Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Revenge of the Fashion Blogger

What's Lovely for July 7, 2010: Ironically taking pictures for the blog while pretending to pose like an ironic badass while wishing that the sweltering heat was more ironic

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Warning: Rated PG-13 for excess snark/irony and dangerously high hemline that borders on skank (woops)

You may be wondering why I'm wearing this a bit over-the-top outfit while precariously teetering on a chair in my highest heels while wearing.. a kimono jacket and a ... bowler.
Remember when I last mentioned the
"Anatomy of a Fashion Blogger" before, and how I inadvertently nailed about half of the requirements just by being... me? Well, I just recently found out that Indiana from Adored Austin was having a giveaway where the most fun part was -- to recreate an ironic Aloof Blogger pose yourself! Of course I had to give it a shot, so I submitted a photo for proper reckoning. The contest is going on right now until midnight Texas time, and you can click here to vote for me (if you so please and thank you)!

Being the dunce that I am, I only found out about this contest two days ago. So I took the time yesterday to snap some photos. I used all the power of good clean ol' snark and let irony thrive more than a plaid-wearing
hipster at a Sonic Youth concert. Too bad irony isn't a good coolant, because it was so frackin' hot when I was taking photos in the hottest part of the day wearing several layers, tights and less than practical heels. But I soldier on, always for the blog. Where's my ironic badge of honor?

(You can still enter in the Thai Jewelry Giveaway if you haven't already!)

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This is the Le Tigre pose to my Blue Steel look I made before. It's very different because I switched the hands I put on my hand/hip.

Dress- Modcloth : Jacket- garage sale : Belt&Pearls- Thailand : Socks- Sock Theory : Bowler- Target : Necklace- gift : Heels- Steve Madden via TJMaxx

In the end, I had a lot of fun. Probably too much fun. I do promise that I'll never wear my skirt that high unless it's to a Lady Gaga concert. Then all bets are off.
Disclaimer: Un/fortunately, I most likely will never wear this outfit while going out.

What's Lovely for July 6, 2010: Feeling, seeing, smelling the morning breeze through your open bedroom window


Emily Kennedy said...

Do you read Go Fug Yourself? Because the top pose kinda reminded me of this post:

Alicia Keys

I'm not being mean, I'm just saying that some little black boyshorts underneath would totally give you that extra bit of coverage that protects your loving viewing public from getting a bit too personal with you. Also, you have the best legs, so I would totally endorse wearing this skirt again, with that in mind.

Emily Kennedy said...

Um. I really really hope that comment wasn't rude. I keep worrying about it, and I could just trash it, but it's supposed to be funny, and I wanted to make you laugh. Ah internets. Why you make communication so difficult?

Ali said...

Baby, I voted for you. ;D And it looks like you're winning so far! <3

You look AWESOME. I seriously love your skirt and all the red and this is a most fantastic outfit, I just might say. Maybe a little dangerous, but you don't even know how many of my skirts are like that. Work those legs, bby. 8D

Anna said...

You should definitely wear this dress out. I agree, some boyshorts will make you feel a lot more covered.
I like the lace socks too :)

katthroatworld said...

cute outfit~ looks like you're in the lead for votes. ;P

Brandi said...

This is awesome. Voting now.

Elaine said...

I second Emily. You have killer legs and SHOULD show'em off every chance you get!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Lynzy said...

Just found your gorgeous blog! I absolutely love this look<3

Come enter my bow headband giveaway!

xo Lynzy

Jenni said...

I definitely voted for you--the yellow chair makes it! :D I actually really like this outfit, even if, as you noted, it may not be THE most practical of summer wear! :D

WendyB said...

You look awesome and it's true, it would have been perfect for last night's Gaga concert!

Indiana Adams said...

I actually very much love your outfit! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to do a snapshot session for the fun contest! As of right now, you're in the top three with only a few hours to go!
-Indiana@Adored Austin.

Mel said...

Haha I especially like your lace socks :) Hope you win the contest!

Poppy said...

Haha unless it's to a Lady Gaga concert. Then all bets are off!
I voted for you and your aloof pose. And those insaaaaaaaaanely long legs! ^_^ Hope you win!

michelle_ said...

i LOVE LOVE your lace sockss !!
thank you very much for your comments !

eugenialejos said...

tus estilismos son geniales!
te sigo;)

indigotangerine said...

Oh my, how scandelous! Aren't you a saucy little bugger. Love those shoes!

Vieviora said...

Really great outfit!

Oneechan said...

Nice! xD
I would've voted for you, but because I'm such a retard, I haven't read this post before now!
So I didn't know.. ^^''
But great job!!

xx Sophie

Karsten said...

Love the PG-13 rated hemline and the lacy overknees. Long and elegant legs like yours deserve to be shown off this way. Very very sexy. Thanks for posting - Karsten