Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Room (and not the movie masterpiece)

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Lately, all that I've wanted to do is crank up my heater as moderately high as possible, curl up in my warm bed, and watch copious amounts of TV episodes on Netflix. 

My room is my refuge. You know those birds that go around finding things like twigs or shiny pieces of glass that they use for building and decorating their nests? Sometimes when I look around my room, I feel like one of those birds, bolstering and decorating my hovel bit by bit. I'm a pack-rat at heart (a bird, a rat... I'm a regular zoo... infested with disease), so I tend to save up items them locals like to call "sentimental." I have a small case dedicated to holding all the letters and postcards I've ever gotten, along with many movie ticket stubs and various knick knacks. Even though I love getting snail mail letters, I'm starting to have to push down on the growing pile to subdue it back into the box. 

Call me too curious (or as Lonely Island likes to call it, doin' the creep), but I like looking at people's rooms. I'm not just talking about those featured in style magazines and blogs where someone's home is the ultimate of the ultimate in home decor and IKEA catalogs. No, just a regular person's regular room. No matter how small or big it is, I'd like to think that it signifies you in a way, especially if you stay in there often (like this nerd does). This gives me an idea concerning a little tagging fun event thing and your room. But would you be interested? I honestly hope so, I want you to want this and be interested. Let me know in the comments below, if you so may please thank you smiley face.

And now, a further sneak peek of the place where I choose to stay trapped in most of the time because of how warm it is! Like I'm a cat! Or pretty much any warm-blooded mammal! 

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I can't believe I never showed these letters ("LIVE LIFE WITH REAL STYLE") that Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary (whose charming blog you should check out if you haven't had the pleasure to already) sent to me this past summer. Damn, momma's way behind the times.
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The paper crane is a gift from Tangerine (she has one of the sweetest little tumblrs, btw just sayin'). Origami has always eluded me, despite my purported Asianness, so I always appreciate it when others can achieve it better than I can. And that's just about everyone.
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Why hello der, Cami. She's spoiled, she likes to sleep next to the heater.
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The ultimate way to keep warm: wrap a scarf around your head.


Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

I adore your room, it has such a cool vibe. Your idea is awesome too!

Jeneva said...

I am really in love with your room. Such color! PIZAZZ. I am a sentimental packrat myself, lending to the reasons why I hole up in my room, never to leave.
And I have to say it again, CAMI IS SO CUTE!

laura said...

you are too funny. i love your room, especially the bunny by the curtains and your adorable cami.

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Aw, your room is looking very cozy indeed. The fairy lights are so pretty around the head of your bed. It casts such a nice yellow glow to the room. Stay warm my dear!

Claire G. said...

string lights are sooo awesome! My room mate and I opted for some as well. It's interesting, I never thought about decor until I first got to college, now I can't get enough of it! Ikea's SO GREAT!

that being said, your space is sick :]

paigewinter said...

such a charming place you have. i love the variety of your posters. sometimes people seem to have a ton of posters and throw them on the wall and it looks like a huge mess. but your posters all mesh together quite elegantly. cheers to franz ferdinand! :D