Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pretty Prints of Parties

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What's Lovely for September 9, 2010:  Wearing pajama pants outside (and not the kind that has words written so eloquently on the bum)

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I wanted to sit down and type out words that adequately and rationally describe how grateful I was for those who left nice comments on my last post when I was feeling fashionably faint. I wanted to do all this, but I always find myself more than slightly wonky-out-of-it at this time of night after a long day. So instead, I say:


There. That sounded perfectly coherent and not apt to scare away innocent bystanders in my head. Right? 

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Try to find my dog creepin' in on me in this picture. It's quite amusing, if it didn't terrify me a little bit.
Shirt- Old Navy  ::  Lace top- from Thailand  ::  Scarf- Urban Outfitters  ::  Pants- stolen from Mom  ::  Sandals- TJMaxx

Some fun facts concerning today's outfit that I found fun that maybe you won't find fun but I'll call them fun anyway:
- how completely different from yesterday's outfit this is
- how happy mixing prints makes me 
- how I actually snatched enough spare time in the morning to take these photos, hence the inappropriately wet hair
- how I sorta like how my hair looks wet (it's a nice feeling, you know? no blow dryer needed)
- how I'm actually wearing pajama pants that's "really like underwear that's only worn around the home" according to my mom, who I stole the pants from
- so really I'm wearing bloomers out in public, in a way
- to any blog readers who happen to be in France, can you in fact, see my underpants?


Collette Osuna said...

How adorable are you in this little number?? I love it....fabulous mixing of the prints and colors!!


Statements in Fashion

Mel said...

PATTERN MIXING! You always look amazing when it comes to mixing patterns! WHOA those are pajama pants? You certainly rock them well. Which reminds me of my past high school "experimental years" when I thought dog-printed pajama pants were the coolest thing ever. One of those WTF WERE YOU THINKING, GIRL?!

maggeygrace said...

I wore my pjs to class this morning...and it felt AMAZING! I hope this means I'm becoming ungirlyfied because that would be tragic... but honestly, not waking up an hour before class and not showering and not getting dressed and not applying makeup?? AWESOME!

but not as awesome as your pattern mixing:)

amanda lynn? said...

i cant believe those are pajama pants! that is so creative. and i love the patterns you mixed together as well. the really do look nice together.

Elaine said...

I saw some PJ pants at Anthro and I want to wear them outside!! But my husband thinks it's weird... It's not!!! You proved it.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Natasha xoxo said...

LOVE the sandals! :)

<3 visit me sometime,
natasha -

clairegrenade said...

so great!! Love your mix of prints for sure!!