Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can ya dig it?

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Today didn't start out so hot for me. Dare I say, I was downright getting curmudgeonly and grumpy because of sleep deprivation, but then the day peaked sometime in the afternoon when the sun decided to be delightful and the lighting in these photos decided to not suck. 

I also was wearing this new vest I've acquired and wanted to wear with a vaguely 70s-inspired vibe in mind. Can you tell? Perhaps the beret was a bit much. To be honest, I was only wearing it because of bedhead. 

But really, not much to say. I need to buckle down and do work that I don't completely understand (isn't that spectacularly frustrating?) and worry about worrying about the smaller, internal things (my homework, my little life, etc.) and then worrying about not worrying about the bigger things (what's going on in certain parts of the world). Are we as humans too self-internalized and inherently selfish? Or should I just worry about figuring out what the hell "coding" is? Did I just answer my question? 

I think I need a shower.

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Shirt- American Apparel  ::  Button-up + Vest- Target  ::  Jeans- secondhand Express  ::  Boots- Mom'd  ::  Beret- Charlotte Russe
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Pink's copying my moves again.
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Rose said...

I can dig it. How interesting that you chose to channel the 70s sartorially while internally wrestling with issues of self v. social conscience.

Laura said...

i dig it! i can feel the 70s vibe!! bedhead or not, that beret looks good!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

love the shoes in your header. and this outfit is very vintage chic! love the 70s look.

Jennyboo said...

Love the darling print on that blouse! Lovely. xoxo

Jen said...

That blouse is pretty awesome, I'm loving the pattern. You can definitely work the 70's look. And there's nothing worse than worrying about worrying, glad I'm not the only one spiraling in her own thoughts (thanks for that hate spiral comic by the way, it put a smile on my face despite the crappy day). :)

laura said...

i love it, love it, love it, love it. will you please grab an acoustic guitar and sing with a croaky rasp? after that, you will have successfully transported yourself and all others who want in for the ride back in time.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I love the beret~ and the shirt. We all need to buckle down on work we don't understand, don't we?
But where's the fun in that?

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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H Rija said...

so 70s inspired - overall love it!

My Lyfe ; My Story

My Heart Blogged said...

I really like 70's style outfit. The vest is awesome. Worrying isn't fun. I find it has eaten up enough time in my life.
My Heart Blogged