Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hangover recovery

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What's Lovely for Thursday, July 8, 2010: Ending the day with someone who's got a friend in me (and vice versa)

My apologies for going AWOL, but lately I've been suffering from a hangover. No, not that kind. It's what I like to call-- Toy Story 3 hangover. This kind of condition left me completely emotionally drained by the glory, beauty and purely inexplicable tenderness of the movie that left me weeping like a bathtub overflowing. Are you happy, Indigo?? Are you happy, friends who hounded me to watch this film? In their defense, I totally wanted to watch this heavily anticipated movie, and wasn't about to miss this like I did Avatar (the James Cameron one, not the fucked up M. Night one).

But now I've made it sound like watching this movie is a harrowing experience. It really isn't. I'm just a towel that's been wrung one too many times. Go see this movie if you haven't already! It's beautiful and wonderful and hilarious. Who's your favorite toy besides Woody and Buzz ('cause you gotta love Woody and Buzz)? Mine prolly is Hamm-- he's so frank it cracks me up.

(The Thai Jewelry Giveaway ends tomorrow at 11:11 am CT, so enter if you haven't already!)

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As you can see, my dear friend Lizzie has come to visit home and was gracious enough to watch Toy Story 3 for my sake-- which was the third time for her. Hey, what can I say: it's a good movie!
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I've always wanted to take pictures in front of this favorite store of mine-- hopefully like Schwarzenegger, I'll be bahk.
[outfit] Dress- Thailand : Scarf- garage sale : Booties- Rebel via TJMaxx

What's Lovely for Friday, July 9, 2010: Attacking my dog's fur with a small pair of scissors, transforming her into a much neater-looking canine with legwarmers

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I can't help but giggle everytime I see her now. Teeheeheehee.

What's Lovely for today, July 10, 2010: A little mosey and mango ice are very nice

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OK fun story: So I spotted these AMAZING pair of Western heeled boots on this girl and consequently had to stalk her and pretty much made my poor friends follow me through the crowd just so I can snap several pictures of her in this overall cute outfit which the boots just MADE y'know? And that's how Charlene stalked a girl in a pair of boots for about ten minutes.
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We watched this one band play (who were pretty rad, actually, check 'em out), but it was the kids who were really rockin' out. So darn cute, I tell ya, they were running and jumping all over the place. Just look at that boy's face.
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Me sporting a new look-- mango iced yellow lips. Strangely enough, I sorta like the idea of yellow lipstick. What do you think?

PS: Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in that "Be as ironically aloof as possible!" contest I mentioned in the last post. I ended up coming in second place, I think!!

PPS: I'm currently feeling all up in a funk and have this ball of impatience in my chest. Or maybe it's from all those salt and pepper chips I ate...

PPPS: Again, more thanks to
Indigo for tagging me (yet again) for answering 5 Questions! And also to Marie of The Joy of Fashion for giving me the "I heart your blog" award! Thanks and exclamation points all around!


Emily Kennedy said...

One of my bosses said that Toy Story 3 is great, but take lots of tissues. Since I really don't like crying, and especially not in public, I think I'll have to rent.

Those cowboy boots would look outstanding on you.

Lauren said...

1. Definitely my favorite is the dinosaur! He's such a cutie!

2. That mango ice looks dee-lish-ous!

3. Salt and Pepper chips are the best chips!

A Curious Fox

Samantha, museumgirl22 said...

I cried during Toy Story 3! I loved Barbie and Ken in this movie, but my favorite is probably Hamm or Rex.

Ali said...


cute boots, my love dear. D: <333

tess said...

i've been hearing so much about TS3 maybe I have to go now

totally okay that you stalked boot girl, I always imagine being friends with chic people! and those are some hot outfit-making boots!

I love your scarf, yay for houndstooth!

Melai said...

Nice scarf! So vintage feel but with edge since you paired it with boots. Cute ;)

Melai of Style and Soul

Oneechan said...

I like Mr. Potatohead! xD
Haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Although I have been a little bit nervous that this might be a flop, and that I will be SO disappointed, but I've only heard positive recommendations about it.

I totally understand the stalker-thingie.
On an airport with my good friend, I made them stalk a family that had this awesome Jun Planning briefcase! I snapped loads of photos of it. Besides, the family had only one child, and that this ADORABLE little girl^^ So cute~

xx Sophie

Elaine said...

I LOVED Toy Story 3!! It was soo cute. Have you seen Despicable Me yet? It's adorable too.

That mango shaved ice looks so delicious. I love mango anything!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

MichelleF said...

I vote yes for yellow lipstick. VERY YES.

Mel said...

WOW that mango ice thing looks so good :) Your scarf is lovely too! Oh my gosh I adored Toy Story! Definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year! I keep bouncing back and forth between liking Woody and Buzz, but I really should just give up and say I love them both, because I guess I do. Hmm, I pretty much loved all the toys at Bonnie's home, especially Trixie the dinosaur (so adorable!) and Totoro (because it's freakin' Totoro).

indigotangerine said...

HUZZAH! I'm so glad my nagging actually did something... for once.