Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty Young Thang

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Bustin' out my best fake Michael Jackson move. I couldn't exactly grab my crotch in public-- I already do that too often. 
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Sweater- French Connection  ::  Bomber- JouJou  ::  Leggings- HUE  ::  Ribbon- random magic witchcraft  :: Flats- Gap  ::  Jaunty Beret- Target?

Guess what today's inspiration was from?

That's right, today's theme song was "PYT," that iconic feel-good-shake-your-little-to-big-tush-gurl song. I can't help but recall that Keiko is a big fan of this song herself-- and who isn't? The unfortunate few with no tush to shake, that's who. But this song doesn't discriminate. It gets stuck in your head and doesn't judge you for lack of ass you were maliciously blessed with (thank goodness for me).  

That's right, hit that play button... again and again. You know you want to. Let the fun happy dance times begin! 

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I apologize for the poor fluorescent lighting in this pictures. You can tell that I'm wary of the quality in this picture, because I'm ... meta? like that.
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Sorry I can't speak at length about-- well, anything for that matter. But I'm so swamped that I should be wrapping up this post very soon! I wish that I had more time to comment on tons of blogs at my leisure instead of rambling about Krishna knows what right now. But to briefly touch upon two things:

1) I'm extremely flattered y'all say that I wear lipstick good and stuff. I've found myself recently drawn to lipstick rather than eye makeup because it's more dramatic and easier to apply. I typically wear Revlon, the color depending on my mood. My mood in the post before this was In the Red
2) The mystery object is still a mystery. [dundundunnnnn...]

Rock on, fellow PYTs!


Valentina A. said...

you are amazing!!!!!! LOVE YOUR STYLE!!

Lyana said...

The bow-tie ribbon belt is so cute!

paigewinter said...

Glee Inspiration? Happy things.

Library photo shoots are the bomb! I definitely need to go back there again. And not to study.

I wish I could pull off the slouchy hat as well as you!

Jenni said...

You look adorable. Love the black and white.

laura said...

I LOVE reading your blog. seriously, you make my day complete! That bow is just seriously cute with the jacket on top of it. And PYT. I heard it on GLEE last night.

Ali said...

hehehe, I love that you like that, I love the EM JAY. <3

I'll stop spelling things now and tell you that you look fabulous and that I need to reply to our e-mail. I suck.

Shannon said...

Why are you so cool? And you took pictures in a library. Extra cool.
And what are you talking about, it's super normal to grab your crotch in public.