Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alive Again! Aunt Lily Darling (part I)

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What's Lovely for Tuesday, April 27, 2010: A day when I was alternatively called "fashion forward" and then stuffed my face with bread pudding for the first time. The two aren't especially correlated, but I was embarrassingly pleased with both.

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Couldn't really get the eyepatch down. I had one in elementary school, does that count? Arrrr.

Today's (meager) contribution to the series is the first look at the other aunt, Aunt Lily! That lovably sardonic and grumpy alcoholic, she's truly a sourpuss with a heart of gold and a liver full of vodka.

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I based my outfit off of this one she wears when she meets Olive for the first time with a welcoming "who the hell are you?" Not exactly the same boudoir dress silhouette, but I was tickled to see that the patterns were strikingly similar.

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Doctor Doctor, can you help me? I seem to have gotten a puffy in my fishface and polio in my legs.
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Dress/skirt- Mom's : Cardigan- secondhand : Belt- secondhand : Tights- We Love Colors : Flats- Gap

I apologize for the far away and not-so-stellar quality of these pictures. It really is true what they say about having a photographer friend with you... once you get a human tripod, you can't go back... pod. OK, that didn't rhyme, how about this: once you get some slack, you can't go back. But then that sounds like I've going rock climbing. OH FUGGIT.

Either way, I had to go back to my old friend the self-timer. But since I'm using my friend's camera, I had to precariously balance it on various pieces of concrete. Because for the life of me, I did not want to be responsible for breaking ANOTHER camera. Also, want to know something mindblowing? That dress is actually a skirt. YEAH. Mind. Blown.

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Mind you, you know Lily is the one on your left because she has a martini glass in her hand. Aunt Lily and alcohol are best buds, like Sonny and Cher if Sonny was booze. [screencaps lovingly taken by me]

But if you're jaded about that kinda thing, then I understand if your head hasn't exploded into confetti yet. Speaking of ridiculous things, I can't believe that the semester is drawing rapidly to a close. It's like all the work I have to do is racing in a large WOOSH and the wide hole is drawing quickly to a tiny dot.

What's Lovely for today, April 28, 2010: Getting that funny feeling where you tummy flips a little when you think about the exciting things ahead, oh the places you'll go!

I actually can't believe I haven't mentioned where I'm planning to travel on this blog yet. Does anyone want to guess? Hint: Think Pink. Not the color, mind you, but the person. No, not the singer, but... oh you'll get it.


Mel said...

Your skirt worn as a dress is lovely!

Patricia Snook said...

Massive love for your outfit!!


michelle_ said...

that dress is very pretty :)

Emily Kennedy said...

This outfit is a very good Aunt Lily.

So check this: I'm midway through Season 2 and Charles Charles has been kept alive through at least three episodes. For reals, I am getting really pissed at that plotline. Ned either needs to man up and touch Charles Charles' forehead, or kick Charles Charles and Chuck out. Like out of the city. GAH. I just cannot stand that Chuck and Ned are being so weak will about this!!!!!

But at least there have been some good Olive and Emerson episodes.

Ali said...

Look at youuuuuuuuu so stylish. I love your outfits inspired by characters, so great. I should try it. All I've done is Michael Jackson, tehe <3

Anna said...

You should've totally worn an eyepatch :)
How interesting...bread pudding. I've never had any :P

indigotangerine said...

I heart this outfit. And aunt lily (though I doubt she hearts me back.) And you.
What episode is the last still from?