Thursday, January 20, 2011

Consistency, consistency

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Sweater- Old Navy  ::  Black scarf- Pink's  ::  White scarf+Boots- via TJMaxx  ::  Jeans- Gap  ::  Gloves- Urban Outfitters  ::  Beret- thrifted

No, I'm not talking about the kind of consistency that prunes induce. Though I've eaten prunes before, and ... yeah, I prefer fruits that don't make me feel like a geriatric bear.

I'm talking about the kind of consistency that this blog needs, a square kick in the pants to get the machine moving along. And I'm already off to a dismal OK start. Right? Why do I hear crickets, it's the dead of winter. Tough crowd.

[Note: I guess I should also fully disclose that I've been storing these pictures on my jumpdrive since last week, saving it for days like today when I didn't have any plausible time to take photos on my poor, rinky-dink camera that I may or may not have broken already. It doesn't feel so long ago when I first bought it! Yet I'm already considering a "fancier" camera. This is terrible. But does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonably priced, not-too-fancy-and-easy-to-use DSLR? I'd really, really appreciate it ... there's an imaginary amazing cookie in store for you if you do help...]

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Can you tell I got a little theme going here?
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As an added bonus... my friends are silly.

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All hail Pink, the Queen of Yarn.
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Serious partyers. 
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Lyana said...

I recently bought my first DSLR camera. After extensive research on my options, I decided to purchase Canon Rebel T1i. It's a great beginner's camera equipped with everything you need to take high quality photos. It comes with the body and lens for around $800. I bought mine on Henry's for $200 off during boxing day. For even cheaper options, I believe the lowest priced ones would still be around $500+
Great investment though!

Vanessa said...

First I like your shrug so much! and the color of green and blue paired together.
Secondly, I have the nikon d90, which I love! It's fantastic, takes great video, etc!

Poppy said...

Well, on the DSLR front, my Nikon D3100 was £415 and it's meant to be among one of the best beginner cameras. Also, it comes with an option on the menu that tells you what each button, gadget and doodad does which I found reeeeally useful when I was first starting out with mine. =]
Also, did you get me email the other week about the Gerty? Just wondering if you'd sent it off yet?

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Those boots are awesome. I love TJ Maxx and there are always such good finds there!
As for DSLRs...I love my Canon Rebel t2i but boy, it sure was expensive!

Margaret Tran said...

I'm looking for a DSLR too! But only because my film shots take forever to use up and develop and blerghh.. lovely post - I adore the boots and the way you styled the scarf. I have one of those and could never figure out how to mix it up.

Brittany said...

You are the sweetest, seriously thank you for your comment! I've been rolling through your posts...and I'm in love with your style and your use of color. And I love your 'Come Play With Us post'! LOVE!

sallyannie☆ said...

I like the bright colours! And yep it's totally weird to see all the snow! Though it kind of makes me want to wear a knit hat...:( oh well! said...

cute as a button! in terms of dslr, the rebel is your best bet (i think its around $500, and it'll really get the job done!)

amanda lynn? said...

you always have theee cutest pictures! and i just love that sweater. and as far as the camera goes. id go for a used one, maybe a nikon d80? i have a D200 but its very old and im really loving the d80 for its quality and price and such

Matchless Vision said...

Isn't it difficult to find consistency in blogging? I feel I am such a sporadic person how can I be more regular with blogging? I think you'll find that whatever works for you as a person will be what's best for your blog, after all your blog is about you. As for a camera, mine is on the verge of breaking as well and after my research I am finding a love for the Cannon Rebels...not the cheapest but not the worst. Let me know how the search goes.


Raquel said...

Those shades of blue and green look so good together!
I am considering of getting a good DSLR myself, but have to save if for when I have the funds to it.

paigewinter said...

Consistency... such an admirable trait.
Brave woman without a coat!

Alecto said...

i actually just purchased a canon rebel of the internet for about $250. It's used and in GREAT condition. P.S i love green (especially with black!) which means, obviously, I heart your shirt :-) let me know what you find!

Fashion said...

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