Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Song

What's Lovely for June 17, 2010: Unearthing a new song that you just find absolutely, thrillingly perfect for the summer

I was fortunate to find this over at Flattery's blog. She said it was her new favorite song, and ever since I clicked "play," it has been mine too.

The first time I listened to this song, I would liken it to seeing an impossibly tantalizing new boy who catches your every interest, like how a prism catches light and blinds you. You're thrilled the first time and try to not-so-surreptitiously catch his attention again and again, just to listen to him. And because it's summer, you think anything's possible. I mean... what? It's just a song. But that's what I feel. Am I the only crazy one? I probably sound like I'm either under mild drugs or trying too hard to be like Hipstercrite (Lauren, please don't hate me, I think you're fantabulous).

The point is, I think I found my summer song, the tune I want to listen to so many times that someone might assume the player is stuck on replay. My summer song last year was anything by Brooke Waggoner (who is honestly one of my most favorite singers). In the summer of '09, this was the song that caught my attention and gave me that wanderlust to go search for a vast field of soft grass and spin around until I'm dizzy with wildly calm.

Do you have your "summer song?" I want to hear all about it-- I want everyone to share their favorite song for the summer, the one that you want to play in the car while driving, the one that makes you just so stupidly happy. New and old commenters, hark! I want to hear your voices!

(Speaking of wanderlust, mentioned before... I seriously want to take this opportunity during the summer to meet fellow bloggers. Preferably from the US, but if you're willing to jet here from Yemen, I'd be more than happy to meet you.)

And now, in honor of Toy Story 3 (who else is excited?!???):

I keep playing this clip over and over, and it never gets less funny. I'm a headcase.


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

It's Okay--Land of Talk
OMG, THIS SONG IS BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (many exclamations needed)

and last summer it was
Nothing Like you and I--The Perishers.

Ce qui m'inspire said...

I usually end up in love with some song that gets used in SYTYCD. Especially if they have an amazing dance paired with an awesome song. I am seriously obsessed with that show.

I'm not sure I've found my summer song yet this year, but I was just relistening to "Hospital Beds" today (, and I'm feeling like it might creep into a place of heavy play this summer.

Ce qui m'inspire

Lizzie said...

hahahaha yessssss Toy Story 3. cannot wait! i love rex.
kathy in her bedroom by bedroom walls was my spring song...can't say i have a summer one yet.

Ali said...

Ahh! I love that first song, I've heard it before and never knew the name of it.. you have enlightened my very soul, and just possibly, have caught it in your prism of blinding light. o; oh baby.

&& you can buy absorbent hedgehogs at any fine retainer. They work quite well with scrubbing grime from dishes. :'D

Elaine said...

Ahh!!! I'm soooo excited for TS3!!!!! I always loved their movies. So cute :)

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a la Modest said...

Yes that band is great! I have heard them before. I think the summer song that comes into mind is The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun"; although, I think they were talking about Spring! I usually get music blocks especially when I have to come up with something... and just one when there are a ton going on and playing in my head most of the time :)

Jeneva said...

My summer song? On Any Sunday, from an early seventies documentary by the same name on motorcycle racing. I love it most likely because my teacher and best friend first showed to me last summer. So it is forever associated with summer and him.
Unfortunately, the video quality is not the best. But it's got some cute kids!

libys11 said...

awesome!!!! :D really fun and funny videos!! :D

Animated Confessions

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Oh I'm SO excited for Toy Story 3. Long overdue.

Actually, as I'm blog surfing (and so excited to come across your lovely blog!), I'm watching a DVRed episode of Food Network Challenge that featured Toy Story 3 cakes. :-)

Anna said...

Yeahh! I love Home :) I might be seeing them this summer so fingers crossed!

Poppy said...

That song reminds me of my boyfriend and I had it one repeat the first few months when I moved away to uni when I missed him . It's just perfect for everything, never mind just summer! Haha. =]

Hipstercrite said...

tooooootally agree.
that song makes me feel so many things.
you hit the nail on the head.
for me, it truly makes me feel like a country house-wife sixty or seventy years ago, looking at my honey, thinking there is nothing greater than our love.
thanks for the shout out!

Katrina said...

I am so happy that you discovered "Home" and I discovered your blog! This will be my summer song for sure! Usually my summer songs are a mix of 50s 60s era songs like the ones in movies like Stand By Me, The Sandlot, or Now and Then. Something about Summer takes me back to those coming of age films and songs. I guess because when I was younger, the summer seemed so full of promise. It was a time away from school and classmates and you could really be free to be who you wanted or work on becoming that person. Well now I've rambled on a bit, but I will definitely be coming back to check out your blog more often. I think I stumbled across it after reading a comment on Jessica's WIW blog. BTW, I think you look so adorable with the little bit of tummy showing!

Cheers! Nice to meet you!

indigotangerine said...

I've been listening to the whole edward sharpe album on repeat for the past month.
Ridin in My Car by She & Him is the best driving-sunshine-streeaming-through-the-windws-and-making-everything-deliciously-golden song. Actually that whole album is genius.
AND TOYSTORY! Didja see it? didjya? didjya? Considering I keep on mentioning it constantly, if you haven't you better soon or else I'm just going to drive you insane.

Emily Kennedy said...

Wow, the kids are really turning hippie these days, eh?

Do you like Florence and the Machine? She's making me really happy right now.