Monday, January 11, 2010

Some child-like silliness

Tonight, otherwise known as Last Night of Frolicking Freedom Before the Semester Begins, I watched the movie Willow with my friend Lizzie, which she deemed as "classic." I never heard of/seen the movie prior to this week, but it really was the best kind of cliched fantasy that Ron Howard could've ever directed.

Lord of the Rings + Greek Mythology + Star Wars + bits and bobs from other fantasy films = Willow (though I do realize that LOTR came way after Willow; Peter Jackson must've used a time machine)

Also, Willow stars what is probably the most expressive and frankly, cutest ginger baby ever. Which brings us to...

What's Lovely for January 10, 2010: Adorable babies. I can't help it. I can't really explain why whenever I see a young infant, I instantly want to go awww and coo "baby!" I'm a little concerned for my uterus. Stop it, my clock is still ticking! Right?? But... but... the baby...

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You see this baby? Probably a better actress than half of the people you see on daytime TV. She is to be feared. And cuddled.

In short, Willow has all of the qualities of LOTR, minus the ... sweeping New Zealand epic proportions. Hey, it has Val Kilmer romping around in pink pants and nothing else. It's a win.

And here's another silly, lovely clip involving a small child. You probably have seen it already, but it's the cutest thing to go viral since that tickle-me-kitty.


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Hm, I haven't seen Willow but it sounds intriguing. And I'm a sucker for gingers. :)

ashford said...

ok ok okay... so i just watched love actually again and the little red-headed boy (whose mom has died and he likes the american girl) is the cutest ginger child ever.

Charmalade said...

Gingers = terrifyingly cute

Ashford... do you mean Thomas Sangster?? I can't believe he's my age now!-- I actually talked about it in a previous post of mine (