Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunny side up, please.

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What's Lovely for Friday, June 11, 2010: Bright yellow + Interview + "PARKOUR" = a good day

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Yes, this bug bite is one out of many resulting from last post's escapade.

Say hello to the latest addition to the slowly-yet-steadily growing Charmalade choe (pronounced "shoe") family. Mom was a fierce opponent to these babies, but I was aching for a dash of bright yellow for the longest time. And these fun, summery (not to mention fairly comfortable) wedges were the answer. As it turned out, it started to rain on me right when I arrived home, and I saw how perfect the two sunny shades (oxymoron?) went together. So I made lemonade out of lemons ("balls, whyyyy is it raining nowwww?! grumblegrumble"), so to speak.

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Not exactly singin' in the rain, but I have a feeling that standin' in the rain will be a new classic.
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Tee- Old Navy : Shorts- gift from Thailand : Wedges- Bandolino via TJMaxx

Thank you all who responded and gave me fashion advice for my job interview! I want to give you all a big hug and perhaps a puppy. I only seem to have beagles and greyhounds left, is that OK with y'all?

I decided to go with what Elaine suggested and wear a skirt instead of slacks. Not only was it humid outside, but I wanted to wear this skirt for slightly auspicious reasons. This is the same skirt that my mom wore back when she was a teacher in Korea, but I never knew just how to wear it. It's very good quality and I love the tulip design, but it hits at a length that I'm not used to. In hindsight, I was worrying too much about what I was wearing more than I should've... not to say that I thought my outfit was the most important part of the interview, but dressing well puts on a good impression, right? Well the manager must've also liked tulip skirts because I was hired for the job! Huzzah, champagne and puppies all around.

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Blouse- Violet & Claire via TJMaxx : Skirt- Mom's : Belt- Thailand : Shoes- Gentle Souls via TJMaxx

What's Lovely for Sunday, June 13, 2010: Pretending to be on the Broadway stage by belting and howling classics like "Don't Rain on My Parade," "Rose's Turn" and "Maybe This Time." What can I say? I love musicals.

(Saturday's What's Lovely shall come later)

Though this isn't what you call show tune material, I've been playing this song on repeat-repeat-repeat over and over today.

I usually don't like the phrase "no one's ever gonna love you more than I will" because it sounds so selfish to me... but I still love this song.


Celine said...

I love both outfits so much. Blue and yellow is an awesome color combo and that skirt is stellar.

Emily Kennedy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting the job!!!!! That is so great! And in this economy no less!

Oh and I adore the sunny shoes. They look positively gorgeous on your long legs. Really and for true.

Jolie said...

Awesome girl, congrats! You looked so professional and darling at the same time! I am a sucker for yellow too!

Anna said...

What a sophisticated outfit! Creative and classy :)
Congrats btw and I adore your wedges and shorts.

Poppy said...

Those wedges ARE sunny, they're fantastic! And congratulations on the job! That too, is fantastic! ^____________^
And also, I cried laughing the first time I saw Office Parkour. Jump over the camera!!

a la Modest said...

I am in love with your yellow shoes <3

Papillon Vintage said...

Loving the yellow shoes! Too darling for words!

Ali said...

you are the most adorable banana I have ever seen!

Oneechan said...

You're too adorable! You make me laugh^^
Your interviw outfit is great! Hot and professional! :D

xx Sophie