Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flirting in the Magic World

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If you squint your eyes a bit, then both sides appear equally blurry. Optical illuuuuuusion maaaaaagic wooooo ok I'll stop.

Since today was such a blustery, blizzardy (is that a word? ok yeah, it's a word now) day, I counteracted the dreariness by avidly searching shoe porn on the internet.

Despite how relentless the pretty snow kept on falling down, my mood wasn't the greatest. Solution? Listen to a song that's literally called "Happiness," of course.

You might have also heard this song from this amazingly enchanting SyFy promo that came out awhile ago.... which is my What's Lovely for February 9, 2010.

I don't know about you guys, but this is what I call a house party. And Tracy Morgan looks a little bit too happy with that joystick,if you know what I mean. And I mean, he shouldn't be around T-Rexes.

If you were invited to a house like this, which room would you go into? Which would be your favorite? My personal favorite is the vortex carousel. :)


Roxana said...

oh yeah, vortex carousel would be my pick also...:D

Brandi said...

This is totally my sort of party. I have a non-so-secret guilty love for the SyFy channel. I love that message: imagine greater. Imagination is so important, even Einstein admitted that to be true.

Elaine said...

Um...YES! Snow day = shoe shopping.


(always)alanna said...

agree with your pick. that is totally amazingg. mygosh
and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back again visiting SOON!

Emily Kennedy said...

That is a rad house party!

Bug said...

I like the room with the colorful birdies and the choo choo train! What darling videos you find and on a snowy day - what a treat!

Thanks for passing on that video to me. Reminds me how wonderful owning a pet can be, like being a child all over again. I'm glad she got the puppy :)


Megs said...

Okay, the first thing that drew me to your blog was your header! Oh so adorable! And then the videos :) And then scrolling through I love your outfits! You are adorable! And totally in fashion :) I especially love your high fashion poses!! Believe me, I try those all the time too, but sadly I end up looking so much more awkward!

I love the pay it forward idea from a previous post :) I might just use it!!

Love your blog and am definitely following :)




indigotangerine said...

coolest video everrrrr. I kept on going, I want to go here no here no here. I think chilling in the oragami room would be the best though.
ps. I was oddly amused by tryin to make the picture equally blurry. Time for me to get a life now....