Friday, February 18, 2011

early spring come, early spring gone.

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Flowy top- vintage shop in Bronx  ::  Open knit top- Charlotte Russe  ::  Corduroys- Gap  ::  Boots- Rebel via TJMaxx
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Today was probably one of the last few days when the weather was charming enough to wear just a light coat. It was mad windy outside too, but I actually didn't mind. In fact, I'd like to think of it as Mother Nature's wind machine. Thanks, you were a real pal to today's little photo session.

I was telling Pink today that Punxsutawney Phil (I totally had to google that shiz to get the spelling correct) probably got it right with his prediction: spring did come early, but also didn't stay for too long, either. Damn you, you little overgrown rodent. You tricked us with your cutesy wiles and promises of early warm weather.  

Is it also weird that I feel so disconnected from NYFW that I see exploding up my blogroll more than boys blowing up Ke$ha's phone? I've definitely loved perusing the behind-the-scenes and reviews of the latest and greatest of what's on the runway, but I haven't been poring over them. It's almost like I care about how I don't care enough. To be fair, it probably isn't that off base that I'm off base about this. I love fashion, but it isn't my life. Plus, being several thousand miles away might have that effect on me, too. What say you, fellow fashion enthusiasts?

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Coat- Gap  ::  Tired look- free
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Pink was trying to imitate my moves, but we all know there can only be one Slim Shady.
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"Be a windmill!" I take good direction, like a regular Zoolander.

Happy weekend, everyone! I don't know about you, but I was so ready for this.


Lila said...

Here I go, posting a comment before logging out of my work email again, but, whatevs.

I totally sympathize re: fashion week. I spent all winter frothing at the mouth for it to start, but have barely browsed Frankly, I've been pretty underwhelmed with what I HAVE seen. Everybody's playing it dark and conservative. Ho hum. Or maybe its the fact that its the fall lines. Who wants to look at more cold weather gear? Over it. Maybe its time to revisit the spring collections?


Love your top!

Deni said...

I totally love your look! lovely blog, hun!


Laura said...

i love your outfit! i actually can't wait for spring to come already!!
and your boots are gorgeous!

and it's true, i also feel a little disconnected from nywf, maybe it is distance!


Diyanah R. said...

Love the asymmetrical cut beneath the sweater. If you don't mind me asking, are you by any chance korean ? It's a bit random but I hope you answer ! (:

Alecto said...

I feel an odd sort of disconnect, too. Mostly because looking at behind-the-scenes photos gave you a glimpse but now it's so redundant and overly saturated seeing photo after photo of a model getting their hair done is boring and, dare I say it, uninspiring? (holy run-on sentence!) on a special side note, i really like the asymmetrical shirt as an underlayer to a sweater.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I'm sorry the nice weather came and went so quickly. Spring can be a tease sometimes. I have to say, Charlene, you have a real talent for mixing different patterns together. I love that, especially since I'm completely incapable of doing that.