Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, Love, Love

I know this is a tad bit late, but... happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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I have no idea what you're talking about; I think computer rooms have everything to do with Valentine's Day. Pffft.

Yet aside from wearing my designated "Valentine's Day sweater" (it's pretty much one of the only pink things I own), I treated today like any other day. If I was cranky, it was because I was in sore need of sleep, not because as a woman, I was stressed over this holiday. I thought to myself earlier today "hey, I'm glad I'm single," but I still perused through my favorite Youtube videos that had to do with love (why not?). And I thought I'd share with y'all some of my favorite of the favorites. :)

Remember that first crush? The nervous butterflies it gave you? Back in the days when the BIGGEST secret you held near and dear was who you liked, only to be drawn out by a harrowing game of "Truth or Dare."

Simple love. How can you not go "awwwwww?"

I think it's clearly evident that I'm in a long-term relationship (if not a bit disadvantageous) with Youtube.

I'd like to think that this is Bret and Jemaine's love letter to all the ladies in the world. They're just about the sexiest/most amazing Kiwis on the guitar.

This is a really lovely short film on the random circumstances that can bloom into true love. The animation is simple and perfect for the story.

They're probably in the top five, if not my favorite, on-screen couple out there. It really doesn't hurt that Ned is so adorable, but they're even more irresistible together.

But this has to be my favorite love story. I know. It's so cheesy. You can save your indignant stares and eye rolls... it's Disney for chrissakes! But there's a reason why this is one of my favorite movies.

What's Lovely for February 14, 2010: Appreciating love in all shapes and sizes. (I should get a job writing for Hallmark cards, I'd make a killing)

Y'know, I wouldn't mind a singing Valentine from a certain someone. Another lovely thing about being single for Valentine's Day is that you can have any Valentine you want, just for funsies. ;) Hope y'all weren't too bothered by the onslaught of videos... here's to love!


indigotangerine said...

EEP! EEP! EEP! PUSHING DAISIES/NED= MAJOR LOVE. Beauty and the Beast= major love too (obviously) The illustrations on My First Crush are just lovely, even if it's kinda sad. I'm halfway through with the danish poet and its super cute so far.
ps. I used the black dress because I didn't want to take too literal of an approach (which I still feel I kind of did) also it is very difficult to find cheap NICE wedding dresses at the thrift store.

Roxana said...

I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Here in Romania we have a version of this holiday (it's called Dragobete) and we celebrate it on the 24th of February, but I'll be sure to re-check this post then, it's awesome!..:) (hugs)

Eva Internazionale said...

I can't believe you posted My First Crush. :) It's been my favorite for ages.

Emily Kennedy said...

You know, Hallmark is located in Lawrence, where I live. I could hand deliver your resume. ;)

Also: you have a refreshingly healthy outlook on being single. WIN!

Poppy said...

The first two I couldn't stop squeeling at! *Favourited*
And though I've never watched Pushing Daisies, that clip looked well cute and I may be persuaded to look into it.
Oh and also. *Snags jumper* YOINK!!

Tiny Quirks said...

PUSHING DAISIES! ughh, i love! i wish it was still on, ned and chuck were my fantasy couple!
haha i love how is on that computer! happy (late) v-day!

Meg said...

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite movies (along with Aladin and the Lion King). Those videos were really sweet!

alexandra said...

cute blog, miss. x

Danielle Barbe said...

i had an internal freak out when i saw you posted a FOTC video. i know every word to the flight of the conchord's songs and bust them out at random... AWESOME.

and girl, i'm always rockin' the chapeau. i'm terrified that i'm going to have permanent hat hair at the rate i'm going!

ivana m. said...

Is the Ned/Chuck scene from pushing daisies? I've been meaning to watch that!