Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue skies and sun--KITTY.

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Looking into its eyes can be deadly. It's like watching the Ark of the Covenant, only you melt because of overloading the cute.

What is this??? My blog has been hijacked by a kitty!

What's Lovely for Tuesday, June 15, 2010: KITTEH.

I was hanging out at my friend's house yesterday, where he had to tend to this stray kitten that was recently found near his home. Not that it was a hassle. I mean... look at that face. I honestly couldn't contain myself when I saw this three-week old little THING. I was a blubbering mess: "look, kitty is rolling over! Kitty shake head! Kittehhhhhh..." And for the sake of pimping out my blog, I wonder how many comments I'll get by using this kitty's cuteness as bait... (muahahahaaaa)

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I think it's really true what xkcd says about coherent you get depending on your proximity to a cat. The closer you get, the more you just wanna go: KITTY!!!

And now back to your local programming.

What's Lovely for June 16, 2010: Sweet bubble tea on what can only be called an effing beeyooootiful day is the sweet life.

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This look is daring for me in the crucial fact that I never, never, NEVER show my midriff. But I figured... it's summer, and I tried not to come off as a hussy doing it. I did really like wearing jean+jean, which I've never really tried out before until now. In my mind, I was going for casual 50s pin-up. What do you think? Classy or trashy?

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And yes, I've been using every excuse and occasion to wear these shoes. They're just so perfect and bright and sunny!
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This is the bag Lizzie either got for my birthday or Christmas (either one of the two... they're both in the wintertime). Today was the first time I took it out and about!

Shirt- Eddie Bauer (stolen from Mom) : Shorts- gift from Thailand : Wedges- Bandolino via TJMaxx
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Oh, I can never be Bettie Page.
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I think my photographer (pictured below) has a personal vendetta against me...
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This is what I meant a few days ago by "parkour" in quotations. Meaning, fake parkour. My friend is so hardcore-parkour.
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I hope Jess from Wild Tortoise won't think that I'm copying her when I put up a picture of the sky here. I wanted to show how damn beautiful it was today. And yes, maybe there's a little bit of imitation... But! Imitation = sincerest form of flattery.


Elaine said...

That kitten is SOOOOO cute! Your blog IS overloaded with cuteness now :)

Love your outfit - you look like you're ready to go on a picnic!

Don't forget to enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Anna said...

That kitten is so adorable. It's not even a cat, it's a kitten! Aww :)
I like knot up tops and I don't think they're trashy as long as you don't wear them with fishnets and go go boots :P

vanillacardamom said...

your bag and shoes are so cuuute!

Emily Kennedy said...

Still loving those shoes on you! Also: KITTY!!!! SO freakin' precious!

Jeneva said...

The outfit = classy
Especially since you are posing in front of the restricted area sign . . .

Juliette said...

Awwwwwwm omg, who doesn't love kittens??
And that outfit is pretty purrrfect as well (ok I'll stop.)

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

Ali said...

So cute cute! I love the pop of yellow that is your shoes.

&& hahahaha! I totally become a blubbering mass of blosdbkittykittypuppyYOUREARSARESOFLUFFY! etc when I come across sweet animals :'D

anton belardo said...

ahh kitty cuteness overload!! i have a new baby kitten that looks exactly like yours ..
i think we have more than 20 cats

kisses A.

sayablack said...

Cuuuute kitty!!!
I love the cat,too.


Oneechan said...

Kittykittykitty!! <3 I'm a cat person.. I love'em. But Mom don't, for some odd reason..

Haha, the notorious Bettie Page^^
You're so adorable! Totally classy!
I love long waisted shorts. You don't get sidebumps.. xP

xx Sophie

Krissy ♥ said...

KITTY! So much cute!

Also, I meant to say this in your other post with them, but those yellow wedges are RAD.

Anonymous said...

That kitten is ADORABLE! I want!! <3

-Dyanna Pure

Anonymous said...

definitely classy. the 50's pin-up inspiration is spot-on.