Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Kidding Around

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What's Lovely for Saturday, June 12, 2010: Milking a goat for the first time and flirting just for the heck of it. The two are not correlated (I hope).

You're probably wondering why there are a bunch of pictures of a stone memorial garden and a barn. Well this past Saturday I got to see a bit of the glorious nature and greenery the Midwest has to offer. To be honest, the day started off poorly. I had no idea what plans were going on, the day was hot, yaddayaddayadda... long, unnecessarily boring story short, I ended up having many lovelies in the day.

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On the way to the shindig I was going to, Mom and I randomly stopped by this quaint-looking "Irish graveyard," called so because that's what my mom called it at first. It most likely isn't, but it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
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It's like the Secret Garden! if... the garden was a lot less secretive.
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That's me looking like black death, glaring all huffy-like amongst the happy yellow flowers. What a bummer I am.

Tee- Threadless : Skirt- something via TJMaxx : Flats- Thailand

My friend lives on a "farm" (only put in quotation marks because she refuses to call it such, since her family doesn't make a profit from it), which my simple little "townie" mind saw in a romantic light-- what with the barn and vast fields and ... goats? Yes, goats. A small, veritable army of goats. And this brave blogger actually got to milk one for the very first time.. and not get kicked. Which, personally, I think is a great feat in itself. And the flirting? Well, y'know those goats. Such kidders. Get it? Get it? Hey wait, why are you walking away...

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The last thing you'll ever see in your lifetime before you're attacked by an army of docile goats. BAAAAAAAAA...
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The army of goats, led by their leader, Captain Barn Lolcat. He can haz grainz n oatz?
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What's Lovely for June 14, 2010: Getting in the car JUST when it starts to downpour cats and dogs. Whew. How's the weather over where y'all are? Because it's certified monsoon weather over here, only without the monsoons.


Jess said...

Love hiding out when its pouring outside. Its so soothing. Also you milked a goat?! Dang girl I don't think I could ever do that (maybe with three pairs of gloves haha).

Danielle said...

Lovvvvvvve that skirt!!!

flattery said...

Aww cute kitty! Looks like fun.
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Hipstercrite said...

beautiful photos! makes me miss back home!
p.s. thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog today!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

cool townie pics.

thanks for the very amusing bday card. bless my mother's uterus, err, heart.

rebecca said...

Ahhh, the goats look so, so cute!! :D

aurora. said...

beautiful pictures :)
and i love your outfit too
your shoes are gorgeous


caffeinerd said...

Whoa---gorgeous location! Love all the photos. Thanks for your comment---lovin' checking out your blog now!