my winter break so far. I didn't say I was proud. But it has been a wonderfully and terrifyingly lazy hiatus, and I'm overdue on a lot of things. Remember the FAQ back in October? I hope with profuse amounts of apologies and kowtowing, I can come back to my blog and finallyfinallyfinally answer these questions once and for all in this post. 

*hug* I missed you. Please forgive me, I have digital chocolate chip cookies.

Paige asked:
What inspired you to start your blog?
Essentially, I bullied myself into doing this thingamajig after a good amount of stalking following and reading many daily fashion blogs. The beautiful thing about blogging is that fairly anyone's capable of it-- it was just a matter of mixed delusion and confidence when I went "hey, I think I can do that!" And thus it began.

What has changed about your blog/your style since you started?
I can say all this stuff about learning the subtleties of what to do or what not to do in blogging and how I dared to mix prints more, but I'd like to show a visual.

alternative text
Hey look, same scarf! Just goes to show that I re-wear some clothes to death.
Like my hero RKelly*, I started in a closet and then I came out and blossomed, so to speak. Speaking of small, claustrophobic beginnings, that leads perfectly into the next question...     

*OK, not really.

Alsooo- favorite HP character? :)
AUGH, this question is so unbelievably hard, you don't even know. They're all connected and intertwined, it's hard for me to choose ONE. For technicality's sake, I'd say Remus Lupin because not only was he clearly the best DADA teacher, he balanced out the crazier James and Sirius. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for him.
But to stretch the answer a bit, I'd say my favorite "character" is the Weasley family (because duh, they wrock).
I couldn't resist. 

Michelle asked: 
If you had the chance to pick a show (or two) from the fashion week shows.. which would you want to go to ? :)
I actually don't really follow specific fashion week shows. I'll pipe up when I see something I like, but I've never been the one to review a certain line or show. However, I'd love to see Alexander McQueen because to see works like this and this up close sounds amazing.

Nickie asked: 
I just want to know...did that Bus really have that written on it? Or is this some snazzy photoshop skills your possess?
Hahahaha, I wish that bus had that written on it. That's very specific vandalism that would've worked out perfectly for me. But no, graffiti isn't really my gig; but Photoshop is! And as snazzy as I'd like to seem, that picture was snazzed up thanks to a borrowed tablet and some hand-eye coordination.
alternative text

Lexy asked: 
When did you become interested in fashion? 
To be frank, embarrassingly later in my life. I like to joke that I really like fashion now to make up for the severe lack of style I was left to stifle with in my elementary youth. It wasn't until after high school that I took more freedoms with my wardrobe and personal style, and I love how simply liberating it can be. :)

Where do you see yourself in five years? 
I've always shied away from these type of questions because honestly, I have no idea. I only wish/hope that in five years, whatever I'm doing, I'm content and fulfilled. And possibly doing something within the law. And breathing. And doing physically and mentally well. And a lot of other things. 

What's something about you that NO ONE KNOWS?! 
UHM. For someone who has hilariously low athletic ability, I can crabwalk exceptionally well. But I'm really rusty, so...

Fhen asked: 
Which fashion era do you love the most? 50's? 80's? or?
As shown here and here (to name a few), my favorite fashion eras are typically 60s and 20s inspired. That's not to say I didn't dabble in 50s silhouettes a bit, either. Lately, I couldn't shut up about looking 70s/bohemian chic. So I'm all over the place. But my go-to favorite probably is the 60s.

Krissy asked: 
Do you like thunderstorms?
When I'm safe in my bed and not in a flimsy, leaking camping tent, yes.

What is your biggest fear? Biggest dream?
My biggest fear is probably abandonment/never finding "that special someone"/divorce.
My biggest dream used to be performing on American Idol. Now I realize how lame that is, so now it's probably being successful and recognized for my efforts/traveling to Korea.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the following colours: purple, green, orange, yellow, black.
Purple- royal.oysters.rich.
Green- silk.fresh grass.snake
Orange- burst.gaudy.wonderful smell of clementines
Yellow- yellow ranger.goldenrod.thick Van Gogh-esque paint
Black- CMYK.Jet black horses.hair

If you could live in any movie or television show, which would you want to be in?
The first that comes into mind is the world of Pushing Daisies. Almost everything is saturated in color and the world is an odd mix of modern with vintage vibes. There's even the occasional moment when people break out into song (and I can't beat that). The only drawback is that people die often under unsavory circumstances.

alternative text

On a practical note, I'd say living in House MD's world isn't too bad because... the world's best and most curmudgeonly diagnostician exists and will solve whatever possible weird illness I may have about... 90% of the time.
As for the other 10% of the time, I'm screwed.

And that's it. I hope y'all enjoyed the answers as much as I enjoyed answering them. :) Which was a good amount, just so you know. 


Ali said...

You're immortal, you awesome thing. And heyy no worries about disappearing. We all do it. I did it. For a long time. So take your time, my love. :D

I'd totally live in House world, too. I had an english teacher who looked and acted just like House, I swear, he's great. :D

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YAYYYYY. This was fun to read. I feel like we're best friends because I know so much about you now. Okay, not really best friends. But fairly tight. On route to becoming BFFZZZ.

Btw - I totally think you could ROCK OUT on American Idol.

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