Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hop into the Mystery Van!

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Polo- secondhand Zara? I didn't know I had Zara, cool?  ::  Sweater- thrifted, sorta  ::  Skirt- Thailand  ::  Tights- We Love Colors  ::  Boots- TJMaxx  ::  Beret- Target
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Seeing double? Will you expect trouble? Probably not. Simply marvel at the variety of morose schoolgirl poses I struck at two different locations today. I hope my résumé, buffet and TV shows have more variety than this.

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Also... remember the mystery that wasn't really a mystery and a lot of people guessed on and stuff... ?

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The majority of you, like Sydney, Rose and Laura, hypothesized that it was a headband. Today, I put it on my head and it fit. So I assume I'm using it right. I feel like a bona fide music festival bound hipster now. Like, totally.

But I also personally liked the other possible options (good, but not limited to): bungee cord for holding down tarps and fancy dog leash (if my dog was literally a toy dog)

And now, I bid you a happy weekend, because I certainly will have a ... hectic one. YAY.


Jenni said...

I love this look! Stellar layering, and stellar morose school girl posing!

laura said...

morose schoolgirls are the best kind. i should know because i was one when i used to wear a uniform to school... and lookie at you with your hipster headband. adorable.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I love the polo underneath. Such a stylish touch. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Brittany said...

Hey cutie! Goodness, I love this outfit, specifically your lace up boots. They really add a punch :) oh and as for the Dolce Vita wedges...omgoodness. I was planning on ordering them online but I found out that my store had the brown ones in stock. (I originally wanted the nude ones, which I want to get next) but they're so comfy to walk in and for the price I think they're worth it. I usually wear a 7 but went with a size 6 for a snug fit(for my ankles) and they fit wonderfully and no toes hanging over! I'd definitely try to see if they have any in stock for you to try just in case :)

Mel said...

Omgosh that sweater is so awesome, I just love the pattern and the colors! LOL glad you figured out it was an headband, though I'm sure it could have multiple uses!

LOOOL okay so maybe we haven't stolen our friend's kidney (yet). But we do bug him about stuff like the unicorns, though we haven't done a 360 air flip and bounced on him (that would be...disturbing).

Danielle C said...

our TJMaxx boots are cute! Wish I had a pair..

hattitude said...

I think you are totally adorable!

I'm following your blog now! too cute!

you can check me out at

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Katie said...

Wow. That is similar what I wore everyday as a catholic school girl and then when I went to public school ( they implemented uniforms the year I transferred in our local public schools). It really makes me reminiscent of those days but I'm a teacher so feeling doesn't get to last long.