Thursday, January 27, 2011

Challenge ACCEPTED.

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Sweater- Gap  ::  Leopard scarf- Target  ::  Cardigan- thrifted  ::  Skinnies- Macy's? or something  ::  Boots- via TJMaxx  ::  Beret- Mom'd
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[Note: You should read the title of this post in the voice of Barney Stinson. If you're not aware of who he is or what the hell I'm talking about, please refer to this clip.]

Just a week ago, the figurative thermometer full of mercury that no one really uses anymore nearly broke due to how cold it was. The high was really an all-time low of about eleven degrees-- the challenge of the day was to bundle up as cozy and chic as possible. Suit up, so to speak. OK, I'm done with the HIMYM references... or am I?

Yeah, probably.

As usual per how frequently I post/how quickly I post photos after I take them (which isn't very, for both), it's funny to see how much I bundled up here when it feels practically balmy now at a comfortable 20-30 degrees. Dare I say, I'm getting used to it? It's so wildly out of place in my head when I see many bloggers wearing naught but a single layer of tights underneath their breezy skirts while I'm bundled up more than a penguin in a blubber blanket. OK, that was colorful, but slightly gross.

But penguins are cute, right? They're so cute that they made multiple movies out of them, and movies never lie. But I guess judging by this outfit, I'm more like a penguin bundled up in a leopard-print Snuggie (God forbid). I do love leopard.

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This is another (not so) rare sneak peek into how I am in real life. I don't even know, guys, I don't even know.

[Post Script]
Can't believe it's my birthday so soon! Hooty hoot and a what what, I'm turning that age that can get me legally smashed and whatnot.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

You're birthday is coming up?! YAY! :)

I love this outfit. All of it. That sweater is just fantastic and these photos ROCK. xoxo

Mel said...

That cardigan is really awesome, and I love the leopard pieces too! LOL that last picture is hilarious. I'm assuming you're smelling that branch. Some people are tree-huggers, others smell trees. You fall in the latter category :)

I'm ashamed that I don't get all your HIMYM references because I've really wanted to start watching that show but I never have enough time.

WHOA you're almost 21?! Hahaha me too! Okay, TECHNICALLY I have a few more months still...

paigewinter said...

Such awesome photos! After finally getting a tripod, I definitely can appreciate when the pictures come out good. Mine all seem to be extremely awkward... but maybe that says something about me. Haha.

The leopard with that sweater is wonderful. Love the indoor lighting.

Why is it so cold?! New England keeps throwing up on my boots.

I'm jealous you get to turn 21 during the school year. Everyone seems to be getting to celebrate together while I have to wait til summer. Have so much fun! Take/post pictures!

paigewinter said...

Oh, and what photo editing program do you use for your effects? They're really cool.

Raquel said...

Wow I'm watching HIMYM right now haha!

Great outfit! Cute and quirky ;)

Samantha Lui said...

I really like what you did on the last photo! Very cool.

Cute cardigan.

Samantha Lui said...

I really like what you did on the last photo! Very cool.

Cute cardigan.

Henar said...

I loved the colors, fantastic effect!


ProperPosture said...

You played and matched with these colors effortlessly great look.

check me out at

Catherine said...

Girl, you looking great! The palette is nice and soft :) I'm getting new glasses-and I look kinda like you (not creepy)...and those glasses look great! I'm going to look for some like that.

captain kimi said...

You can't say anything against penguins. They're cute indeed. Your cardi is beautiful. Perfect for wrapping in and fight the cold.

love, kimi

Brittany said...

I'm so inspired by the colors in this outfit, ahh so great!

Alecto said...

all i can say is: PATTERNS!! i adore the purple + the animal print +...the other one haha. I don't have an excellent adjective for that one (and I don't want to muck it up). ok, enough blathering but lastly: happy birthday (slightly belated)!