Monday, July 12, 2010

To Vuvuzale

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What's Lovely for July 11, 2010: The vuvuzela.

That's right, THAT thing.The buzzing trumpet that sounds like a mix between a horde of bees and a wailing Wookie. I personally think it's tons of fun, even though I haven't been following the games at all (my cable wasn't working! I got behind! aaghhh I usually love this international-sports-gathering-every-four-years kinda thing). But as you probably know by now (spoilers if you don't): Huzzah Spain! I know a lot of people are crushed or ecstatic. I certainly know you're the latter, right Jess? What about you guys, have you been following it religiously as I know some fans have?

Fact: my friend Anthony is a proud owner of a collapsible blue vuvuzela.
Fact: much like the traditions we all held as children, if someone has a cool thing, he/she must share it with his/her peers.
So naturally, we took advantage of these facts and vuvuzaled (the verb form of vuvuzale) the hell outta that thing. Some facts about the vuvuzela:

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Playing the vuvuzela in your downtown area might garner you many stares and the occasional "fuck you, asshole!" from an irate and bitter passerby. Instead of insulting them back, just blow on your horn and go "BRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." (Anthony's vuvuzela doesn't really buzz)
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No matter how collapsible they are, vuvuzelas are not meant to be put in the back pocket.
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They can also double as large eardrums.

And now you know everything there's to know about vuvuzelas. You're welcome.

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Check out that wonked up expression! I think I was trying to be serious, and ended up having this prematurely bad Zoolander rip-off on my face.
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I really must thank Lizzie for being patient with me, seeing as how I tell her to go stand in various places and just stand. She's not really used to this whole "fashion blog" thing. But isn't her dress pretty? I got it for her in Thailand at JJ Market. It instantly reminded me of her because it was blue and has elephants on it.
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So it's incredibly and unbelievably fortunate that I didn't lose my balance in those heels and fall into the fountain. That's what I get for trying to be a pseudo-wannabe-Glamourai...
[outfit] Skirt (as dress)- Mom's :: Scarf- Limited :: Belt- Thailand :: Heels- Steve Madden via TJMaxx
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What's yo flavor, tell me what's yo flavor-- no seriously, tell me what's your favorite flavor ice cream/yogurt! I don't have just one, but today it was mint chip. Yummmmm.

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered in my first giveaway!!! I'll reveal who the winner is in the next post!


Samantha, museumgirl22 said...

I love the scarf with your dress! And the blue elephant dress is so cute :) I love elephants!

Mel said...

I love your mix of patterns! Haha I've always wanted a vuvuzela, those things look so cool! I'm not really into the World Cup, but congrats to Spain!

tess said...

I love the mixed polka dots!

I adore cakebatter ice cream! yum!

Ali said...

I had my volume all the way up when I clicked on the wookie link. OH GEEZ. But thanks for the venezuelavuveuvlaza information. 8D I WANT ONE.

I love your polkadotty wonder. :D

Melai said...

Like everyone, I also like the polka play that you did here :)

Melai and Style and Soul

Poppy said...

I've been hunting for heels just like those for ages. Perfect colour, heel height and shape, everything! Kindly avert your gaze whilst I steal them. I thank you. ^_^
Ummm...possibly mango sorbet? Awww man that's the business right there. I'm also pretty partial to several scoops (Heh. Who am I kidding? Several tubs) of Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream.

Heather Yarnell said...

Love your outfit!

Mint chip is the first ice cream I remember eating, so it will always be my favorite. Ha.

Chic Therapy said...

absolutely heart the scarf

indigotangerine said...

Hi. :)

I've never heard of the vuvuzela (confusing spelling hehe) but now I am properly educated. I want one!! Where do they sell them? Hmmm. This reminds me of the day Indigo and I and some other friends got together and one of them had a Melodica so we played that a lot (it was the day we dyed our hair). The Office theme on the Melodica is pretty intense.

Lizzie's dress is really pretty. I love the colors and the patterning. I also think you did a fantastic job with the polka dots in your's like WOAH polka dots but not like WOAH too many polka dots, if you get what I mean. I mean WOAH as a big compliment. Also I really like your heels. :)

I like mint chocolate chip too, but I also really like strawberry (for those fruity days) and I love love coffee ice cream. Especially Starbucks Java Chip. So delicious.

-Tangerine! :)

P.S.-I like the new layout lots. :)

So many smiley faces!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute dress!! :)

Louela Daniele said...

you guys look cute! and look like you had a blast! love the outfits girls!

Miss T said...

nice shoes :)

lovely outfit too.

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Chandler said...

Fun pictures (:

Oneechan said...

Spain <3
You are adorable^^ It looks like you had fun!

My fav ice cream is pistaccio! I loooove it. And vanilla of course.. :D

xx Sophie