Wednesday, August 4, 2010



That's roughly the horridly relieving reaction I got when I finally connected to the internet after a grueling week (felt more like a month on Alcatraz) of having the world wide web unexpectedly cut off from my circulation. Note: though I have stepped back barely enough to realize that how sad it was to put my predicament in such dramatic terms ("omg i'm gunna dieeeee w/o teh internetz lolz"), it got to the point where I was downright bummed not having the internet at all. And when it came to my blog, I actually became... angry. It's very strange, but when I'm kept away from my blog against my will, I'm like the mama bear that claws the hunter to get to my baby. And baby, I've clawed plenty of hunters and tech support help lines to get it back. Not to mention a slight meltdown involving a little screaming and howling over a dud modem-- I never said I wasn't ashamed. But I got it back, and I'm happy. I have so much to share and so much to catch up on! Did y'all miss me? I know I missed you, you and you. Not you. OK fine, you too.

What's Lovely for August 4, 2010: Getting the glorious, sweet, beautiful internet back (duh)

Here's a little Youtube treat for you. This basically shows my relationship with the internet for the past week. I keep on demanding, it keeps on spitting in my face. This also is an accurate portrayal of my friendship with Grimsay, fun fact.


Ali said...

LOL I saw that youtube video the other day. It made me so very happy. I mean what, talking yak cow thing, yes please? :D


Jeneva said...

Gene Wilder ftw.
Honestly. "Young Frankenstein" is one of my all-time favorites, for sure!

Mel said...

HAHAHAHA THAT VIDEO IS HILARIOUS!!! Sorry your internet was down but at least it's on again! Yay. It's sad how dependent our society has become on internet, including myself :(