Monday, November 29, 2010

Try to Keep a Cool Head

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Beret- local thrift store  ::  Scarf- H&M  ::  Blouse- secondhand  ::  Skirt+Shoes- Thailand  ::  Tights- We Love Colors+Target  ::  Coat- Gap
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What's Lovely for November 29, 2010:  
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Some sort of "Pimp My Ride: Low Budget Bicycle Edition," where one of the wheels looks vaguely like a Pokeball... 

Ahem. First off, how was your Thanksgiving? Were many thanks and calories had around the table? Did you watch the Macy's Day parade? Were you disillusioned by it all? Did you at least eat well?
What's nice about straight-up outfit posts are that after the song-and-dance of editing and uploading them, I can simply throw them into a post, say a few words that I hope are in coherent English, and be done with it. Unfortunately, a part of me is usually loath to do just this because it lacks personality, though it's also a matter of letting the clothes "speak for themselves." Oh, if they could talk... 

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Things My Clothes Might Say If They Had an Opportunity to Speak (Presumably in Proper Grammar): 

- You know, you probably should stop using the "sniff to see if it needs a washing" system, you're not a frat boy (am I the only one who does this?).
- What is this, no dry cleaning?? What kind of cheapskate are you??

- We like our hangers, they keep us high and dry. Which is why we don't like getting squashed every which way when you're too lazy to put us up and leave us in large heaps. That's fun for about the first five minutes, then it's just messy. 
- Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ussssssssssssssss. 
- UGH, you're going to wear the leopard print scarf with the floral print pajama pants?? GURL.
- Meh, I guess it's not all bad-- we do have our own show. Only it's less of a show, more of a random blog where you pose all weird and stuff. Thanks. 

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And you're welcome, clothes of mine that don't speak. Besides letting them speak for themselves, the other problem with purely outfit posts is that it reminds me of what I've been putting off/have forgotten to feature or do on my blog-- hell, even in my life. As much as I am also loath to conclude my post on a downer (spoiler alert: I'm going to talk about dumb stuff like my feeelings), all I want to do right now is physically douse myself in warm water and mentally douse myself in cold water. I feel like it's all I need right now, but all I have is an empty bowl. 

Truth be told, I've put myself in a needlessly pitying state, tinged with that ugly color called ungratefulness. I'm really not; I don't think I am. The funny thing when I'm feeling particularly prickly or indignant is that at the back of my mind, I'm usually aware of how I'm wrong. I think a good number of us are. But sometimes I want to take that anger and run with it. Run with it as far as I can and then collapse in a tired heap, knowing that I'm finished. I know that in the future, I need to be more mature and control my anger instead of acting brash. 

But now, I'm going to sit here in my warm place and think and give thanks (even after Thanksgiving). And most hopefully, finish something that's not my temper. 


Mel said...

I love all the colors of your outfit, from the blue beret to the yellow scarf, and the pleating of your skirt is lovely!

plentyforpennies said...

Love the shades of blue and the pop of yellow!

Ali said...

Bawwwwww, I love your talking clothes. FEEEEEEEDDD USSSSSS.

Everyone feels that way. I feel that way a lot, and I don't like it. And you usually don't realize it until it's too late or all over. I IS HERRRRR FOR U GURL. <3

Your shoes are adorable and and and and and and dddddd I like your hat. :) KBYE

Rose said...

Wait. Am I supposed to be feeding my clothes? Shit. I bet they're dead by now.

My dear, at least you are self aware enough to recognize the cycle. Like Ali pointed out, most of us don't realize we're there until its over! Take heart, and trust yourself.

On a far more trivial note, I tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Yaaaay! And your hat is SO BLUE it hurts my eyes. In a good way.

Dawn said...

Charlene!!!!!!!!! I found your blog. :) :) I likes it. Also, the bicycle you posted a picture of? I saw it outside of PAO yesterday!

That is all for now.