Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A title would be redundant.

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Guess who randomly decided to come back for a spell?

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I don't think you want to know that answer.
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Shirt- Target (actually stolen from Mom's closet) ::  Shorts- benevolent mystery  ::  Cardigan- H&M  ::  Shoes- Charlotte Russe  ::  Lipstick- Revlon in Siren
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Normally I'd be compelled to explain my unannounced absence; but again, I feel like that'd be redundant. Today was just a spark of inspiration, more than I've gotten in awhile.
But I assure you through the power of crappy photography and the internet, that I am alive and well. If you'd like to see significantly more alive internet ramblings, my tumblr is the place to be. :)
Till next (sporadic) time!


Kitsune-kun said...

these are the cutest ever. you are the cutest!

Dawn said...

Marigold ... mustard ... goldenrod ... cheese. ALL SHADES OF DARK YELLOW. Also, it would be immensely cool if you actually did have the words "Hello Rain" tattooed on your marigold/mustard/goldenrod/cheese-colored umbrella.

Also, this is a...this is a ... a blog entry! YOU'RE BLOGGING!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Love the graphics you added to your photos! It's so awesome (I think there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there who are slapping themselves for nothing thinking of this before you).

Giovanna&Roberta said...

Such beautiful pics! Today in Italy is a perfect rainy day!

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StyleNightcap said...

I'm totally in love with that 3rd photo! hilarious!