Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sequins and Snowpocalypse

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The most gloriously impossible thing happened.
The whole school, classes, exams, labs, urr-fucking-thang is declared cancelled today for the sake of a "snow recess." I don't think an official snow day has occurred since 2007. And that's like, four years ago, a whole high school career's worth of time. 
Wow, I really need to solidify the mush that my brain has become.

And as I type this, I realize that there's silence when there was nothing but violent-sounding gusts of icy wind pelting against my window before. Despite how encased in a snowy and shellacked cocoon my house is now, I fear that I'll have to break out to attend classes tomorrow. I'm sure you can guess how excited I am about this as you can tell from my chosen italics. ahem.

These pictures were actually taken yesterday when it was only a mild snowstorm outside, but a snowstorm no less. Hence, why opting for an indoor photo shoot was vastly more practical. Well, as practical as any photo shoot can be. Can you tell I was going for a little theme here? It's the theme of "let's 'break some rules' by not wearing too many bright colors and wearing leggings as pants." That's right, leggings = pants here. But in my defense... they're sparkly. And they're a gift from my mom, so... are you saying something bad about my mom? For shame, everyone. 

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Plain shirt- secondhand  ::  Lace shirt- Thailand  ::  Leggings- HUE (birthday gift from Mom!)  ::  Scarves, rawr- Urban Outfitters + Target  ::  Lace gloves- Forever21  ::  Beret- Charlotte Russe  ::  Boots- TJMaxx

And to ask the oldest conversation starter in the book (you know-- THE book. The Bible. Trufax. Only not really at all, and I really should be reading religious texts now, what an unfunny coincidence):

What's the weather like where you are? Not the "snowpocalypse" like it is here, is it?

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PS: Thanks so much to y'all who wished me a happy birfday. I can't stop eating that cookie cake, it's getting really bad.


laura said...

Hey, if it's sparkly and your mom gifted it, you gots to wear it. They look like jeggings so it's double fine to wear them.

and i lurve those fingerless gloves

Dodo said...

Nice pictures and your boots are really nice! Good luck with all that snow!

Lyana said...

It's a snow day for me too :)

Love your outfit, especially lace top and scarf

WILDasaMINK said...

I love the mix of scarves! I don't think I've seen anyone look nearly as chic as you when bundled up and staying warm from the Snowpocalypse, you've nailed it!

Rose said...

Love this! It looks so rich and textural, but totally minimalist-chic at the same time. And those red lips? The cherry on top!

Happy birthday!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Could you look any more glamorous?! I love this outfit, especially that fabulous hat! xo

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Glad you're warm and out of the snow now. Though I can't be happy about leggings as pants, I agree that they look like jeggings, so I'll let this one pass. haha! It's a really cute look. Thanks for commenting on our blog too.
Hummingbird Girl

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

um, hi there. Nothing's new except for WOAH HI THERE, WE'RE BASICALLY TWINS. My school finally called a SNOW DAY. The first one in, like, ALL of high school. Pathetic? A little. But it was awesome.

So yes, as you can imagine, the weather is rather snowpocalypse-like here. (LOVE THAT TERM SO WITTY LA LA)

And you look super GOLDEN. Hah. Get it.

Laura said...

cute outfit! i love your blog!
im following!!


Diana, Songs and Fairy Tales said...

I've never had a day off because of too much snow..except last year when everything in Dublin couldn't be more chaotic..because of 10cm of snow!!

Anyways, I love the lace gloves with those boots, 2 different style but they work so well!

And I'm glad that I discovered your blog through Rule Breaking Monday :)

H Rija said...

I love your outfit it looks lovely!!