Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's go to the mall!

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Everybody, come and play! Throw every last care away! Let's go to the mall! Today! OK, enough with the annoying plethora of exclamation points (brownie points to me for inserting "plethora" deftly into the conversation). Brownie points to YOU if you had any idea what song I was referring to just now. If you don't, then please wait to be enlightened.

I've been listening to this song consistently about ten times now. No joke, sad as that is.

You saw it? No? Oh come on, it's just a click. Let it load for awhile, then continue reading this post. Got it? Yay, good. Anyway, I couldn't help but be reminded of this catchy ditty when I decided to take photos in the mall today. And this isn't just any mall, either. It's this big, clean, swank one that's connected to a bunch of other malls and shops that range from high end to lower end. Dare I say, I was enthralled and was thoroughly shopped OUT by the end of the day. Geez.

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That. I want it. Who says that corsets made out of feathers and lace are impractical? Pish posh.

It's very odd and most startling to think about how quickly downtown Bangkok turned itself back upright and in business just a week after the violent protests have ceased. On my way to the Paragon, which is the main behemoth of a mall, I saw the charred remains of some of the buildings nearby. When I stopped to take a picture, I saw that I wasn't the only one in disbelief-- even Thai people with their cameras were getting proof that this just happened in their city. To be honest, I never thought I'd have the opportunity to go downtown during my time here. I'm thankful that I did, though my sore feet would argue otherwise.

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I don't usually wear rings-- at all, actually-- but I decided to take this jaguar for a spin. I also LOVE Pink's "Poker Face" ring, as I call it.
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Look who's also featured in today's outfit post! Pink, usually behind the scenes, was wearing a tropically colorful outfit whereas I opted for a black and white vintage-y get-up.
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Shopping is a tiring activity. One needs proper sustenance. Omnomnomnom, chocolate croissant from Starbucks.
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Lately I had my first mani/pedicure and had my nails goldenrod (and seafoam toenails!) in honor of Michelle's fixation on yellow nail polish. The jaguar's name is Penelope Bernadette Jasperalla Powers. Ms. Jaspy for short.
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Robin Sparkles was right: your cares just go away at the mall. But the bunions don't.

On Pink>> Jumper & various jewelry- Forever 21 : Cardigan- MINE from Gap : Sandals- some marketplace in Bangkok : Poker Face ring- Avenue in Bangkok
On me>> Dress worn as shirt- given to me from Pink : Shorts- stolen from Pink's sister, considering truly stealing it : Flats- Outlet mall in Thailand : Jaguar ring- Avenue in Bangkok

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Fun fact: These bootylicious, broad-shoulder women are ... well, women who used to be bootylicious, broad-shouldered men. To be honest, I haven't seen many "hot mess fersoha trannies" in Thailand while I was here (which was why I was so excited to see a few recently).

What's Lovely for Tuesday, May 25, 2010: Spending a dizzying amount of time playing a game where you try to find rocks in the pool. Believe me, it's just as fun as it sounds.

What's Lovely for Wednesday, May 26, 2010: Overhearing some men speaking in Korean-- and being comforted at the sound and cadence of the language, even though not all is understood.

What's Lovely for today, May 27, 2010: Two words- Jeffrey Campbell.


Anna said...

Jeffrey Campbell <3
and Robin Sparkles!!! I love HIMYM to death. I've gone through every episode multiple times. The characters are so awesome.

Emily Kennedy said...

What. The. Hell with that Robin Sparkles song?! Are you trying to permanently damage my brain?? Could the voice be any more annoying?! I shall forgive you though because you took awesome pictures and posted them on your lovely blog. You little rockstar.

Emma Rose said...

First, HIMYM is awesome. Second, I love your yellow nail polish. Third, the feather corset is to die for!

Ali said...

Jeffrey Campbell, the day I own a pair of your shoes I will be a happy clam, such a happy clam. :D I really love your photo descriptions. Your black and white outfit is so simple but I want to take it from you. Shirt and pants. So watch yourself.

Bea said...

Yay, HIMYM for the WIN! I saw the title, and that song was honestly the first thing that popped into my head.

Yay, pictures and clothes!

Dodo said...

Great post! And I love your shorts! ^_^

Destined For Now said...

Cute outfits and I love HIMYM!!!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, all the rings are awesome and you so chic! It is wild to see such a dramatic change there; it actually makes me a bit nervous when things do a 180 so quickly.

Shelby said...

i want to be on vacation like you. love the robin sparkles reference!

hannah said...

how cool! your outfit is wonderful in its simplicity!