Monday, January 4, 2010

In Which Two Girls Go Adventuring in a Most Feminine Way


Guess where we went?


That's right: the local sex shop! It was solely for the purpose of a certain "sexy-themed" Secret Santa, I promise.

Michelle was a little embarrassed... I was a little bemused.

After getting an appropriately inappropriate gag gift, we went to Barnes & Nobles to find some good, comparatively clean fun (but you wouldn't know from Michelle's priceless expression).


There, we found the
worst comic ever. I know, Twilight can be about as polarizing a subject as politics; putting that aside, this comic is hor-ren-dous. You'd have to read it for yourself. The illustrations are not only anatomically incorrect in a painful way, but all the babies and toddlers look like mini-adults, which is a little disconcerting. It's like those Byzantine paintings where baby Jesus is shown as a stern, tiny man upon Mary's lap.

We also found a Jane Austen-formula wannabe. Oh, teen novels.

Then we did girly stuff like braiding hair...

I tried this braid/headband on Michelle-- doesn't she look like a hippie elf princess?

... and taking pictures of ourselves.

blurry saturation = totally artsy.

Posing can be fun, especially when you can't quite get your foot into the boot, and you end up looking like this.

Beret- Target : Turtleneck- American Apparel : Skirt- thrifted : Belt- Walmart : Leggings- magic? : Boots&Jacket- TJMaxx

I'd say that we had a pretty satisfactory day. Would any of you guys visit your local sex shop? It was my first time, and it was... interesting and amusing. All I can say is that there were lots of plastic and phallic symbols, but I bet you already expected that. :)


Nashe' said...

tons of fun the blue leggings and leather jacket!

Charmalade said...

Thank you! I realize now looking back that my outfit is sorta reminiscent of 90s era Clueless...