Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh! Hark!

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Shirt- Target  ::  Scarf- TJMaxx... I think?  ::  Leggings- HUE  ::  Gloves- Forever21  ::  Boots- Mom'd  ::  Lipstick- #435 Love That Pink
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I'd say that this is a pretty accurate rendition of my glorious spring break so far. A lot of smiling and sitting on stone walls. You know how I do.

Oh gurl, I wish. Really my days insofar have been stuffed to the brim with tumbling and the new show du jour to obsess over (before it was Avatar: The Last Airbender, now I'm geeking out over that sassy girl detective Veronica Mars-- I have an active social life that clearly doesn't involve a lot of pajamas). So really, this is a complete fluff piece of a post where I'll just (politely) throw a bunch of pictures and a pretty song at you. Here, here is the pretty song that's perfect for those carefree spring days. Don't be alarmed if you keep on wanting to hit the replay button repeatedly: that's normal.

As lighthearted as the song seems, the video is like part Florence + Machine's "Drumming Song," part Bjork looks and part Lady Gaga's weird twitching in her "Bad Romance" video.

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Mel said...

Gah, I'm so jealous you're on spring break already! We still have a week and a half left. Haha I see the Lady Gaga influence in the video, what with the claw motions and whatnot! It's okay, I sense my spring break will be quite similar to yours, except I will sadly be studying Anatomy instead :( Unless Tumblr gets the better of me...

Jennyboo said...

I want Spring Break now! I am so ready for it but I have another week and a rough draft of my thesis due before the 25th so that means very little fun for me. But this post gives me hope of watching Veronica Mars in my pajamas and doing nothing for a week. :-) xoxo

i love mochi said...

thanks for your sweet comment. this look is great on you, i love how you matched so many different pieces!


laura said...

I am envious that you're enjoying your break -_- why must i be in spring break hell??? and why am i all by myself?? ah well.

love your sequined leggings and your fingerless lace gloves. you are definitely the queen (or czarina) of texture matching.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

A+ use of chambray! Happy Spring break.

Laura said...

my spring break just started!! :D

you look stunning like always! i love your scarf :D

Justine said...

so nice to have spring break already. i'm super jealous of you and your boots! I love them

Just Better Together

suzanne said...

i love that you paired lace with your chambray shirt! i'm going to have to give it a go sometime soon - thanks for the idea!