Monday, February 14, 2011

Ain't She Sweet

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Top- Goodwill'd?  ::  Furry jacket- gift  ::  Skirt- Urban Outfitters (Sparkle and Fade)  ::  Ribbon- magic?  ::  Belt+Flats- Thailand  ::  Lipstick- Revlon #435 "Love That Pink" 
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Quote Pink: "Are you trying to be kawaii or something?"
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The tag "Pink" is really for the person, but it applies in every sense of the word, today of all days. I think I may have gotten some looks (pshaw!) and then some vurry welcome compliments on my literally themed outfit. I rarely, if ever, wear bows in my hair. But I thought, "what the hey, why not?" Only problem is that same as last year, I'm suffering from self-inflicted severe sleep deprivation thanks to homework. So really, even though I dressed in everything Valentine-y short of white downy feathers and a diaper, I changed right into my PJs once I got home. But they're pink and red, so it counts, right? I'm just an effin' romantic at heart, ain't I.

Aw, I kid. Natural cynicism aside, today wasn't too bad. But then, it's not over... yet. I have the whole night ahead of me to spend fitfully napping and fitfully working/procrastinating/wishing I was napping/wishing I could comment and blog more/tumbling. 

Happy Valentine's Day, urrbody!

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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

This is a gorgeous outfit and I love your Revlon lippy - these street shots look so wonderful with the melting snow nearby. Valentine's Day + melting snow = hope:).

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the skirt. The light-looking material, the color, the pleats...

The outfit as whole is appropriately festive without being garish, if you get me :)

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You are just gorgeous, did you know? I love how you mixed pink and red-- I'm always afraid to try!

And sleep? What is that?

laura said...

yes, yes you are. and that skirt is just gorgeous.

Emily said...

I LOVE pink & red right now! You look lovely, dear, as always :)

Jenni said...

You look so cute! I love the red and pink!

Mel said...

Haha I love your festive-ness and all the pink and red! It's cool, I totally take advantage of any event or holiday and dress to the nines as well :) Happy Valentine's!

Anna S said...

Cute outfit :)

T. said...

This outfit is so good, you could wear it any day (not just Valentine's day)!

LucieL said...


Ashleigh said...

aww, such a lovely valentine's day outfit :)