Monday, April 26, 2010

Alive Again! Darling Aunt Vivian (part II)

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Why hello there... what? Oh no, just... casually climbing up this fire escape. Like it's normal. Like what your mom does. I mean, what?

Finallyyyyyy I get around to posting these pictures that were taken last week. Goodness, the convenience of technologies. Sorry also for the picture quality, they're not quite as stellar as I'd like them to be. But what can I say? It was constantly drizzling outside, so dry measures had to be taken.

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Oh look, it was also raining where Aunt Vivian was. Only she's actually roughing it, while I appropriately wimped out.

This is basically the same idea as the last Vivian-inspired outfit I had-- tailored fit with short skirt, almost an old-fashioned vampy look, but with a certain sweetness. Vivian and Lily definitely have a penchant for animal print, which I was all too happy to oblige (as you may well know). So I based this ensemble off of the outfit Vivian wears in a particularly touching scene when she decides that she wants to be happy. When you think about it, isn't that a simply beautiful thought?

I would've liked to emulate their synchronized swimming outfits, but that would've taken a good amount of sequins and scales.

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One advantage of shooting indoors was that I got to lean over a lot of things. Forwards, backwards, I got a wide range.

Tank- secondhand : Skirt- Forever21 : Cardigan- Macy's? : Tights- Target : Shoes- Gentle Souls via TJMaxx : Belt- Walmart

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Can anyone get this me hat? It'll totally go with my gold-plated samurai suit.
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What's Lovely for April 26, 2010: The strange phenomenon that is Boobquake. One Google search can tell you all you need to know, if you haven't found out already. This comic strip also helps explain what it is. Warning: Slightly NSFW, if you haven't already garnered that from the ... boobs.

It's sorta amazing how it all started here.

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The place where it all started. I swung by the spot on campus where a select group of girls were proudly showing their girls. I couldn't really participate, what with my lack of real boobs.

PS: I just realized that this is my 101st post! Because I'm a Dalmatian and 101 is special to me. WOO.


Mel said...

I love your outfit, especially the tights :) I always love pulling inspiration from film and TV costumes!

Miss Woody said...

love your tights !

Krissy ♥ said...

Yet again, you are awesome, and this makes my entire day.

I think you need to find one of those pyramid hat... things to wear and/or go all out with the synchronized swimming gear. That would be terribly hilarious. Gotta love the aunts for bringing a little crazy/fun into the world. ;D

Poppy said...

I just saw this boobquake buisness on Philip DeFranco's new show NSFW, so when you said that that cartoon was NSFW, I was like =O She likes Philip Defranco too?
But then I realised that you were saying that it actually, was not safe for work. Nothing to do with his show.
Well, that was a really rather long ramble of no importance.
And I've said it before and I'll say it again: How long are you legs?! Jealous!

Nubia said...

Such a cute outfit lol love the pencil skirt

Ali said...

You look like a really sexy teacher, oh yes. I'd like you to be MY substitute teacher and give me some help after class ifyouknowwhati'masaying. ;);) hmhmhmhmm <3
but haha you look sooo cute I love your ruffly white shirtigan and those tights! Plus your pencil skirt is amazingggg <3

&& oh! I never saw that award! Thank you soo soo much! I will stick it in my next post, aw. :DD

Anna said...

You are seriously too cute. I love the tights :)

Kendi Lea said...

Adorable outfit. And congrats on 101 posts!

John R. Tate said...

“Boss, the Boil-maker Babe has let off some steam, finally got herself out the winter’s funk and sportin’ spring like a two-dollar bet.”

“Chewness, your dogliness, may I point out she’s all prideful about this “Aunt Viv” look, fine for class or makin’ cookies, but the blue skirt and sleeveless leopard print purrs.”

“Boss, you’re such a guy. Fashion ain’t always about sex.”

“It’s not?”

“Sometimes it’s coy, playful, whimsical, moody, dark...”

“And sexy?”

“OK, that too. The way I see it, all she needs a pair of 5-inch heels and fitted, turned-up-collar white blouse.”

“And that blue skirt…”

“That, too.”

“Say ‘Goodnight”, Chewey.”

“Good night, Chewey.”

Adrienne said...

I love this outfit, you mix patterns well! Boobquake sounds just bizarre.